Brew Up Your Love Story

Planning a wedding can be an exhilarating journey, but it often comes with its fair share of stress and anxiety. From choosing the right venue to selecting the perfect flowers, the to-do list can seem endless. That’s where I DOs and BREWS comes in, a wedding planning date night that’s bound to transform your wedding planning experience from mundane to magical.

Bridal Expo Meets Date Night

Photos by Daylin Lavoy Photography

Imagine a night where love meets flavor, and excitement blends seamlessly with relaxation. I DOs and BREWS is precisely that – an unforgettable evening where engaged couples can immerse themselves in the world of wedding planning. Furthermore, you can indulge in a delightful array of beer, wine, spirits, and mouthwatering food samples.

This event is not your typical wedding expo; it’s a wedding planning date night designed to make the process enjoyable and stress-free. In fact, instead of the usual hustle and bustle of traditional bridal expos, I DOs and BREWS offers a fun-filled and relaxed environment where you can plan your big day with ease.

Local Love: Meet The Dream Makers

One of the highlights of I DOs and BREWS is the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and creative wedding vendors. These professionals are the crème de la crème of Greater Central Florida’s wedding industry. In fact, they are ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Whether you’re envisioning a fairytale wedding or a chic, modern affair, you’ll find experts in every aspect of wedding planning, from florists and photographers to caterers and wedding coordinators.

No need to rush from booth to booth, overwhelmed by a sea of options. Instead, you can engage in meaningful conversations with these top wedding professionals, getting to know them on a personal level and gaining insights that will make your wedding truly unique.

A Night Of Love And Laughter

I DOs and BREWS is not just about checking items off your wedding to-do list; it’s a celebration of love and togetherness. Bring your significant other and relish an evening filled with laughter, inspiration, and pure wedding planning bliss.

As you sip on your favorite brews and savor delectable food samples, you’ll find that wedding planning can be a shared adventure. Strengthening the bond between you and your partner. Moreover, it’s a chance to discuss your visions and desires, ensuring that your wedding day reflects your unique love story.

i mustache you a question
Photo by Daylin Lavoy Photography

The Perfect Date Night

I DOs and BREWS is the perfect setting for an intimate date night with your beloved. It’s a chance to step away from the stresses of daily life and immerse yourselves in the world of weddings. Whether you’re newly engaged or well into the planning process, this event offers something for everyone.

So, say goodbye to the wedding planning stress and hello to a fun-filled, relaxed evening at I DOs and BREWS. Unquestionably, it’s an experience that will leave you inspired and excited about your upcoming wedding, all while creating lasting memories with your partner.

I DOs and BREWS is where love meets flavor, and wedding planning becomes a delightful journey. It’s an evening of love and conversation, where the dream makers of the wedding industry come together to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary wedding planning date night – it’s an opportunity to make your journey to ‘I Do’ as enjoyable as possible. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

I Dos and BREWS Orlando on I Said Yes
Girls just wanna have fun no I Said Yes FL
I DOs and BREWS on I Said Yes Florida
I DOs and BREWS Tavares on I Said Yes

Georgia DeFrancisco
I Said Yes!

Jeremy DeFrancisco
I Said Yes!

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I Said Yes!

You're Engaged, Now What?

It finally happened! You’re engaged to the love of your life and on cloud nine. With this surreal moment playing over and over again in your head, you start to wonder what comes next. Take this time to live in the moment and spend time with your new fiance. Go on a date, watch a movie, and cherish your time together. Then you can move on to planning the wedding you have always dreamed of. 

wedding acoustic guitarist on I Said Yes!

Step 1: Spread The Word

Now that you are engaged, it’s time to spread the word. Call your parents, siblings, BFFs, and more. Let the world know you are marrying the love of your life. When all is said and done, take that ring selfie and post it on your social media.

Step 2: Pick A Date

If you have a date already in mind that is perfect! If not, don’t stress because you have some time. Picking a wedding date should be a mutually agreed time for both you and your fiance. Don’t allow outside opinions, such as family or friends, to sway your choice. This is your day, not theirs. 

Your wedding vendors are the professionals that fabricate your perfect wedding day. These vendors have the capability to create exactly what you envision. Before knuckling down and choosing your vendors, you must create your budget.  Check out the below steps to creating your wedding budget.

First, layout all of your assumed wedding expenses by Vendor:

Jenna Michele captures couple smiling in front of graffiti wings
Photo by Jenna Michelle Photography

You decide which expenses are most important to you. Once you have your list of priorities, write down what you are willing to spend on each service. You can do the research and learn what your city/state prices look like. The most important part of your wedding day is that it reflects exactly what you and your fiance envisioned. 

I Said Yes Vendor Categories

second, Determine your non-negotiables:

This can include a design, destination, or type of food/drink. Decide the items/services you absolutely can’t live without. Once you have your non-negotiables and your priorities listed you can now begin to contact vendors that catch your eye.

Third, Create Your Timeline

There are many websites that have prefabricated timelines so you can plan your wedding easily. A key tip from wedding professionals is to plan ahead. Choose your wedding date and use that as your determining factor when planning. Not all vendors you are interested in will be available for your wedding date. Make sure you ask the vendor if they are available for your wedding date as soon as you contact them.

Fourth, Stick To Your Timeline:

Make sure you stick to your timeline so your wedding planning experience is stressless. This should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it and spend quality time with your future spouse.

The best way to save time and money is to attend wedding planning events such as I Said Yes I DOs and BREWS. I DOs and BREWS are fun for both you and your fiance, with samples of beer, wine, food, and desserts. It provides you with a relaxing date night after work to wedding plan and spend time together. 

Step 4: Finally, Choose your bridal party

Once you have your wedding vendors in place, you can begin to choose your bridal party. Don’t pick just anyone, take the time to choose your best friends/family who mean the most to you. Your bridal party should be the people you can’t see yourself getting married without. Picture those people at the alter with you. If you can’t see it working, then make them a wedding guest instead. Last but not least, it is now time to relax and countdown the days. This is the most exciting moment of your life, so take the time to cherish it. 

I Dos and BREWS Orlando on I Said Yes
Girls just wanna have fun no I Said Yes FL
I DOs and BREWS on I Said Yes Florida
I DOs and BREWS Tavares on I Said Yes

Georgia DeFrancisco
I Said Yes!

Jeremy DeFrancisco
I Said Yes!

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I Said Yes!

What is a Wedding expo?

Before we can tell you 10 big reasons for attending a wedding expo, let us tell you more about them.

Wedding expos are similar to tradeshows. However they often go by different names. For instance, wedding show, bridal show, and bridal expo. By attending one of these wedding planning events, you will have the chance to meet a variety of wedding professionals. Furthermore you may also have the chance to sample food and sweets. In addition, fashion shows with wedding dresses and men’s wedding attire.

But that’s not all. We will go into more detail below. In the meantime it’s important to know that not all wedding shows are created equal. That is to say each one will have different vendors, entertainment and interactive elements. We encourage you to attend more than one, to be sure you find the very best wedding professionals to help you create your dream wedding.   

Bring the tribe and have fun

Wedding shows often take place in large event venues or convention centers. This allows room for a large number of attendees. Which means, you can bring your fiancé and your tribe. In the same vein, bring your mother and father to make them feel special and a part of the planning process as well. 

The first big reason for attending a wedding show is to have some fun. Wedding planning can be stressful. However, you can get some wedding planning work done and have fun when attending a wedding expo.

Many wedding expos have interactive booths. That is to say, photo booths, where you can be silly, take photos and make memories.  Additionally there may be entertainment, like performers, singers and musicians. And some even have games to play.

Plan to spend a few hours at the event. Then relax and enjoy spending time planning your wedding with your family and friends.

The couple and their tribe at I Said Yes! FL Wedding Expo
bride and her tribe at wedding expo
photo booth at wedding expo
engaged couple at I Said Yes! FL wedding show
Mrs and Mrs at a wedding expo
photo op with Exotic Limo at I Said Yes! Wedding Show
Selfie with bride and her tribe

Did You Know?

Did you know you can have a beer burrow at your wedding? Or a custom design fitting for your suit (similar to the specialized wedding dress fitting)? In addition, confetti cannon and sparkler boxes? What about dueling pianos and a live band? There are so many options available to help you make your day custom designed to fit your dream.

By attending a wedding show, you can learn more about a variety of products and services available to you, that you might not otherwise have known existed.

It’s important that you come to a wedding expo to have fun. But also be prepared to speak to the wedding professionals exhibiting at the event. They are there to help you learn more, compare products, services and prices and make a personal connection. Many of the vendors you hire for your wedding will be with you for the entire wedding day. Make sure you can make a connection and that you know they have your best interest in mind. Choose someone you like and the best way to know you like them, is to meet them face to face and hold a conversation.  

Beverage Burrow
confetti cannon by Fyerfly Productions
engaged couple speaking to wedding professional at wedding show
Our DJ Rocks wedding professional at I Said Yes! Wedding Show
couple talking to wedding vendors at wedding expo

you can eat cake

Most wedding expos will have caterers and dessert vendors serving complimentary bite size samples. In short, you can eat cake!

What better way to add a sweet touch to your wedding show experience, than to have some sugar. Food and dessert is an important part of your wedding day. So come to a wedding expo and sample a variety of food and dessert options.  This will help you begin to imagine what your guests will be able to enjoy at your wedding reception. Similarly, you may find your perfect caterer and cake designer.

cake samples at wedding expo
Puff 'n Stuff Wedding Catering

wedding dresses galore

Wedding dresses galore, need we say more. At the I Said Yes! Wedding Shows you will experience 3 different fashion shows.

To clarify, during each fashion show, you will see different gowns in different styles, shapes and sizes. We want you to picture yourself walking down the aisle in the perfect dress. In addition, there will be male models showing off the latest trends in men’s suits and tuxedos.

Most show producers will work with local bridal gown salons, so if you see a dress you love, be sure to stop by their booth in the show to learn more. We want to help you find your perfect wedding dress and suit.

Antoine Studio Photo of models in wedding dresses at I Said Yes Wedding Expo

You Can Win Prizes at a Wedding Expo

Prizes can be anything from a Starbucks Gift Card to a honeymoon. At the I Said Yes! FL wedding show you have two completely different opportunities to win.

First, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and watch for our pre-show giveaways. Second, stay until the end of the show for the grand prize giveaway. This almost always includes at least 1 honeymoon trip.

Some vendors will also do special prize entries at their booths. This is your chance to win some fun wedding related prizes. Similarly vendors will offer show only specials. (Click here and go to the FAQs section to to see the vendors who are offering show specials this weekend) In other words, you can get special pricing because you signed your contract with them at the wedding show. This may not be a prize in the purest sense of the word, but you definitely won by saving on your budget.

Bonus Tip: don’t forget the first 100 couples to show up to the show also get a swag bag with fun goodies and info.

win prizes at I Said Yes! wedding show

What makes I Said Yes! different

The team at I Said Yes! FL wants to give you a wedding planning experience. From the moment you arrive at the touchless registration and check-in, we want you to feel welcome.

Explore the inspiration gallery and start visualizing your dream wedding. Then be entertained before you even enter the ballroom. We like to share a variety of entertainment with you. For instance, we may have Paradigm Party Band, or RLE3 Entertainment or event dancers and stilt walkers. One time we even had living statues.

Then as you enter the ballroom, we want you to freely explore all of the aisles and vendors. So we create a more free form approach to the room layout. With three different fashion shows, all with entertainment involved, you are sure to have a complete wedding planning experience.

Get Your Tickets to the next Show Here.

black and yellow wedding table decor
Rentaland Tents and Events wedding inspiration
Pinks and Reds wedding florals on display at wedding expo
RLE3 Entertainment performing at I Said Yes! wedding show
Bluegrass Chic wedding florals

We look forward to seeing you, your fiancé and your tribe at the next I Said Yes! Wedding Show and I DOs and BREWS. 


Our Wedding Expo Sponsors make us happy.  In Daytona Beach, FL at the I Said Yes! Wedding Show, they truly are the experts. In other words, they bring the highest level of knowledge, product and service to our events. Likewise, to your wedding day. These wedding professionals work along side the I Said Yes! FL team to produce a wedding show that is beyond your expectations.  We create a wedding planning experience. All photos in this post by Press Play Entertainment

couple wins honeymoon from wedding show sponsor Red Parrot Travel
runway model at I Said Yes! FL wedding show
giving away grand prizes at I Said Yes! FL wedding espo
wedding expo sponsor Ivy Bridal

Wedding Dresses and Tuxedos

Part of this wedding planning experience is the excitement of the fashion shows. First, we start with stunning wedding dresses by Ivy Bridal Shop.  Second, add drop dead gorgeous make-up by L. Santana Designs.  Third, our suit and tuxedo sponsor from Amore Bridal Gallery and Tuexdo. Next, bring in the most amazing models. Mix that up with a DJ sponsor that is all about keeping you on the dance floor – DJ Yves Entertainment. And you’ve got a fashion show that will make you want to run out and buy your dress and tuxedo.

Inspiration Galore

Start your wedding planning experience off in our signature Inspiration Gallery. Filled with rentals, floral, decor and design galore. You are sure to be inspired to plan your perfect wedding. For example, view the images from the I Said Yes! Wedding Show Daytona Beach, FL below. Design and rentals by wedding expo sponsor – Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

inspiration gallery by Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals Wedding Expo Sponsor
giant-lighted-love-sign-by-Orlando-Wedding-and Party-Rentals
wedding expo sponsor sets table at I Said Yes! FL Wedding Show
wedding expo sponsors Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
sweetheart table set by wedding expo sponsor
Ceremony set up at I Said Yes! FL bridal show

Certainly you need to find the venue that sets the stage for your wedding. For instance, we chose Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort as our wedding expo venue sponsor.  The views, the staff, the options – a must consideration for your perfect wedding venue.

are those flowers wooden?

Yes, yes they are. We partnered with Hanky Panky Blooms to provide the bouquets for the runway models. Further the décor for the stage draping. Created from Sola Wood, these arrangements last forever. 

wedding expo sponsor for florals is Hanky Panky Blooms
wooden floral bouquet at I Said Yes! FL wedding show

You Could win a honeymoon

Red Parrot Travel provided the Grand Prize Honeymoon Giveaway.  One lucky couple is going to celebrate their love on a dream honeymoon vacation. To sum up, join us at the next I Said Yes! Wedding Show at Hilton Orlando on March 21, 2021. In short, you could be the next big winner.

Wedding Expo Sponsors Make Us Happy

With any I Said Yes! FL event, we bring you the best of the best. Our wedding expo sponsors know how to create an atmosphere like no other. 

First, our host venue sponsor, Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

Second, Press Play Entertainment, our photography sponsor who took all the gorgeous photos.

Third, Rentaland Tents and Events, our draping and rental sponsor.

Fourth, Ivy Bridal Shop providing all the stunning gowns for the fashion show. 

Fifth, hair and Make-Up provided by L. Santana Designs.  Seriously, the lipstick lasted all day long.

Next, our male models were outfitted in style by Amore Bridal Gallery and Tuxedos

What’s a party without a DJ? DJ Yves Entertainment never ceases to wow us. Need a DJ who can spin and MC, then DJ Yves is your man!  

Similarly, what’s a bride without a bouquet? Hanky Panky Blooms creates stunning wooden floral bouquets.

To inspire you to creativity, let Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals bring your dream to reality. As the Inspiration Gallery sponsor, they blew us away.

Lastly, but defintely not least, our honeymoon sponsor.  Red Parrot Travel always has the best honeymoons. In short, be sure to speak with her about all your travel plans.

Find more amazing Florida wedding vendors at I Said Yes! FL

Top Secret wedding dj tips

Shopping for a DJ for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. We completely understand. Therefore, we partnered up with Our DJ Rocks – Orlando’s premier all-female DJ team.  They are one of the I DOs and BREWS DJ sponsors on February 3rd at Paradise Cove. Therefore we are sharing some important wedding DJ tips. (P.S. scroll to the bottom of the page to get your tickets).

Tip 1 - Timing comes with experience

When it comes to songs and the crowd’s reaction, timing is everything. For instance, we can drop “Friends in Low Places” right after dinner. However, it will not get near as good of a reaction as it would at 10:45pm. That’s when we can dedicate it to all of your friends. This is called timing. A great wedding DJ doesn’t just play the right songs, they play them at the perfect time. As a result, your jam will get the reaction it deserves.

important wedding dj tips tell you how to keep your guests on the floor on I Said Yes! FL
Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Tip 2 - Cue it up

Looking for that perfect song? But you’re struggling to find just the right one. Maybe the intro drags on a little too long.  Or the first verse talks about a break-up. No worries, your DJ has got this. She can cue it up at just the right moment in the song. And then you can have your first married kiss right when the music swells. Most importantly, at your favorite moment in the song. 

couples has special dance to their favorite song
Photo by Captured by Elle

tip 3- create the moments

Your wedding is your special day. It belongs to the two of you, as a couple. But you’re also inviting all of your favorite people to share it with you. Create moments to share with them for years to come. For example, play your favorite High School song or all 80’s. Whatever it is, make it special to you and your guests.

add a special dance

Speak with your DJ about doing an anniversary dance. Firstly, bring a special couple who has been married for many years to the dance floor. For instance; parents, grandparents, or godparents. Secondly, play their wedding song as a special dedication to them. Similarly, play a special anniversary song for all couples, but change it up. Start with all of the married couples on the dance floor. Next, gradually “excuse” the ones who have only been married for one year. Then five years, and so on. By the end of the song you have one married couple left. Sometimes we even like to ask this last couple to give you a little advice. It’s a guaranteed special moment for everyone.

Here is another important wedding DJ tip.  Ask your DJ what other services they provide. For instance, a photo booth. You can always create moments in a photo booth at your wedding. There is a variety of photo booth options available. No matter what you choose, your guests will create lasting memories.

important wedding DJ tip do a special wedding dance
bride and groom kiss in the Photobooth Rocks Photobooth on I Said Yes! FL
Photo by Ricky Serrano Photography

tip 4 - keep it short for special dances

The average song length is about 3-4 minutes long. When you are on the dance floor with all of your guests watching, it can feel like forever! Therefore, ask your DJ if they can fade the song out after the 1st chorus. As a result, you get your special moment but it doesn’t feel like it’s going on forever. 

bride and groom have their first dance
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

Tip 5 - silence is not golden

Your music should start before you walk down the aisle. To clarify, it can be a little awkward if the first song that is played is your walk down the aisle. So make sure you book your DJ or ceremony musicians start time at least 15-30 minutes prior to that. As a result, this will give your guests music to enjoy as they make their way into the ceremony.

recently married couples dances down the aisle on I Said Yes! FL
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

tip 6 - trust your pros

While you should definitely have a say in your wedding playlist, you shouldn’t be expected to do all of the work.  “At Our DJ Rocks we believe that the client/DJ experience works best when we work together. For example, we will ask you about the styles and genre of music you like (and don’t like). Then you will fill out your “Must Play” list. In fact, you can make music selections for just about any point in your wedding day. From the family processional to the cocktail hour.

But sometimes, the most magical moments are the ones that nobody planned for. That’s why we ask for a little leeway to read the room. In other words, allow us to switch things up when needed to keep the dance floor full.”

Florida bride and groom dancing on the dance floor on I Said Yes!
Photo by Flora Bloom Photography

tip 7 - set the mood

We know you are all about that dance floor. But we also know that you want to mingle with the friends and family who are sharing your special day. A good wedding DJ should keep the music low during the cocktail hour and dinner so everyone can talk. And when the celebration begins, crank it up and take you on a journey. From slow jams, to high energy, and everything in between.

“At Our DJ Rocks we are like a thermometer – we feel the temperature of the room. We’ll take it up when needed and bring it back down for sweet moments like your cake cutting.”

important wedding dj tips tell you why to hire a professional dj
Photo by Captured by Elle

let's rock your wedding

Music plays such a huge role in your wedding day. Subsequently, it is so much more than pushing “Play” to create these moments. Make sure your DJ is creating the right atmosphere, right from the start. Above all, your DJ is keeping that vibe going all night.

“At Our DJ Rocks we believe the best weddings are the ones that reflect you, not us! That’s why we do our best to get to know you. As a result, we can craft an evening that exceeds everyone’s expectations.”

Come see Our DJ Rocks LIVE at I DOs and BREWS February 3rd, 2021 at Paradise Cove, Orlando, FL

Amaze guests with artistic entertainment

Amaze your guests with an artistic entertainment experience like no other on your wedding day. Intrigue them with artistic entertainment and a wedding favor to take home. Accomplish this with a skilled artisan and their pen and paper. For example, classic caricatures. People love to see themselves turned into cartoon. No matter what size wedding, big or small, caricatures are a timeless tradition. 

amaze your guests with artistic entertainment like classic caricature
bride and groom posing with classic caricature drawing

propose with a caricature

You can even propose with a caricature. First, meet with your artist and discuss the plan. Second, convince your love to sit with you for a drawing. Third, the artist will draw you proposing. Last, when the drawing is turned around, you pop the question. ENGAGED! 

man proposes with a caricature drawing

Fashion Sketches

Fashion sketches take your artistic entertainment to the next level. These artists translate your wedding guests into beautiful works of art. As a result they look and feel like they are ready for the runway. The Creative Development Team at Artistic Talent Group first developed this exclusive product for Fashion Week at The Mall at Millenia. From the sleek pages of classic Vogue to popular Project Runway television show. Fashion Sketch is an art form that everyone is familiar with.  The long, elegant sketches capture the feel of the clothes and the essence of the subject. Your wedding guests are illustrated in an elegant, high-fashion style. In conclusion, your guests will feel like supermodels and take home a wedding favor they won’t soon forget.

bride fashion sketch
Bride Fashion Sketch
groom fashion sketch
Groom Fashion Sketch
wedding guest fashion sketch male
Guest Fashion Sketch
wedding guest fashion sketch female
Guest Fashion Sketch

Hit and Run

This is not your classic caricature.  No guests waiting in lines. The only lines here are on the paper. Hit and Run artists draw in stealth mode, out of site of wedding guests. When the figure-sketch art is complete, the artist gives (or hits) the unsuspecting guest with the drawing. Then run off to draw another guest. It’s where the name Hit & Run comes from. Wedding guests are always pleasantly surprised with the wedding favor and rarely realize they were being drawn.

hit and run sketch of wedding guest

amaze guests with live artistic painting

Wedding event painting is an upscale, elegant artistic entertainment option. Your ceremony or reception is captured by your artist, in the moment.  The artist interprets the spirit of your event directly on the canvas. After the party is over, you receive an original painting that commemorates your special day. In conclusion, no matter the artistic entertainment option you choose, your guests are sure to remember your wedding for years to come. 

live event painting amazes your guests
artist painting your special day on canvas

Post content provided by Artistic Talent Group.

Cheers to I Dos and brews sponsors

I DOs & BREWS is our wedding planning date night. In other words, it is a way for couples to plan their weddings and meet vendors outside of the traditional ballroom style wedding expo. We love traditional wedding shows, but I DOs and BREWS give a unique spin. For instance, including an outdoor element. Having this outdoor space means we can easily include wedding vendors like Beautiful Creatures Animal Ranch. They bring the cuteness factor to your wedding.  For example, a beverage burrow (his name is Strings) and llamas.

Beverage Burrow
Wedding Llama

mobile wedding vendors

In addition, this open outdoor space also allows us to showcase mobile wedding vendors.  For instance,  LUXE FLUSH – luxury A/C and heated mobile restrooms.  Similarly, Bow Tie Spirits, a mobile bar built out of a horse trailer. Typically these types of mobile vendors don’t bring their vehicles into traditional ballroom wedding expos.  Similarly, Orlando Photo Bus. This 1971 VW Bay Window Bus, Lulu, is The Original Orlando Photo Bus!

Cheers to brew and wine sponsors

Above all, I DOs and BREWS includes local breweries. In the last decade, breweries have skyrocketed in Florida. We partnered with the 2nd oldest brewery in Central Florida for this event – Hourglass Brewing. The November 19th I DOs and BREWS was hosted at the Longwood location.  With a 240 seat tap room, an in-house scavenger hunt and geek culture galore, it’s a must see brewery. Hourglass is known for only using natural ingredients in its 340 brews. In addition, you can see the brewing process through the glass. Furthermore, they have a DOG friendly patio! To top it all off, Hourglass created the I DO BREW, a citrusy ale.

Hourglass Brewery also has a private event space.  Sourglass Brewing is right next door. This is the fermentation House. It is adorned with wooden barrels, additional seating, a bar and market lights. It is perfect for smaller wedding receptions, micro-weddings and bridal showers. So grab a glass of I DO BREW and check out Sourglass for your next event. 

Hourglass Brewery

Couples can expect to sample an array of beverage options at I DOs and BREWS.  Similarly to the Brew Partners, we also work with wine partners.  For instance, Silk Road Wines is a veteran owned company, specializing in natural red and white wines.  They are imported from the country of Georgia, which is believed to be the birthplace of wine. 

Similarly, is PRP Wine. They bring the wine to you with in-home sampling services.  To sum it up, they bring the look and feel of the wineries they represent right to your doorstep. 

event sponsors create the vibe

With any I Said Yes! FL event, we bring you the best of the best. Our event sponsors know how to create an atmosphere like no other. Cheers to our I DOs and BREWS Sponsors. 

First, Live Happy Studio , our photography sponsor. We have worked with Lindsay & Kellie on several events. Their energy matches everything I DOs and BREWS is about! 

Second, couples were greeted with Kendra Scott bags to gather all their swag at the event.

Third, Let there be light. Get Lit Productions lit up the night with the market lights outside of Hourglass Brewing. Get Lit Productions provides all your event lighting needs. From chandeliers, spot lights, twinkle lights and market lights to something you just dreamed up.

What’s a party without a DJ? I DOs and BREWS brings you two! With inside and outside event space, our team wants you to be entertained no matter where you are.

DJ Yves Entertainment set up inside the Hourglass tap room! Need a DJ who can spin and MC, then DJ Yves is your man!  

Outside, Press Play Entertainment kept the party atmosphere going with two DJ’s. Orlando & Rey have decades of experience between them and these guys will keep your guests on the dance floor all night.

Find more amazing Florida wedding vendors at I Said Yes! FL

join us at the next I dos and brews

February 3, 2021 at Paradise Cove

We Love Our Engaged Couples!

I Said Yes! FL wants you to show off your bling!

We love when our couples decide to share with us their engagement ring photos.

We’ve had brides send us actual surprise Florida proposals. They have taken place at locations like Leu Gardens and Bok Towers. We had a proposal on the water in Miami as well as a Florida Keys proposal on the beach.

One constant we’ve noticed is that many Florida brides like to show off their bling by the water. Whether it’s the pool, the ocean or just palm trees. Florida brides take advantage of the sun while showing that he/she put a ring on it.

show off your bling
show off your bling

We’ve had several engagement ring photos shared with us that were taken by professional photographers as well. And all kinds of couples sending in their ring photos!

We even had one Florida bride and groom who we blogged about their wedding send us their engagement ring photos from their Parisian engagement photoshoot in Paris. Congratulations to your 1st anniversary as husband and wife, Jessica + Jose, who were married here in Central Florida, in Howey-in -the -Hills at The Howey Mansion!

In order from left to right; Josie Brooks Photography, French Grey Photography, Christy Digian Photography

show off your bling at the beach
show off your bling
show us your bling

The rings themselves are just as unique as the women wearing them (and Florida Grooms we want to see your engagement bands too)!

For example, we’ve seen diamond shaped stones, marquis, cushion cut, princess cut and eternity bands. One band even had the name of her fiancé engraved on the top. The stones themselves have ranged from stunning turquoise tourmaline and ruby red to round traditional diamonds.

Who off your engagement ring with I Said Yes!

Are you recently engaged? Then show off your bling!

Send us your engagement ring photos on Facebook messenger, DM us on Instagram or send them by email. We’ll give you a shoutout on social media. And possibly feature you in our next Florida engagement rings blog post six months from now.

Congratulations to all of our engaged couples!

A Starry Night at a Florida State Park

A starry night engagement experience was the perfect option for Summer and Mike. Because they were up for adventure from the moment they had their initial wedding consultation with Steven Miller Photography. So when he offered them this unique engagement session, without hesitation, they said, “Yes, let’s do it!”

To bring this engagement session to life, Steven brought Summer and Mike to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida’s only official dark sky park. They walked around the park, taking advantage of great light, open prairie, and plenty of wildlife and wildflowers.

Additionally, he accepted the challenge of incorporating one of their favorite props pictured below. Can you guess what popular book series this prop came from?

starry night engagement
starry night engagement

Since we are in the Northern Hemisphere, Steven always recommends Starry Night Engagement Sessions in the summer. As a result, we face the beautiful core of our Milky Way Galaxy.

However, here in Florida, that translates to hot, humid and buggy! But Summer and Mike were absolute troopers.

“Mosquitoes would frequently say hello, so we just politely ask them to pose for each photo.” said Steven jokingly

starry night engagement

A Campfire, Sunset And Stars

Their portraits were finished just prior to sunset, giving the couple time to freshen up and change into more comfortable clothes. Meanwhile Steven started a quick campfire.

“The benefit of having our session at Kissimmee Prairie is that we include a campsite with the session. That way we can grill food over our own fire,” Steven said.

So then they relaxed, enjoyed the fire, and ate some dinner while they watched the sun set. And then stars emerged in the clear summer sky.

starry night enagament

Kissimmee Prairie is one of the few locations left in Florida where you can still see a sky full of stars. Additionally you can see our own Milky Way Galaxy overhead.

The park is located just far enough away from our light polluting towns and cities to avoid much of their sky glow. subsequently resulting in an inspirational view above.

Congratulations to Summer and Mike! We are so excited for their big day coming soon at Club Lake Plantation, in Apopka. Without a doubt, this starry night engagement session will be part of your wedding memories.

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