Custom Wedding Dress, How To Get Your Perfectly Unique Design

A custom wedding dress may be the solution to finding your one-of-a-kind wedding gown. For this reason, we spoke with Desiree of Desiree Marie Designs. Correspondingly she shared some valuable insight. Coupled with why you should consider a custom made wedding dress. Further, how it is created especially for you.

All dresses pictured in this blog are created by Desiree Marie Designs.

bridal gown by Desiree Marie Design
Photo by Carolina Irais Photography

First, The Who

Desiree says, “I would love to say every bride should get a custom-made wedding dress. But after working with lots of brides, I can say there are some qualities/traits, some brides possess, that make them a better fit for purchasing a custom-made wedding dress.”

As an example, Desiree shares some of the traits her clients posses:

  • You know exactly what you want in your bridal gown. Also, can’t find it at a traditional bridal salon.
  • You love the idea of having one-of-a-kind wedding attire. That is to say, something no one else has.
  • You have viewed my website and love most of the designs I have created.
  • You are creative. And understand the process of making a piece of art from scratch.
  • You love supporting local entrepreneurs. Further you understand that your designer strives for perfection, but it may not be perfect. As Desiree would say, “it’s Wabi-Sabi”
  • You can visualize your dress from the sketch. Desiree says, “This is not for the faint of heart.”
  • You are committed to attending 5-7 fittings. Additionally more fittings if there are design changes.
  • It is understood that this is a custom made wedding dress and weight changes greatly effect the process. Meaning you will work to maintain your weight for the 3-6 month process of creating your perfect wedding dress.
Desiree Marie design custom wedding dresses
Photo by A Sea of Love Photography

Desiree's Designers Pledge

I promise to be realistic with you on what I can create. That is to say, within your timeline and budget. Further with what would need to be substituted. Because I don’t have the same equipment as large manufacturers, or a tool/fabric/applique is unavailable to me.

Without a doubt, I know this is the most special garment you may ever wear. Admittedly I am thrilled every time I get to be a part of this experience with a bride. Therefore I will put in every effort to make it the best experience for you.

If this sounds like you and your perfect wedding dress search. Then Click Here to set up a bridal consultation in Lakeland, FL with Desiree Marie Designs.

Custom wedding dress by desiree marie bridal
Photo by Donny Tidmore Photography

Now, How A Custom Wedding Dress is Made

It’s your wedding day, you deserve to feel confident and look fierce! I love creating custom pieces for my customers.

Certainly everyone’s body type is different. And we all have assets we would like to showcase (bow chica wow wow).  Along with our not-so-great parts that we prefer not to highlight. As a result, I will work with you to create your dream wedding dress to compliment your shape and personal style.

But how does this process work?

(All photos in this section by Alexandra White Photo)

making bridal dreams come true

Step 1

First we discuss your general wants and needs. Including taking your measurements.

Options for this include meeting in person (Florida residents), Skype, phone, or email. Likewise, mood boards or Pinterest boards are great conversation starters.

Step 2

Once I have all the information I need. I will move forward to the sketching phase. One other thing, I also use this time to gather swatches for our review.

After we agree on sketches and swatches, I will order the fabrics. Also during this process, I will first create a sample of your piece in a similar, less expensive fabric. Thus allowing us to see how the piece will look before using our fashion fabric.

sketch and design of your custom wedding dress

Step 3 of your custom wedding dress creation

Indeed once we get the fit perfect with the mock-up, I will go back to my sewing cave and create the final custom pieces. As a rule, the time for this process may vary depending on how simple or complicated the piece(s) are. Correspondingly you may need 3-5 fittings during this process as well.

When I have completed your dress, you can come pick it up at my studio to ensure you have the perfect fit. Or I will send it to you. One other thing, plan to receive your dress 8-10 weeks before your wear date if received by mail. This allows for any additional required alterations.

making a custom wedding dress
making your perfect wedding dress

Final Step in your custom wedding dress creation

Lastly is for you to get married and party. Oh, and brag to all your friends about your perfect custom wedding dress.

perfect wedding dress by Desiree Marie Design
All photos from this section by Alexandra White Photo

For more information on Desiree Marie Designs and her custom wedding dresses, Click Here to visit her website.

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