Wedding planning tips from the pros who know. We consulted with Florida wedding planners, Seas Your Day Events, to bring you some of their top wedding planning advice. 

One of this team’s favorite sayings is, “You don’t know, what you don’t know!” And their team of expert planners wants to help you, be in the know.  So you can create your dream wedding, from start to finish.

crazy bridal party pose
Photo by William Arthur Photography

How Many Planners Does one wedding need

First, you booked your venue. And it comes with a coordinator. Next, you booked your caterer. And it too comes with a coordinator. Although you may feel like you are covered in the coordinator department, Seas Your Day Events gives expert wedding planning tips on why you should hire one more coordinator.  A wedding coordinator.

Each “coordinator” role has its purpose. In other words, all your vendors have been trained to do specific jobs that they love.  Adding a wedding planner to your team of amazing vendors benefits everyone in the long run. No doubt your other vendors will thank you, because each coordinator is responsible for their own area of expertise! For instance, the venue coordinator’s main focus, is the venue. Likewise, the catering coordinator is focused on the catering. As each should be. 

Next comes the wedding coordinator, whose main focus is you. The couple getting married. And their job is to be everywhere at once. From décor set up to keeping the entire event running on time. From helping the bride take one last trip to the bathroom, to putting your favorite drink in your hand after the ceremony. And EVERYTHING Before, After and In Between. All the while focusing on making sure you have your best day ever.

wedding planning tips by Seas Your Day Events
Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Seas Your Day Events says, “A wedding coordinator acts as your wedding guru throughout the entire planning process. Starting with answering all of your late night or early morning questions and making your dreams come true! (With SYD you get unlimited emails, texts, and phone calls. We will accompany you to vendor meetings or even go on your behalf. With SYD you get a wedding BFF!) By the time your wedding rolls around, your wedding coordinator will be able to answer any questions that arise from other vendors. Most importantly they will answer the way you would answer them.  Because they’ve spent so much time on your vision, they know how you would answer that question.”

Vendors love working together to create a magical, memorable event for you – the more hands, the better! 

Read the full blog on How Many Coordinators Does One Wedding Need

Wedding Planning Tips For choosing your venue

Searching for your venue is typically the first step in your wedding planning process. Because, without a venue, you have no date! Without a date you can’t even begin to start booking your vendors. 

Here are some questions to serve as a guideline as you work toward choosing a wedding venue near me.  As we discussed earlier, if you have your planner early on, they can help you navigate through your venue search. Plus keep track of all this info for you.

  • Is there a bridal/groom suite?

  • What’s the plan for inclement weather?

  • Does the venue allow outside food and drinks? 

  • Can the rentals stay out all night or do they need to be picked up at the end of the night? 
  • What is the bathroom situation?  

  • Does the venue have required vendors?

  • What time can you start setting up?

  • If being provided by the venue, who will set up tables and chairs?

  • Do you have a permanent or mobile bar set up available? And is there a place to store ice?

  • Is there power where you envision the DJ going?

  • Can you bring your décor during your rehearsal and leave overnight? 

Learn why these questions are important to discuss during your venue tour on the Seas Your Day Events – Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Blog
views from upstairs event space will make your event memorable
Tavares Pavilion on the Lake Wedding Venue

all inclusive packages

Seas Your Day Events provided us with the pros of an all inclusive package and why it works well for couples wanting to stay on budget and get the best out of their vendors.

  1. You get a vetted network of vendors so you don’t have to do a ton of research.
  2. You know that you won’t go over your budget.
  3. You get the full support of wedding planners.
  4. You know that the vendors have worked well together in the past.
  5. Vendors are familiar with the venue.
  6. It can be most cost effective.
  7. You can customize your package and still stay within the budget and still get complete control over your big day. Oftentimes packages will have more than one vendor option so you can customize your day.
  8. You can focus on the fun parts – picking your outfits, writing your vows, having your bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  9. Nobody is missing from the party.
soft blue bridesmaids dresses
Photo by Jessica Thomas Photography

ultimate bridal party guide

Your bridal party is there to support you on your wedding day and is made up of your closest friends and family. No doubt, they are there to be a sounding board during the planning process. Most importantly, they are your “I Do Crew” for the party. Below are a few wedding planning tips for your bridal party. Get even more details and information on the  Seas Your Day Events Ultimate Bridal Party Guide. 

How to pick your bridal party

  • Don’t choose someone just because they chose you.

  • Choose someone responsible (ish) for your Maid of Honor / Best Man. 

  • Decide what they are paying for and what you are paying for. 

  • Girls or guys on either side – don’t be afraid to break tradition. 

  • Kids are not required. 

bridal party photo for wedding planning tips blog
Photo by Dreamscape Photography + Videography

What To Get Them

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing with you on your special day. For that reason, you may be planning on giving bridal party gifts. If so, consider something memorable. Also think about things you might “require” of your crew. Like robes or pajamas. Seas Your Day Events linked some of their favorite gifts below. But be sure to check out Etsy. Because, who doesn’t love Etsy!



gift idea for bridal party on wedding planning tips blog

Who pays for what - wedding planning tips

It should be clear from the get-go what you are expecting your bridal party to pay for. Certainly you should let them know as soon as possible. So that they can prepare financially. Wedding Wire estimates that the average cost of being a bridesmaid is $1200 for each wedding. This can vary wedding to wedding. But it’s definitely something to be aware of.  Here’s a list of things you could be asking your party to pay for:

What They Pay For

  • Their own travel and accommodations for bachelorette parties, the actual wedding and other festivities.

  • Potentially, part of your way for bachelor/bachelorette parties. This distinction should be made early in the planning process.

  • For their outfits, for all of your festivities

  • For their hair and makeup – this is at your discretion.  But note that paying for these services can add up and it’s not unusual to ask for your bridal party to pay for some or all of them.


What You Pay For

There are some things that the couple is responsible for. Some of these things are optional of course

  • Florals
  • Transportation to Wedding Venue
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Bridal Party Proposal Gifts

However you decide to build your bridal party remember that you want to be surrounded by loving and supportive people, specifically, people that support your marriage. You want to make sure you choose the people that you will have the most fun with, and will also have your best interests in mind throughout the whole day!

photo of wedding bridal party by Blak and Tammy Photography
Photo by Blak and Tammy Photography
groom and groomsmen photo for wedding planning tips blog
Photo by Shelbi DeMartino

Thank you to Seas Your Day Events for all these amazing wedding planning tips.  As wedding experts in Central Florida, they want you to know everything you need to know, to plan your perfect wedding.  Follow them on IG Reels and TikTok for their regular dose of wedding planning tips!

For more wedding planning help, join us at the next I Said Yes! Wedding Show – Click Here to Get Tickets.

Wedding dance floor traditions get a new spin at todays weddings, according to White Rose Entertainment. As wedding DJs, we are traditionally tasked with MCing wedding reception activities. Such as the wedding party introductions and first dances. Or the cake cutting, bouquet or garter toss. May of these wedding traditions have changed in the last 10 years.  So below we are discussing some of our favorite twists on the classics. Because in 2022, we want to make all wedding guests feel included.  Literally every guest will feel like they are part of your celebration. From your grandparents to the single gentlemen. As well as the single ladies, mothers, fathers and everyone in between.

Wedding Party Introductions

In the past, many wedding party introductions included the wedding party, parents of the newlyweds and the newlywed couple. However, we want you to get more creative with introductions.

For instance, invite your grandparents, flower girls and flower men to make a a grand entrance. Further, special guests, out of towners, step parents and more. Let all your favorite people be introduced into your reception.

What matters is that you feel you have introduced those who deserve a spotlight. Each introduction can be different. For example, the parents of the groom are introduced from their seats. While grandparents of the bride are introduced virtually.

White Rose Entertainment packs the dance floor

Unquestionably we love an introduction that is choreographed on the wedding dance floor. Above all, those are the most memorable entrances. Whether it’s a dance off and your wedding party competes for best dance intro or most applause wins. Or the entire wedding party is part of the choreographed dance. One thing is for sure: your guests will love it!

White Rose Entertainment on I Said Yes! Blog
wedding dance floor traditions with I Do Crew intro

Furthermore, consider props to help ease nerves and make it colorful. For this reason, we’ve seen bridesmaids dancing into ballrooms with bubble guns. Likewise, entire wedding parties donning sunglasses, cowboy hats and even outfit changes. Assuredly, your photos and wedding video will shine. While the props make it more interesting and memorable.

Not your thing? No stress. There are so many ways to get creative with wedding dance floor traditions. Singularly it’s all about personalization. Therefore, you can pull your wedding theme into the introduction. In fact, add something you both LOVE, like your favorite sports team, movie, hobby, or vacation.

wedding dance floor tips

When thinking about wedding dances, typically there is the father and bride dance. As well as, the mother and groom dance. However, in the last decade this has been exponentially expanded upon.

Many times, we also see brides dancing with their moms.  In addition to grandparent dances.

Last month, we had a groom dance with his great-grandmother who was in her 90’s. Assuredly, there wasn’t a dry eye in the ballroom!

Expert tip: Cut the song time on these dances. Although these moments are some of the sweetest at your wedding, if a song is 3-5 minutes long, we promise it is going to feel like an eternity. Also consider inviting everyone to join in by heading to the dance floor with plus one.

Recently, we had a wedding fall on Mother’s Day weekend. Therefore, the bride and her mom invited other moms and daughters to join them on the dance floor.

grandparent date at wedding reception

Without a doubt, our personal favorite is when we invite ALL married couples onto the dance floor for a special dance. Following this, we begin asking those married for 1 day, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, to kindly leave the dancefloor. Until the only couple on the dance floor is the longest married couple. We did this recently at a wedding and the longest married couple were the groom’s grandparents. They had been married for over 60 years! It was such a beautiful moment and the newlyweds very eagerly had a group hug with them. Of course, followed by photos where the bride graciously gifted them her bouquet.

Bouquet Gets Tossed Out

The classic garter + bouquet toss is getting a renovation.  Recently a wedding video went viral of a female wedding guest holding up her champagne glass as all the single ladies trampled over one another to grab a brides’ wedding bouquet. Then as the other ladies fought over, and lunged for, the brides bouquet, this chic slammed her champagne in one sip and then slammed the glass on the dance floor. As if to say: NOPE, NOT INTERESTED. We got the memo too.

There are so many new takes on these wedding dance floor traditions. For example, have everyone from single ladies to married ladies vie for the bouquet. Instead of just the the single ladies. In fact, one of our brides invited her brother to help her with the bouquet toss.

Or, gift your wedding bouquet to a special wedding guest.

bouquet toss with bride's brother

Gifting Your Wedding Bouquet

At one White Rose Entertainment wedding over 10 years ago, we had a bride gift her wedding bouquet to her Godmother. Whom had recently battled breast cancer and was finally cancer free! There are many people you will want to thank during and after your wedding. Certainly there is no shortage of people you can gift your bouquet to.  Or your extra bouquet. As a rule that’s why the extra toss bouquet was created. And because many wedding bouquets are now being preserved in resin to keep for decades to come.

garter toss at Orlando wedding
do your bouquet toss on the wedding dance floor

Above photos by Live Happy Studios.

However you spin these wedding moments, the point is to always MAKE THEM YOUR OWN. With thousands of weddings under our belts, White Rose Entertainment has seen so many incredible ways of including the people you love most on one of, if not the most, special day of your life. 

As wedding vendors, we like to explore all the Central Florida wedding venues. Because we produce monthly events, we are always on the look out for something new or something WOW.  So far this year, we have patronized 4 different styles of event venue. From Tuscany to downtown Orlando. And by the end of the year, we will have personally experienced at least 12 different wedding venues.  Join us on our journey, starting with these four spectacular locations.

I Said Yes! to Networking at Central Florida wedding venues

Bella Collina

Bella Collina is a luxury Orlando wedding venue conveniently located just 30 minutes from Orlando. Without a doubt you will be surrounded by the spirit of Tuscany. From the moment you pull up to the private entrance. All the way through to the stunning views. Assuredly your wedding guests will be swept away to a picturesque Italian countryside.

For our event, we were treated to exquisite cuisine and impeccable service. Coupled with the design and planning of Blush by Brandee Gaar. Together creating a memorable experience for all of our guests. 

Bella Collina, a Central Florida Wedding Veneu
Bella Collina wedding veneu
reflecting pool at Bella Collina Weddings, a Central Florida wedding venue
gold place setting at Bella Collina
gold and purple reception tables at Bella Collina Weddings
dessert served at Bella Collina
chicken entree served at Bella Collina
Our DJ Rocks for wedding pros events
I Said Yes! hosts events at Central Florida wedding venues

Wedding professionals that created this stunning event: Venue – Bella Collina | Planner- Blush by Brandee Gaar | DJ – Our DJ Rocks | Photobooth – Photobooth Rocks | Florist – InBloom | Stationary + Signage – Two Peas Paper Co | Desserts – Bakers Cottage Cakes | Photography + Videography:  : Contempo Photos + Videos

Central Florida Wedding venue - The Wellvue

Unquestionably, working with Weddings by aVenue means we are going to be treated to the ultimate in attention to detail and care. From the soft pink linens and place settings. To the perfectly pink florals and cake accents. The room was awash with a soft color palette that was both welcoming and comfortable. 

In February of 2022 we hosted our monthly event at The Wellvue. This Central Florida wedding venue is the private event space at the Center for Health & Wellbeing. Further, it is an elegant and unique venue. Including a magnificent grand lawn and gardens, free onsite parking, and over 25,000 square feet of event space.

However, the heart of The Wellvue is the exquisitely designed Commons with high ceilings banked in windows. As a result this large gathering space is rich with natural light.

wedding cake by Sweet Miss Vs
pink wedding reception
chargers at The Wellvue Wedding Venue
pink reception table at The Wellvue
live entertainment by Felix and Fingers
live dueling pianos by Felix and Fingers
appetizers by Foodie Catering
passed hors d'oeuvres by Foodie Catering

Contributing wedding vendors: Venue – The Wellvue | Planner – Weddings by Avenue | Food – Foodie Catering | Bar – My Bar Service | Rentals – Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals | Entertainment – Felix and Fingers | Artist – Cartoon You Caricatures | Floral – Atmospheres Floral and Décor | Photography – Cona Studios | Linen – Connie Duglin Linen

the MEZZ orlando

Hidden in the heart of Downtown Orlando, The MEZZ is perfect for the couple that loves city life. And nightlife. This expansive wedding venue. features wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows. Subsequently providing a sweeping view of the beautiful brick-lined streets below. Of course we must mention the impeccably furnished décor, featuring modern art. Finishing with the innovative LED lighting.

Assuredly the ghost chairs were chosen to reflect the purple lighting. Along with the black linens that set the tone for the moody, jazzy piano bar feel of this event. Certainly a must for this event, is a lounge singer and keyboardist for entertainment. Both provided by iRock Your Party. Whom also provided our DJ and MC services.

No event is complete without food. Indeed we were treated to a delicious menu provided by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering. Consisting of Passed Hors d’oeuvres: herb shipped goat cheese crostini with port poached shaved bosc pears, crushed pistachios. Plus pancetta wrapped date and ahi tartare crisps with wasabi cream.

Also chef stations with Atlantic salmon and carved tomahawk steak. Including aged cheddar mac and cheese. To finish off the night…blueberry shortcake.

If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind space for your wedding, be sure to stop by and check out The Mezz.ghost

The Mezz, a Central Florida Wedding Venue
iRock Your part at The Mezz
The Mezz Orlando, a Central Florida Wedding Veneu
lounge singer by iRock Your Party
carving station by Puff 'n Stuff Catering
carving station provided by Puff 'n Stuff Catering
Ocean Hawks Rentals typewriter
Le Fleur Atelier at The Mezz
lounge keyboardist at The Mezz Orlando

Wedding professionals who contributed to this event creation: Venue – The Mezz | Planner – Weddings by aVenue | Catering – Puff ‘n Stuff Catering | DJ + Entertainment + Lighting – iRock Your Party | Linen  – Connie Duglin Linen | Photography  – Steven Miller Photography | Florals + Rentals – Le Fleur Atelier  | Rentals – Ocean Hawks Rentals / GoTo Event Rentals

the Monroe, a Central Florida Wedding Venue

If you haven’t visited The Monroe in the Creative Village in Downtown Orlando, you are definitely missing out. This unique wedding venue is located on the ground floor of The Julian Apartments.  And is a diverse social gathering place with a main dining room, bar, lounge/study. Plus a backyard patio, semi-private dining area, and daytime coffee bar. Furthering it’s uniqueness are the bold murals that create stunning backdrops for your photos.

As Floridian, we all love to take advantage of beautiful weather and the outdoors. So this event started with specialty drinks on the patio. Then we moved into the main dinning space to have a meal to be remembered.

Chef served us some of their menu favorites.

First Course: White Bean Humus (olive oil, sumac, lavash cracker) | Buttermilk  with honey mustard butter

Second Course: Buttermilk Fried Chicken (tomato, pickled peppers, clothbound cheddar, buttermilk ranch) and The Monroe Burger (double patty smash burger, smoked provolone, secret sauce, pickles, shaved onion, potato bun)

Dessert: Oatmeal Cream Pie and Buttermilk Panna cotta with fresh blueberries and caramelized milk.

While creating your wedding plans, remember to include some of the unique Central Florida wedding venues, like the Monroe. Not only can you have your full ceremony and reception here. But you can also have a shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, just reception or any number of your wedding events.

outdoor ceremony venue at The Monroe
sitting area at The Monroe Orlando, a Central Florida Wedding Venue
A Central Florida Wedding Venue, The Monroe Orlando
The Monroe specialty cocktails
The Monroe Burger
specialty desserts at The Monroe
mural at The Monroe, a Central Florida Wedding Veneu

Venue – The Monroe | Photography – Natural Flash Photography | Floral – InBloom 

Keeping following the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog to see where in Central Florida the wedding pros go. In the meantime, join us at an I Said Yes! Wedding Show….Get Tickets Here.

A bridal picnic is a creative way to celebrate any of your wedding events. Starting with the proposal, then the bridal shower, and even the rehearsal dinner. To help you learn more about hosting a picnic for your wedding event, we consulted a local expert. Cathy, of The Picnic Drop, shares some ideas with us. 

bridal picnic by Picnic Drop

How One Bride Did IT

Before Cathy shares some expert advice, she shares a picnic she recently created for a client. 

The bridal shower picnic was hosted in the bride’s backyard. Without a doubt the event was stunning. In addition, it was intimate and private nestled on the family property. 

First, multiple long tables were linked together to create family style seating. Then the table was surrounded by big, comfy pillows in the colors of the event. Correspondingly the ivory placemats, gold chargers and flatware further enhanced the setting.

Next a lovely array of flowers and greenery added some color to the table. Along with candles and other decorative pieces.

Likewise, the place cards and place settings mirrored the colors and floral theme.

We imagine this bride will not soon forget this lovely afternoon with her closest family and friends.

bridal shower picnic place setting
luxury picnic set up

ways to host the ultimate bridal picnic event

Now on to some ways to host your bridal picnic event. 

Expert Advice:

  • First decide which bridal event you wan to host for your luxury picnic. Whether it is a surprise picnic proposal, bridesmaid proposal or bridal shower. Also consider an intimate rehearsal dinner. Either way, your guests will love the uniqueness of your bridal picnic event.
  • Second, select the picnic location. The fun part is deciding where. For instance, you can transform your backyard like the bride above. Or visit your local park, garden, or lake. Of course there is always the miles of Florida beaches, with endless ocean views.
  • Third, determine your theme. Do you want the design centered around a few of your favorite colors? Or do you want to go all out with a full on Mad Hatter Tea Party? Whatever you decide, share your inspiration and ideas with your picnic company. This will help them create your perfect picnic setting.
  • Lastly, decide what additional elements you want to include. Consider delicious charcuterie boxes and a customized cake or desserts. Unquestionably you will want photos to remember the event by. So hire a professional photographer to capture this special event.
luxury picnic decor
wedding arch by The Picnic Drop

Whatever you choose to create for your bridal picnic event, it is sure to be memorable. It’s important to enjoy every moment of your wedding planning process. So we suggest hiring a luxury picnic company to do the work for you. Let their expertise help you relax and soak up the moments.

Thank you to The Picnic Drop for sharing some expert tips.

For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, visit the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog.

Why should you Enter to Win on I Said Yes? Unquestionably because you want to win a $100 Southwest Airlines Gift Card. However, you will also be connecting with wedding vendors so you can plan your perfect wedding. So either way, it’s a win!

HOw To Enter

There are 2 simple things you need to do to enter to win…

First, complete the registration from the Enter to Win Pop Up.  If you haven’t already done that, click here.

Second, “Request Pricing” from minimum of 2 Wedding Vendors on I Said Yes! FL.  To do this, click on a wedding vendor profile you are interested in learning more about, then click the purple “Request Pricing” button. Finish by completing the short email/form. And voila! you’re done. 

Of course, you can get additional entries for every 2 “Request Pricing” entries you submit.  Important, only request information from those vendors to whom you are considering working with for your wedding. One other thing, use this process to also compare companies. Of course follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. And ask questions. So you can find your next wedding vendors. Additionally read the official Rules and Regulations for full contest details.

Current Prize Drawing on 7/31/2022

Current Enter To Win prize is a $100 Southwest Airlines Gift Card. Provided by your favorite wedding resource team – I Said Yes!

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Come back for more prizes

Additional prize drawings available through the year both on the website and at wedding planning events. For instance, I DOs and BREWS and I Said Yes! Wedding Shows

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, wedding inspiration, wedding planning tips and announcements on event dates.

Congratulations on your engagement. Now go enjoy planning your wedding!

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Wedding Venues in Central Florida include event spaces from Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tavares, and everything in between. From barns to ballrooms, gardens to estates, and tons on the water. Search for Florida’s Best Wedding Venues right here on I Said Yes!.

The venue ultimately should be the first vendor you book for your big day. That is to say, you can’t have a wedding without a location. However, we know you want it to be…the perfect one.

Our list of venues will give you an abundance of choices no matter what style of location you are looking for.  In addition, each venue has a professional wedding expert on hand to help you navigate their space.

First, review the wedding venues below. Next, click the links and learn more. Then contact them directly for information, scheduling tours and availability by clicking the “Request Pricing” button.

In conclusion, we are excited to help you on your journey to finding your perfect wedding venue.

(cover photo venue: Villa Festa)

make your event memorable
Venue: Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Unique Variety of florida wedding venues

Villa Festa

518 E New York Ave
Deland, FL 32724

Historic home offering an all new wedding venue PLUS vacation rental concept in DeLand, FL. In other words, say “I Do”, then continue the celebration by staying the whole weekend. Or even the whole week.

D'Space orlando Event Venue

6838 Hoffner Avenue,
Unit 1200
Orlando, ,FL 32822


Orlando’s First Modern-Industrial Event Venue”. This innovative venue features a multi-functional space with a twist of modern-industrial design. 

Celebration Gardens

1871 Minnesota Ave
Winter Park, FL

An elegant and unique indoor/outdoor venue. In addition a breath taking ambiance with gorgeous flowers and lush greenery year-round.

Museum of Arts & Sciences

352 S Nova Road
Daytona Beach, FL

Art, culture and romance flow through each of the spaces. Including a variety of unique indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception options.

Sugar Mill country club

100 Clubhouse Circle
New Smyrna Beach, FL


Coastal charm and elegance will greet you at Sugar Mill Country Club. 

Barn or Farmhouse style

The Legendary Horsepower Ranch

280 Campbell Ranch Run
Geneva, FL 32732

The Legendary Horsepower Ranch is an all-inclusive venue hosting rustic style weddings nestled in the heart of Central Florida. Our property sits on 22 acres of beautiful land and acres of white picket fencing backed up to 500 acres of National Forestry.

Legacy at oak meadows

590 Bennett Road
Pierson, FL

Not just an event, but an experience to last a lifetime. We are rustic, waterfront event venue complete with summer kitchen, open air barn and gorgeous property.

stunning views of the water

Brannon Center

105 S Riverside Dr
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Central Florida’s premier wedding venue located on the Intracoastal Waterway in the heart of New Smyrna Beach, FL. Additionally, just steps to historic downtown and minutes from the beach.

Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

100 N Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL

Your big day is our big honor. Share your vows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Then dance the night away in one of our grand ballrooms. 

tavares pavilion on the lake

200 South Disston
Tavares, FL 32778

The Tavares Pavilion on the Lake offers an 8,000-square-foot event facility located over the water. Further positioned at the end of a 40 ‘ x 150 ‘, brick-paved pier. Moreover, adorned with ornamental railing and gas lamps. Without a doubt lighting the way to your perfect wedding day.

The Plaza Resort and Spa

600 North Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL

Exchange your vows on the beautiful Seabreeze Terrace against the backdrop of the lapping ocean waves. After, host an elegant pre-reception hour in the Grand Colonnade. Then raise a toast in one of the magnificent ballrooms.

resort wedding venues

caribe royale orlando

8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

From polished ballroom spaces to scenic outdoor settings, Caribe Royale Resort features a gorgeous collection of venues for your wedding celebration. Find the perfect locale across 60 lush, picturesque acres at our resort.

Hilton Orlando

6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando FL

Celebrate love, we will do the rest. In short, it is our mission to take your wedding vision from dream to reality. With locally sourced cuisine, experienced wedding planners and breathtaking indoor and outdoor venues.

Need inspiration and ideas for picking your perfect wedding venue.  Then read
Real Weddings and Styled Shoots featured on the I Said Yes! FL Blog

Then meet venues in person at the next I Said Yes! FL Wedding Expo and I DOs and BREWS wedding planning date nights.

A stunning mock wedding combining old Hollywood wedding glam and the the classic elements of Marilyn Monroe. Add to that a a modern twist. And you have this dreamy styled shoot created by All the Details by Danielle.

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood wedding glam
under the veil photo by Johanna Oakes Photography

Lakeside Wedding Venue

Walking into BellaCosa Lakeside Lodge and Venue is like taking a step back in time. As a result, you can hear the walls whisper with glamorous parties. Including lavish gowns and the secrets from the elite that would frequent this beautiful estate. Without a doubt, this location is a bride’s dream wedding venue. Starting with the soft pink hues of the building. Followed by the waterfront lawn and patio area. Certainly, the original pecky cypress ceilings are a rarity in today’s modern world. Furthering the unique beauty of the venue. BellaCosa was constructed in 1925 and was originally known as Bonaire Lodge.

Furthermore, celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Al  Capone, Calvin Coolidge and even Bonnie and Clyde would treat this beautiful property as their winter hideaway. The wedding planner/designer, Danielle Silbiger said, “When it came to finding the inspiration for my styled shoot, it was directly in front of me. That is to say, the Mediterranean Architecture and the timelessness of Marilyn Monroe. Together it is the perfect theme for The Modern Day Marilyn Monroe Styled Shoot. 

Bellacosa Lakeside Lodge and Venue on I Said Yes! wedding blog
Bellacosa Lakeside Lodge and Wedding Venue
sealed with a kiss wedding styled shoot
bride portraits at BellaCosa Lakeside Lodge and Wedding Venue
All the Details by Danielle styled shoot

the Details of a Hollywood Wedding Theme

The classic elements that Marilyn Monroe represent, combined with exciting modern twists, create the perfect combination for a stunning Hollywood wedding theme.

First, the florals created by The Wild Hare Florist are dripping with elegance. The deep burgundies and golds bring out the boldness of Marilyn. As well as the greenery tying in beautifully with BellaCosa’s ambiance. Likewise, the deconstructed floral arch used for the ceremony. Then re-purposed for an elegant backdrop behind the sweetheart table. This new trend can be a unique variation from the traditional arch.

Also, the structure is great for re-purposing. Because it is in two sections. Allowing easy movement for your wedding team.

Ever Ella Events captures the timeless beauty of Marilyn with the classic invitation set. As well as, the menus with gold wax seals, and name cards. Blending the color palette perfectly with all the florals and décor.

pink gold wedding bouquet by The Wild Hare Flowers
Ever Ella Events stationery on I Said Yes!
All the Details by Danielle styled shoot
All the Details by Danielle creates Hollywood wedding reception table

Channeling Your Inner Marilyn Monroe

Can we talk about the Hair and Makeup done by Bronze +Glow Beauty? The Model (Ali) is to die for! Of course she channeled her inner Marilyn. With the classic Marilyn Red Lip and beautiful defined curls.

Unquestionably, the cake, designed by Artfully Sweet, is spectacular. Again with hints of gold and luxurious burgundy. Dyeing rice paper is a unique and eye-catching technique that really makes any cake a show-stopper.

bride channels inner Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood wedding glam cake by Artfully Sweet
Hollywood wedding glam from head to toe
luxury wedding transportation by Cole's Classic Cars
Marilyn Monroe wedding styled shoot on I Said Yes!

This styled shoot screamed for a classic car. And Cole’s Classic Cars provided the perfect one. A sleek black 1948 Cadillac Limousine. Certainly an immaculate back drop for the gorgeous Maggie Sottero gown provided by Theory Bridal House.

enhance your wedding

Bar carts are just beginning to pop up in the wedding industry. And oh boy, do we love them.  Especially since they add a fun element of entertainment. In fact, they are great for some fabulous pictures too.

Champagne Social is the cutest cart that provides a fabulous interactive bar experience for your wedding. Or even your bridal shower, or bachelorette party. Another fun way to enhance your wedding day is to bring in lounge furniture for your guests. In deed, On the Move Productions had just the right lounge pieces. For instance, white fabric chairs and couches, trimmed in gold. As well as all the chargers and flatware.

On the Move Productions rentals on I Said Yes!
dessert cart on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog

contributing wedding vendors

All the Details by Danielle said, “Planning and working with this amazing vendor team was an amazing experience. The teamwork was flawless, and the entire day flowed seamlessly! Johanna Oakes Photography is such a calming presence throughout the day. and I mean, come on, her photos truly speak for themselves! She has an eye for detail and is quick to capture the candid moments that happen throughout any wedding day!

Collaborating on a styled shoot is such a privilege  that comes with my job. And I look forward to the next opportunity to work with this astounding team again!”

Hollywood wedding Glam in black an white

We cannot end this wedding inspiration blog without sharing some of the black and white photos. Admittedly they are some of our favorites. 

For more wedding planning inspiration, tips and tricks, visit the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog. Also, sign up to receive our weekly wedding planning e-newsletter to get more inspiration and tips straight to your inbox.

Lastly, this Marilyn Monroe inspired styled shoot was also featured in a recent issue of I Said Yes! Magazine, be sure to flip through the pages >>> Click Here

black and white photos by Johanna Oakes Photography
old school Hollywood wedding glam in black and white
Marilyn Monroe Hollywood wedding glam in black and white photo
Marilyn Monroe theme creates perfect wedding
Hollywood wedding glam in black and white
black and white wedding day photos by Johanna Oakes Photography

A family heirloom can add a sentimental touch to your wedding day. Certainly there are many ways to include them in your festivities and we believe this real wedding did a wonderful job of honoring their family heritage.

father of the bride creates arch for wedding

family heirloom ring

The bride says, “A sentimental touch we had in our wedding is the family heirloom ring from my late paternal grandfather. The ring dates back to the early 70s. It was restored with the original band and diamond, and didn’t even need to be resized. I guess I have my grandmother’s fingers! Similarly, I wore my great grandmother’s pearl earrings, adding to the beautiful heirloom details of our day. Additionally, we included a photo memorial table for family members who were only able to attend in spirit.

family heirloom wedding ring

Involving Family and Heritage

This Florida wedding was filled with love, family involvement and sentiment. For example, the bride’s father is a skilled carpenter. For that reason, he built the wedding arch for the ceremony. (Which can now be rented at their venue, Sugar Mill Country Club). 

Also, the groom’s mother was as the officiant of the ceremony. 

Further, this couple paid homage to their heritage by including catholic verses in the vows to reflect their families religious ties.

real wedding at Sugar Mill Country Club
real wedding featured on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog

While not actually a family heirloom, the involvement of family members created life long memories for this couple. For instance, the I DO Crew is a combination of many loved ones. Specifically the best man being the groom’s best friend. Further the bride’s mother helped plan every detail.  Also the groom’s mother assisting with organization. Lastly, the groom’s grandparents and aunt traveled from New York just for the wedding. The bride said, “This was very special for us.”

Choosing Your wedding Theme

We asked the couple how they chose their wedding theme. They answered, “We spent months deciding on our wedding theme and colors.  Admittedly, we wanted something unique. Therefore we chose navy and cinnamon for our colors. Because it was festive for the season of our wedding. Personally I struggled with what kind of greenery to go with those colors. After searching Pinterest for days, I found a Bohemian themed wedding with neutral dried floral. Instantly I knew that was it. Chiefly because I planned to make all of the arrangements myself. And the dried floral allowed me to make the arrangements in advance.”

Another reason for the Bohemian style is it reflects their laidback lifestyle and personal taste. This DIY Bride also  made and designed all of the signs, menus, party favors, and name cards to tie in the Boho theme.

family heirloom at real wedding on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog
father of the bride creates arch for wedding
gold white candle wedding centerpiece for wedding at Sugar Mill Country Club
gold table setting for wedding at Sugar Mill Country Club

Although the wedding theme and florals were Bohemian. The reception tables were a bit more classic. Including white linens, mirror centerpieces and floating candles. Add to that gold accents for a more classy vibe.

wedding planning Advice

Wedding planning is amazing, fun and stressful all at the same time. So we asked this bride to give some wedding planning advice.

“I wish I would have known to simplify my décor search to be more realistic. It turned out beautiful, but I only used about half of the décor I thrifted. This was partially due to freak weather, since there was wind gusts of over 40mph, but I had purchased much more than I needed in retrospect.”

“In particular, I would have put aside more time to get myself ready. I spent so much time running around trying to make sure every detail was perfect, I didn’t give myself more than an hour to get ready. I didn’t get to unwind with my girls in the locker rooms like I had planned. Especially because I was so worried about everything being exactly as I had imagined. I should have let the staff take care of everything without stressing about little things so I could let myself relax.”

“Lastly, my advice is to create a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. Of course, set time aside for yourself on your special day. And if you’re planning on getting fit for your wedding day, set goals for yourself. I wish I would have spent more time in the gym leading up to our day.”

We thank these newlyweds for sharing their wedding day and wedding planning advice. Adding to the bride’s advice, we suggest hiring a wedding planner.  At minimum for day of, if not more.  

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Thank you to Sugar Mill Country Club for providing the photos and content for this blog post.  

This couple from Orlando, Florida wanted to host a gender reveal wedding reception. Well actually it was during cocktail hour. But before we get to the reveal, we have to talk about this wedding. Because it is absolutely stunning.

stunning wedding photo by Orpheous Prime Studio

A part of me just wants to stop after this fabulous photo by Orpheous Prime Photography. Singularly my favorite photo from this wedding. 

wedding Theme

The bride wanted a romantic, yet boho wedding. For this reason, her planner/designer, Vogue Affairs Wedding Planning & Décor, chose some specific items. For instance, lush florals in pinks, reds and white. In addition, gold chairs and soft champagne table linens. Further glass beads and tableware. Coupled with a fully draped ceiling and twinkle lights. Ending with floating candles and soft lighting to set the mood.

wedding reception table decor designed by Vogue Affairs orlando
floating candles for romantic wedding theme

Admittedly we think the beachside venue of Paradise Cove Orlando was the perfect backdrop for this romantic wedding. With the soft movement of the water at the lake front ceremony. And an arch with soft white and pink draping. As well as the lush floral accents

wedding signage designed by Vogue Affairs
orlando couple will have gender reveal wedding announcement
Paradise Cove Orlando real wedding on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog

Adding to the romance is the soft wood tones and moody lighting in the reception area. Including the beachside fire pit where the couple took a quiet moment alone.

evening reception at Paradise Cove Orlando
private beach moment with new mr and mrs

Some Detail Shots Before The Gender Reveal

Without a doubt the photographer took full advantage of this gorgeous setting to grab some detail shots. For example, the wedding dress sparkling in the sun. And the adorable flower girl. Of course the bridesmaids and groomsmen weren’t left out either.

wedding dress shot ta Paradise Cove Orlando
here comes the bride flower girl
the bride and her I DO Crew
groomsmen at real wedding by Vogue Affairs orlando

Before we get to the gender reveal shot, the love is in the details of this real wedding. The ring box nodded to their new adventure as Mr. and Mrs. Also with the words, ‘and the two become one’ inscribed on the top.  Followed by the bride’s shoes that read I DO on the soles. 

mr and mrs rings on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog
wedding bouquet by Vogue Affairs

Fun Gender Reveal wedding

Since the bride was pregnant, they decided to do a gender reveal wedding. As a result, the happy couple set off smoke bombs during the cocktail reception. Unquestionably, it’s a boy! Congratulations to the newly weds and soon to be parents.

gender reveal wedding announcement

The smoke wasn’t just during the gender reveal. As you can see, the couple had their first dance on a cloud of smoke as well.

first dance on a cloud by Orlando Florida DJs

Additionally, they had a quiet last dance under the moon and market lights before the grand exit to their new life as husband and wife.

last dance after gender reveal wedding

Bride to Bride Advice

We asked the bride, “What do you wish you had known before you began wedding planning? Or what would you have done differently?”

Her response was, “Have a wedding planner from beginning to end.”

Wedding vendors contributing to this beautiful wedding and gender reveal:

Planning, décor and coordination: Vogue Affairs Wedding Planning & Décor

Venue: Paradise Cove Orlando

Photography: Orpheous Prime Photography

DJ & Lighting: Orlando Florida DJs

Catering: Levans Catering

Oysters: Oyster Bobs Nautical Nonsense

For more wedding inspiration, read the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog.

For more real wedding planning and design by Vogue Affairs Wedding Planning & Décor, view her portfolio.

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