Improve your wedding blog submission to I Said Yes! with these 3 topics. That is to say we want you to submit to our Wedding Inspiration Blog. Moreover, we want you to Get Featured and receive all the benefits that come along with that. However, there are some requirements involved and the information below will help you improve your submission.

REal Weddings

First up, Real Weddings Blog Submissions. No doubt this is the most common submission. Certainly we are all wedding vendors whose businesses are about producing the perfect wedding for our couples. Nevertheless, there are some hurdles for this topic. 

To start you need to have photos.  As a rule, wedding inspiration blogs are photo heavy. Generally speaking the readers are looking for inspiration and ideas for their big day and they need to be visually intrigued. But we know that providing photos for the blog can be a difficult task for some vendors, depending on your category. Consider preparing in advance by connecting with the photographer and telling them you want to submit it as a blog and you would like some photos for that purpose. Also, blog posts do not have to be high res images, so you may be able to snap some photos with your phone before and after the wedding. Here is the important part, we need minimum 8-10 photos for the blog submission.  Preferably horizontal orientation. Along with a variety of details and subject matter.

views of ocean at summer wedding Florida
Real Wedding Photo by Laiacona Photography & Design

Now along with the photos, there must also be content or text. Below is a list of questions to help build the context of the real wedding blog submission. Similar to the photos, consider contacting the planner to have them help you with the answers. 

  1. Time of year, wedding theme and/or wedding inspiration
  2. Special moments, dances, ceremony traditions
  3. I DO Crew, who was included and why and special wedding guests
  4. Unique touches. For example, the best wedding pet attendant, powerful live wedding music, live entertainment, fun dances and unique non-traditional wedding vendors
  5. Signature cocktails, funny beverage names, and themed menu items
  6. Wedding cake design, cake topper, grooms cake and dessert station
  7. Explain the cool exit at the end of the night, or the after party theme
  8. Special gifts from bride to groom and vice versa
  9. How the couple met, got engaged and how they chose their wedding date and venue

A few more important reminders. For instance, real weddings must have taken place in the last 16-18 months. Further, photos need to be originals. Meaning we need a link for us to download them from your Dropbox or you can uploaded through the submission link. Also real wedding cannot have been submitted to another blog or print publication in the last 90 days. Above all, a list of the participating wedding vendors with their full company names along with the product or service they provided. 

Styled Shoot Wedding Blog Submission

Second topic for wedding blog submission is Styled Shoots. Similar to the real weddings, we need 8-10 photos, original content and a list of participating vendors. In this situation, you may have more involvement with the theme and inspiration behind the styled shoot. However, we have provided some content starters to help you provide the highest quality submission. Different from the real weddings, the styled shoots need to be with-in the last 6-8 months and not published with-in the last 90 days on another blog or print publication. 

  1. Theme and/or color scheme
  2. Time of year, season, setting
  3. Inspiration behind the shoot or what was the initial reason this shoot came to life. For instance, a popular television show or theatre performance. Or a new line of rental items or wedding dresses, to name a few.
  4. Why this specific venue, design elements and pieces were chosen

Need more advice, check out this blog by Styled Shoots Across America  owner Heather Benge –  Styled Shoots: 8 Important Reasons Why You Should Do Them.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Cypress Creek Farmhouse
Styled Shoot at Cypress Creek Farmhouse. Photo by Honeywood Photography

Expert Wedding Advice

Last, but not least is Expert Wedding Advice. As a rule, this should not read as an infomercial or advertisement for your company. Instead it should be a piece to assist the brides and grooms with their wedding planning. Again including 8-10 photos reflecting the content of the blog. Also a list of any vendors involved. Especially the photographer. And again, the content.

Certainly this is your area of expertise, but we want to give you a few idea starters. Couple these with this thought, “what do I want a couple to know about my product/services that will make their wedding planning easier, or create their perfect wedding day.”

  1. Top 5 things to consider when booking your venue, DJ, Photographer, etc.
  2. How to incorporate horses and other animals into your wedding
  3. What to know about ordering wedding cake and desserts.  How to estimate how much you need.
  4. What do I need in my wedding day emergency kit
  5. Wedding planning checklist for your product/service
  6. List the top 10 most popular first dance songs by genre
  7. What are you constantly speaking to your couples about during appointments?  Undoubtedly this will make an excellent blog.

How to lists and Top 10’s are easy reads and helpful for answering couple’s wedding planning questions. The sky is the limit in this wedding blog submission topic. 

Wedding Blog Submission

Finally, it’s time to do it and do it often. That is to say, submit your real weddings, styled shoots and expert wedding advice. We at I Said Yes! make it easy.  There is a submission form under the Wedding Pros tab on  Start making blog submissions a regular habit and reap the benefits of back-linking, featured badges, social media shares and more. 

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