Styled Shoot Wedding Inspiration by SJ Events LLC

Styled Shoot at Venue 650

Welcome to a world where modern aesthetics meet classic elegance. In this unique celebration of love and design, SJ Events LLC curated a wedding experience. The styled shoot flawlessly intertwines the sleek and stylish with the timeless and romantic. Each element, from venue to fashion, has been carefully chosen to inspire couples. Furthermore, it offers a fresh perspective on what a modern yet classic wedding can truly be.

The Concept

This styled shoot is a testament to the beauty that arises when modern and classic designs come together. The concept revolves around creating an experience that not only captures the eye but resonates emotionally. Every detail, meticulously planned and executed, aims to inspire. Perfect for couples seeking a wedding that effortlessly combines the contemporary with the eternal.

Gonzalez Lugo Productions on I Said Yes! FL

Telling A Story

Antique candelabras cast a soft, romantic glow, while ornate dinnerware exudes an old-world charm. The floral design further enhances this enchanting ambiance. Minimalist, contemporary arrangements bloom with abundant, romantic blooms, creating a bouquet that not only pleases the eye but also tugs at the heartstrings. The delicate balance struck between old-world charm and modern simplicity is nothing short of floral poetry.

Lavish table settings featuring fine china and crystal glassware gleam under the soft glow of ambient light. Modern centerpieces, thoughtfully arranged, adorn the tables. Furthermore, showcasing the art of achieving an elegant dining experience with a contemporary edge. 

Finally, your gaze falls upon the stationery – exquisite invitations and paper goods that serve as the prelude to the entire experience. Clean, modern designs with classic calligraphy set the tone for a wedding. Each piece tells a story of sophistication, hinting at the magic that awaits as you embark on this journey through modern elegance. 

Key Styled shoot Elements

At the heart of our shoot lies a carefully selected venue – Venue 650. With its sleek architecture and opulent interiors, it serves as the ideal canvas for our modern-meets-elegant concept. Witness a room transformed into a visual symphony of contemporary allure and timeless sophistication. The color palette, a meticulous blend of modern tones and classic neutrals. Effortlessly guiding your eyes through a spectrum of black, white, and metallic gold accents.

Capturing The Magic

The magic of our “Modern Elegance Styled Shoot” is beautifully captured by the talented Maryel Gonzalez and Nanii Negron from Gonzalez Lugo Photographer LLC and Nanii Negron Films. Their lenses have masterfully woven a visual narrative that showcases the seamless integration of modern elegance. Through stunning images and behind-the-scenes videos, they tell a story of love, sophistication, and the promise of timeless unions.

Wedding Planner: SJ Events | Venue: Venue 650 | Photographer: Gonzalez Lugo Photography | Videographer: Nonii Negron Films | Rentals: On The Move Productions | Linen Rentals: Fancy That Linens | Wedding Floral: The Wild Hare Flowers | Invitations & Signs: Shimmering Ceremony | Live Painting: Keepsake Studio | Hair Stylist: Sunny Powell | Make Up Artist: Cm Makeup LLC | Gown & Tux: Arden Bridal & Boutique Tampa | Photobooth: Be Glam Booth | Cake: Got Desserts

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