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Keeping your wedding story happy (while you’re making dreams come true)

Relationship rescue for wedding planning conversations in crisis.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be a little traumatic.

This is true now more than ever. New life stresses resulting from what’s been happening these past couple of years are impacting the wedding planning process too.

Although it’s such a festive occasion for everyone, multiple details and decisions get overwhelming and stressful. The big changes that a marriage brings to all your relationships, plus new family relationships to navigate, can easily produce anxiety and uncertainty.

Your relationships become confusing, emotionally-charged situations develop, and communication falls apart.

You need a rescue.

It’s my mission to keep your wedding story a happy one, to help you successfully interact with all the important people in your wedding life – fiancé, mom, best friend, wedding pros you’ve hired.

As an experienced conflict communication coach, I assist you in developing personalized strategies to manage issues that may arise. For instance, establishing clear boundaries and enforcing them (which sometimes means learning how to say no). Or how to stay in control of your dream in the midst of so many opinions. Also, clearly communicating your needs and how to talk about money matters. Further, how to successfully engage with your in-laws to set the tone for future family interactions. And how to bring your new couple identity into the long-standing family cultures.

I offer my relationship rescue coaching for in-the-moment specific situations in crisis. Or as a concierge package to serve you throughout your planning period.

My goal is to support you in the complicated planning conversations so you can have the wedding story that you want.

Contact me if you’d like to explore how I can help you with those crazy-making moments while you create your wedding story.

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