A Wedding Florist in Orlando, FL offers her advice on the best ways to work with your florist.  That is to say, she gives her top 5 tips on how to work with your wedding florist. Generally speaking this is meant to be a floral wedding guide. Absolutely do your research and compare floral wedding vendors to find the perfect fit for your wedding day. 

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When To Book Your Wedding Florist

No doubt, with 28 years of experience in the business, Andie with Events by The Flower Studio is considered an expert in the field. For this reason, her first tip is to book your wedding florist as soon as you have a date. Even if you are being careful and flexible with your budget, she says to book her “Save the Date” right away. Then worry about the details later. 

wheat grass bridal bouquet
yellow and red floral bouquet by wedding florist

Obviously your wedding bouquet is an important part of your special day. Consider these two options: soft hues and wheat grass. Or bright bold florals and berries.

Is It Junk

Next is how to best communicate with your florist. With so many options available, email, phone call, text message, direct message, etc., make sure you didn’t end up in junk, or lost. For example, an email is great, but sometimes they automatically get sent to junk. Undoubtedly this will make it difficult for your email to be returned. Don’t miss the chance to speak with your dream florist. Certainly, if you don’t hear back from your email or DM, make a quick phone call. Andie says they “Promise to return your call if you leave a message”. However, all wedding florists operate differently, be sure to find out from your florist their preferred method of communication. In turn, this will make your wedding floral plans run more smoothly.

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What are your floral non-negotiables

Tip #3 – What are your priorities when it comes to flowers at your wedding? Assuredly you will have to decide which floral pieces are absolute musts for your wedding. For instance, do you want a ceremony arch and aisle décor. Or none of those. Similarly, what about the size and style and number of reception table centerpieces. Further, must you have out of season flowers, or will a seasonal substitution do.  Make a plan and share it with your wedding florist. So together you create your perfect wedding. 

fountain of wedding flowers
simple wedding floral centerpiece on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog
beach floral arch by The Flower Studio
Designed by J.Closs Events

Are flowers expensive

Fourth tip, every item has a price. Andie says many times she hears “Oh, I didn’t know flowers were this expensive.” Following this, she replies, “They are not. You just don’t know because you never needed this many flowers before.”  Moreover she says, it’s OK, she is here to guide you. As a result, she will discuss your non-negotiables, help you select your flowers and create your plan and floral budget. As a rule, her average wedding floral budget for her couples is between $2,500 – $3,500 (2021 numbers). But they can do below $1,00 and over $10,000. Of course every item has a price. So work with your wedding florist to build your floral plan and budget. Assuredly each wedding florist will have differing prices, speak first to your florist about their pricing structure before you make your final commitment.

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wedding reception table floral centerpiece by The Flower Studio
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It's All Abou You

Lastly, it’s all about you. Whatever your perfect wedding looks like, do it. Speak directly with your wedding florist about your vision. Then be open to ideas and suggestions, and listen. Additionally, they are the experts and may have some ideas you have not considered.  Above all, have fun and toss that bouquet on your wedding day!

peach bridal bouquet by The Flower Studio
wedding bouquet created by wedding florist The Flower Studio

Visit the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog for more wedding inspiration.

We have a free wedding planning checklist for you. No matter what stage of the wedding planning process you are in, this downloadable checklist will ease some of your planning anxiety.

We have partnered with Just Marry! to bring you their expert advice. As a Florida wedding planning company, Just Marry! has been making wedding dreams come true for almost 30 years.

Click the cover image below to access your own free copy of The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. Further, continue reading to find links to other helpful blogs and wedding vendors who can help you along the way to creating your perfect wedding. 

10-12 Months Before Your Wedding Day

Assuredly this is not a complete list, but rather a great representation of the items you need to check-off during your wedding planning process.  Further, take the time to review the entire list. Then add items that are important to creating your special day. Let this be your wedding guide, staring with 10-12 months before the big day. Below are some tips on completing some of the items in this section:

1. Collect design inspiration by picking up an I Said Yes! Magazine, reading Wedding Inspiration on I Said Yes! Blog and Just Marry! Blog and pinning your favorite ideas on Pinterest.

2. Hire a Wedding Planner.

3. Reserve your wedding venue.

4. Hire a photographer and schedule your engagement shoot.

5. Hire a florist, caterer, DJ/Band, officiant, and other must-have wedding vendors.

wedding planning checklist for 9 months befre

Certainly you are looking forward to all the shopping. No doubt your wedding dress is on the top of the list. Therefore, start shopping for a wedding dress is #1 on the 9 months before list.

1. Start shopping for a wedding dress.

2. Choose a beautiful place for your honeymoon.

3. Schedule a custom suit fitting.  This isn’t on the list but we can’t go without mentioning Leonardo 5th Avenue, they create a true experience for the suit wearer, just as the bridal salons do for the wedding gowns.

8 months before your wedding day

Obviously 8 months before is the sweetest time of your wedding planning process. That is to say, who doesn’t want to eat cake!

1. Select and order your wedding cake and/or desserts.

2. Select and order bridesmaid’s dresses. There are many options available for online ordering. Be sure to read the custom fitting return policies, shipping timelines and sizing charts when reviewing these sites.  Here is a blog on Brides.com to help you compare online companies. 

7 months before your wedding day

Generally speaking, the items on this months section of the wedding planning checklist will require some design and planning. Speak with your wedding planner or your designer to be sure you order the correct colors, quantity and styles of rental items for your wedding day. Remember most wedding vendors will require a deposit at time of signing, be prepared for this when you reserve any rentals that you may need for your ceremony, reception and after party. Review local wedding rental companies here

wedding planning checklist for 6 months before

Are you wearing your hair up or down? Similarly, are going all drama or soft and natural with your make-up? This is why scheduling a trial run for hair and make-up is important 6 months before your wedding day. Couple with this, do you want to go to the salon or have your artist come to your get ready room? For all these reasons, start early looking for your Hair and Make-up Artist so you find the perfect fit for your vision of yourself on your wedding day.  Also consider skin treatments may take many months to see a change, these too need to be started early.

3-5 months before your wedding day

Things are starting to speed up, can you believe there is only 3 months until you marry your best friend! During this time you are beginning to put the finishing touches on many of your items on the wedding planning checklist. Like submitting your catering menu, scheduling your rehearsal dinner and your fist wedding dress fitting. Be sure to include your fiancé in some of these items, it will help to work together as a team to accomplish the details. 

weeks 1-8 on the wedding planning checklist

Print these weeks out and hang them in a prominent place in your house. Consider creating a shareable checklist with your fiancé. Because these weeks are filled with finalizing, reviewing, applying, submitting, rehearsing, and confirming.  Remember to take it one thing at a time, and you will finish just in time for the big day.


1-2 Days Before Your Wedding Day

Drink plenty of water. I repeat, drink plenty of water. In fact, the wedding planning experts from Just Marry! suggest limiting your alcohol and coffee intake as well. Likewise plenty of sleep is a necessary part of the days leading up to your wedding.  Get rest, drink water and be ready, for tomorrow you marry your best friend.

on your wedding day

Today is the day! Oh my goodness! The advice from the team at I Said Yes! is to give this list to someone else.  Unquestionably today is your day and you deserve to enjoy every single moment.

For some wedding planning fun, join us at I DOs and BREWS wedding planning date nights and I Said Yes! Wedding Shows.

Happy Planning! Download the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist.

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