Pick from these top rated wedding photographers in Central Florida as choose your wedding vendors. Without a doubt you want to find the expert that best fits your wedding style and budget. 

Choosing your wedding photographer is a very important decision. Unquestionably, it will give you memories that will last a lifetime. For this reason, we have provided you a list of 7 experts to review and connect with. 

Each photographer has their own look and style that shows through in each image they produce. Find the style that matches you and your fiancé. Further, you will be spending some of your most intimate moments with your wedding photographers. Therefore, choose someone who you feel comfortable with, someone who feels like family.

The photographers listed below are in no particular order. 

Top Rated Wedding Photographers

Dreamscape Photography

Husband and Wife Team
bride and groom in front of barn

We are Michael & Nicole, a husband and wife team offering wedding and engagement photography. The duo behind the cameras at Dreamscape Photography. We are passionate about providing our engaged couples with the very best service. All the while capturing memories to last a lifetime. Our beliefs are in love, laughter, family, and every other wonderful experience that is a part of marriage.

Mike Briggs Photography

Emotions on wedding day
Just Married motorcycle ide

Top rated wedding photographer, Mike Briggs Photography, has been photographing weddings professionally in Orlando, FL since 2005.  Singularly because we have a passion (ok, more like an obsession) for wedding photography! Undoubtedly, it is truly what we love to do. We believe that every wedding and couple are unique.  Therefore, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach. We start by getting to know you, your personality, wants and desires.  As a result, we give you a custom tailored wedding day experience. 

Steven Miller Photography

Steven Miller Photography, under the veil photo
Steven Miller Photography, a top rated wedding photographer

Our photo family at Steven Miller Photography, has been capturing weddings for almost 10 years. We are proud to brag about ourselves. And this is why… Our down-to-earth personalities and competitive wedding packages make for booking your wedding with us an easy process. Additionally, our couples have fallen in love with our natural photography style. Furthermore, it is very important to us to give back to our local community, and the planet.

Cona Studios

Cona Studios, top rated wedding photographers
Cona Studios, Central Florida top rated wedding photographers

Cona Studios is husband and wife owned and operated. Specializing in photography, videography, and graphic design. We are located in Winter Garden, FL. But spent many years in Fort Lauderdale, FL where we met. Travelling is a passion of ours. (Or was before we had kids!). And we are always ready for a trip when our clients need us. Domestic or international!  Further we work with a team of top rated wedding photographers and videographers as leads and associates. Indeed they represent our brand for large events and projects.

Contempo Photos + Videos

Contempo Photos + Videos Central Florida
Contempo Photos + Videos a top rated wedding photographer

Contempo Photos + Videos …We are Kizzy and Fernando, a couple of happily married wedding photographers and videographers. Specializing in event photography and videography. Unquestionably, we love to capture genuine and moving moments. Then turn them into art. Further, our commitment is with you. Thus, we establish a clear connection to your ideas and expectations. And we use a simple, fresh, modern, yet timeless style.

Taylor Kuperberg photography

Taylor Kuperberg Photography
Taylor Kuperberg Photography in Central Florida

I am, Taylor Kuperberg Photography . A top rated wedding photographer in Orlando, FL. Being able to capture life’s big and little moments is what I love. From the intimate looks between you and your partner, to the fun and excitement of the day. Every couple and wedding we have had the honor of photographing is unique in their own way. Additionally, we want to let your personalities and love shine through these photos. Our mission is to create beautiful imagery while allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding day. We are passionate about capturing the unexpected, intimate moments throughout your wedding.

True Life Photography

top rated wedding photographers - True Life Photography
True Life Photography on I Said Yes!

Capturing true love in every photo I take – True Life Photography by Michelle Dawson. I offer wedding and engagement photos. With one goal in mind, to capture the love between each couple I shoot. 

From a very early age I knew I loved photography.  It was shortly after my own wedding that I realized I wanted to be a part of capturing love stories for other couples. Inspired by my desire to capture love stories through my photography, True Life Photography was create

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your special day is an important step in the wedding planning process. Without a doubt you will remember your wedding just as your photographer captured it. For this reason, we consulted with Kizzy of Contempo Photos + Videos.

Kizzy says, “You will really see everything that happened at your wedding, and its details, once you have the photos in your hand.” In fact, she has heard some fun comments from past couples. For instance, “OMG, that was the look on my mom’s face when I walked down the aisle? Or, “Remember when Uncle John did those dance steps?” And, “Aww, look how beautiful the candy table was set up.” Because of comments like, these, I want to share 5 things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer.

5 Things To Consider

First, work with a photographer who has experience. Generally speaking, an experience photographer anticipates the moments. As a result they have better shots from better angles. Plus the most important moments of your special day, won’t be missed. Further, they are fast and organized. Chiefly because they know that time is money at  a wedding. An example of this is a first look shot. 

first look photo idea for your perfect wedding photos

Second, you need to like your photographer’s style. Kizzy gives the following tips to help recognize a photographers style:

  1. Check-out their portfolio
  2. Observe what they point out from their own gallery
  3. Take note of what kind of photos you like and compare to the above two points


Remember, trying to change a photographer’s style can result in disaster. Or worse, a total disappointment for everyone. Confidence in the photographer is vital to have magazine quality photos. Assuredly, you will be comfortable allowing them to explore all their creativity  without thinking about the judgment you may have with a certain shot.

example of night photography

Third point to consider, skill level. That is to say, they must have the skills to capture photos under any lighting condition. For instance, some wedding photographers will only work with natural light. But be careful with this. As they must have the equipment that allows them to work under extreme lighting conditions. 

Consider this, if you like natural light, but part of your wedding is at night, ask them to show you work that they have captured at night. This will give you an idea of the result you will have for your wedding.

Also, there are photographers who use both natural and flashlight.  Allowing them to cover any type of event, day or night. Moreover it allows them to make creative images using external lights.

your wedding photographer may have a certain style

Creativity and Details from your wedding photographer

Creativity is the fourth consideration when choosing your perfect wedding photographer. Meaning they need to be able to take pictures even in an empty room. A good photographer makes use of architecture and elements. Similarly, shadows and lights. Also, movements and lighting techniques. All combined to create artistic and unforgettable images. Even if it is not in the best location.

use of shadows and light

Finally, the details are key. Because we keep specific things in our memory. They must remember to take pictures of the flowers, the headdress and the make-up. Additionally, the names on the gowns and the excited faces when they see you in the dress. But at the same time be careful not to capture the messy room where you got dressed. Or the dirty dishes on the table in the group pictures. Those details will spoil the photos and you will keep those details in your memory forever.

detail shot of wedding bouquet

In conclusion, experience, skills, creativity, style and detail are elementary characteristics when choosing the photographer that will make you remember the best day of your life. View Kizzy’s photo gallery – Click Here.

This Summer Wedding Florida is one the wedding guests won’t soon forget. Start with gorgeous views of the ocean. Next add in some fun antics by the family. Include special gifts. Then finish with the bride being the DJ. Certainly these elements helped Adriana and Matt have their perfect wedding.

bride and groom have perfect wedding in Key Biscayne Miami

Special Gifts and First Looks

This bride and groom presented each other with special and memorable wedding day gifts. That is to say, Adriana gifted Matt a pair of monogrammed sterling silver Tiffany cufflinks. Similarly, Matt surprised Adriana with a thoughtful and unique sound wave print of their wedding song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

The photographer, Laiacona Photography and Design, captured the first look.  That is to say, a sweet moment of Adriana sneaking quietly behind Matt on the lawn under the sun.

groom opens special gift from bride at Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne
monogramed cuff links for grooms wedding suit
customized wedding day sign at summer wedding Florida
bride and groom sneak peak at Florida summer wedding

Ultimate Summer Wedding Florida

The gorgeous backdrop of this real wedding is compliments of the Atlantic Ocean. Seventy five of the couples closest family and friends joined them on the lawn of the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne Miami, FL. Here they witnessed Adriana and Matt say I DO under the swaying palm trees. And not forgetting the calming music of the crashing waves.

summer wedding Florida has gorgeous views for photos of bride
views of ocean at summer wedding Florida

We must pause here and look at the stunning veil blowing in the sea breeze. Certainly the bride chose the perfect veil for this Summer wedding Florida. Without a doubt the photographer captured this photo at precisely the right moment. 

Under The Veil and family antics

Speaking of the veil… the photographer, Laiacona Photography and Design said, “We loved capturing their timeless yet beachy portraits including romantic under the veil shots.”

under the veil photo by Laiacona Photography
bride and groom photo black and white by Laiacona Photography
red and blue smoke bombs at Summer wedding Florida

Further, the photographer said, “Our favorite moment during the wedding was when Adriana’s brother and sister ran around with red and blue smoke bombs for visual effects. Inspired idea by the videographer, Joseph Pineiro. Great fun wedding photo idea and perfect for the wedding video!” 

Florida summer wedding couple hangs with DJ Gannon Events

The new Mr. & Mrs. danced on the clouds during their first dance. Continuing the fun throughout the night. For instance, Adriana took her “turn” on the tables, impressing DJ Lance of Gannon Events.

This couple loves to travel and we wish them many happy adventures together. Bon Voyage Adriana and Matt.

dancing on a cloud on I Said Yes! blog about summer wedding Florida

Contributing Vendors to the Summer Wedding Florida

Wedding Venue : Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami
Photographer: Tony Laiacona, Laiacona Photography & Design
Videographer: Joe Pineiro Films
Florist: Bayfront Floral and Event Design
DJ / Emcee / Lighting: Gannon Events

For more Real Wedding Inspiration, Click Here

Wedding Photographers, how do you choose? Choosing your wedding photographer is a very important decision. It will give you memories that will last a lifetime. For this reason, we have provided you a list of Central Florida’s 10 best wedding photography experts. Each photographer has their own look and style that shows through in each image they produce. Find the style that matches you and your fiancé. Further, you will be spending some of your most intimate moments with your wedding photographer. Therefore, choose someone who you feel comfortable with, someone who feels like family. Photographers listed below are in no particular order. 

Central Florida Wedding Photographers

Dreamscape Photography

Husband and Wife Team
bride and groom in front of barn

We are Michael & Nicole, a husband and wife team offering wedding and engagement photography. The duo behind the cameras at Dreamscape Photography. We are passionate about providing our engaged couples with the very best service. All the while capturing memories to last a lifetime. Our beliefs are in love, laughter, family, and every other wonderful experience that is a part of marriage.

Mike Briggs Photography

Emotions on wedding day
Just Married motorcycle ide

We want to be your wedding photographer.  If you are looking for real, honest, authentic wedding photographs, we are for you! We’ve been professionally photographing weddings in Orlando, FL since 2005.  That is to say, we have a passion (ok, more like an obsession) for wedding photography! Undoubtedly, it is truly what we love to do. We believe that every wedding and couple are unique.  Therefore, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach. We start by getting to know you, your personality, wants and desires.  As a result, we give you a custom tailored wedding day experience. Mike Briggs Photography

Kristen Marie Photography

Rustic Ranch Romance
Classic Timeless Romantic Weddings

Kristen Marie Photography has been capturing classic, romantic and timeless Weddings since 2010. We edit your wedding images in a clean and crisp way. Furthering contributing to the timeless look. Our studio is experienced in weddings from an intimate setting to a full upscale wedding. We are also experienced in cultural, multi-day wedding events. Our focus is on every little detail of your wedding day. Including capturing the natural interactions between our couples. We provide a fun and light atmosphere for our couples. 

Alexander Muradas Photography

Eternalize Your Memories
Central Florida Wedding Photographers, Alex Muradas Photo

Keep your wedding day story forever in memory with photos that will take your breath away. We strongly believe that photographing a wedding is not just about getting as many pictures as possible. But rather it is about a beautiful and unique storytelling. “Photography is not just my job, it’s also my life passion.” Alexander Muradas has over 25 years of experience. Not simply photographing weddings. Also, capturing the beauty that exists when two people fall in love. His goal is to eternalize your memories. As a result, you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Daylin Lavoy Photography & Videography

Capturing The Moments

Hey! We are Daylin and Justin, of Daylin Lavoy Photography and Videography. A husband and wife duo that LOVE weddings! We have a relaxed and informal style. Further we love creating beautiful, natural, and vibrant modern images. The small moments like a simple smile or a tear from a loved one. We love capturing moments that might be missed, but mean the world after the day is over.

Steven Miller Photography

Steven Miller Photography, Central Florida Wedding Photographers

Our photo family at Steven Miller Photography, has been capturing weddings for almost 10 years. We are proud to brag about ourselves and this is why. Our down-to-earth personalities and competitive wedding packages makes for booking your wedding with us an easy process. Additionally we offer a natural photography style that our couples have fallen in love with. Furthermore, our consistency of giving back to our local community and the planet is very important to our team.

Photolocity - Wedding photographers

bridesmaid with floral and customized drink holderr
your expert storytellers engagement shoot with puppy

You’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting the details of your wedding day. As wedding photographers at Photolocity, we are not going to let that go unnoticed. For instance, your day will probably move quicker then you’d like. While you may not have the time to fully appreciate your cake, we’ll be sure to document breathtaking images of it. Our photography packages are created for you and your day. We offer competitive rates, all day coverage, two photographers and unlimited photos. 

Honeywood Photography

bride with veil holding bouquet
bride and groom kissing with bubbles

I’m Kristine of Honeywood Photography. I am Central Florida Wedding Photographer. One thing I hear the most from couples, and that I have also experienced, is that your wedding day can just fly by. My job is to stop time for you. Correspondingly capturing every detail and emotion of your day. You can relax, enjoy your big day and then relive all of the moments through the images that I provide. I strive to make my couples relaxed and comfortable. I am right by your side as you take this journey. Assuredly I will help out along they way in any way that I can.

Chynna Pacheco Photography

Elegant & Sophisticated
bride and groom at wedding ceremony

Congratulations on your engagement! I believe your wedding photography is one of the most important investments you will make. Above all they are your memories after the day is over. These silent poems are for a lifetime. My goal is to create beautiful imagery for generations to come. Wedding photography is a unique mix of art, skill, passion and experience. When those elements come together, great photographs will be the result. Chynna Pacheco Photography

Love + Theory Co. - Wedding photographers

engaged couple kissing hand

We are Central Florida wedding photographers who became best friends and share a super fulfilling photography business.  Together we are Love + Theory Co. We offer face to face consultations, as well as video and telephone consults for those who cannot travel to speak with us.  We would love to just chat and get to know you and your boo

Historic Florida Wedding Venue

Celebrate love and history with a wedding at a historic Florida wedding venue. For example, one of Florida’s first “attractions” was The Citrus Tower. Built in 1956 on one of the highest hills in Florida. This observation tower rises 226 feet into the sky. Offering stunning views, rich history and classic Florida charm. Therefore it is the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Florida Citrus Tower is perfect place to celebrate love and history

Charm and Nostalgia

This styled shoot was created and designed by Seas Your Day Events. The inspiration came from the theme – Citrus Luxe. To sum it up, they married the Old Florida charm with a modern elegant flair. In addition, they partnered with some local Clermont wedding professionals to further celebrate the connection to the community. For instance, the photographers of PB&J Studios. Who beautifully captured the charm and nostalgia of this venue.

Historic Florida Wedding venue is charming wedding backdrop
Handpainted citrus motif on elevator door.
Styled shoot at The Historic Citrus Tower
Wedding dress next to a model of The Citrus Tower
Historic Florida wedding venue The Citrus Tower
Celebrating Love and History
Bride gets married in Clermont Florida
Clermont sign makes a unique photo op

SKy High Reception

Take your wedding reception to new heights. That is to say, welcome your guests to the Citrus Tower Observation deck. Soaring 22 stories above the ground, your guests will have a panoramic view of Lake County, FL. First the rolling hills of Florida’s ridge section. And then the hundreds of spring-fed lakes.

Celebrate love and history by throwing back to the days of orange groves. For example, serve citrus themed food and dessert. Similarly, decorate this charming historic venue with citrus hues and green foliage. To sum it up you will feast your eyes on the views and the food.

Sky high wedding reception in the Citrus Tower Observation Tower Clermont Florida
Couple ties the Knot 226 feet above ground in Florida

Be unique and have fun

This styled shoot highlighted the versatility and nostalgia only a true Florida landmark could achieve. Most importantly, the shoot embodied the unique elegance of a historical Florida wedding venue. But also the fun that comes with bringing individual couples’ dreams to life.

For instance, you can end your day with some video game fun and friendly competition in the arcade located on the first floor. And don’t forget your sparkler exit.

Celebrate love and history at The Citrus Tower Clermont Florida
Bride and Groom outside Historic Florida Wedding Venue
Couple celebrates love and history in Clermont Florida
Celebrate Love and History with this bride and groom at Citrus Tower
arcade fun for bride and groom

Top Secret wedding dj tips

Shopping for a DJ for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. We completely understand. Therefore, we partnered up with Our DJ Rocks – Orlando’s premier all-female DJ team.  They are one of the I DOs and BREWS DJ sponsors on February 3rd at Paradise Cove. Therefore we are sharing some important wedding DJ tips. (P.S. scroll to the bottom of the page to get your tickets).

Tip 1 - Timing comes with experience

When it comes to songs and the crowd’s reaction, timing is everything. For instance, we can drop “Friends in Low Places” right after dinner. However, it will not get near as good of a reaction as it would at 10:45pm. That’s when we can dedicate it to all of your friends. This is called timing. A great wedding DJ doesn’t just play the right songs, they play them at the perfect time. As a result, your jam will get the reaction it deserves.

important wedding dj tips tell you how to keep your guests on the floor
Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Tip 2 - Cue it up

Looking for that perfect song? But you’re struggling to find just the right one. Maybe the intro drags on a little too long.  Or the first verse talks about a break-up. No worries, your DJ has got this. She can cue it up at just the right moment in the song. And then you can have your first married kiss right when the music swells. Most importantly, at your favorite moment in the song. 

couples has special dance to their favorite song
Photo by Captured by Elle

tip 3- create the moments

Your wedding is your special day. It belongs to the two of you, as a couple. But you’re also inviting all of your favorite people to share it with you. Create moments to share with them for years to come. For example, play your favorite High School song or all 80’s. Whatever it is, make it special to you and your guests.

add a special dance

Speak with your DJ about doing an anniversary dance. Firstly, bring a special couple who has been married for many years to the dance floor. For instance; parents, grandparents, or godparents. Secondly, play their wedding song as a special dedication to them. Similarly, play a special anniversary song for all couples, but change it up. Start with all of the married couples on the dance floor. Next, gradually “excuse” the ones who have only been married for one year. Then five years, and so on. By the end of the song you have one married couple left. Sometimes we even like to ask this last couple to give you a little advice. It’s a guaranteed special moment for everyone.

Here is another important wedding DJ tip.  Ask your DJ what other services they provide. For instance, a photo booth. You can always create moments in a photo booth at your wedding. There is a variety of photo booth options available. No matter what you choose, your guests will create lasting memories.

important wedding DJ tip do a special wedding dance
bride and groom kiss in the Photobooth Rocks Photobooth
Photo by Ricky Serrano Photography

tip 4 - keep it short for special dances

The average song length is about 3-4 minutes long. When you are on the dance floor with all of your guests watching, it can feel like forever! Therefore, ask your DJ if they can fade the song out after the 1st chorus. As a result, you get your special moment but it doesn’t feel like it’s going on forever. 

bride and groom have their first dance
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

Tip 5 - silence is not golden

Your music should start before you walk down the aisle. To clarify, it can be a little awkward if the first song that is played is your walk down the aisle. So make sure you book your DJ or ceremony musicians start time at least 15-30 minutes prior to that. As a result, this will give your guests music to enjoy as they make their way into the ceremony.

recently married couples dances down the aisle
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

tip 6 - trust your pros

While you should definitely have a say in your wedding playlist, you shouldn’t be expected to do all of the work.  “At Our DJ Rocks we believe that the client/DJ experience works best when we work together. For example, we will ask you about the styles and genre of music you like (and don’t like). Then you will fill out your “Must Play” list. In fact, you can make music selections for just about any point in your wedding day. From the family processional to the cocktail hour.

But sometimes, the most magical moments are the ones that nobody planned for. That’s why we ask for a little leeway to read the room. In other words, allow us to switch things up when needed to keep the dance floor full.”

bride and groom dancing on the dance floor
Photo by Flora Bloom Photography

tip 7 - set the mood

We know you are all about that dance floor. But we also know that you want to mingle with the friends and family who are sharing your special day. A good wedding DJ should keep the music low during the cocktail hour and dinner so everyone can talk. And when the celebration begins, crank it up and take you on a journey. From slow jams, to high energy, and everything in between.

“At Our DJ Rocks we are like a thermometer – we feel the temperature of the room. We’ll take it up when needed and bring it back down for sweet moments like your cake cutting.”

important wedding dj tips tell you why to hire a professional dj
Photo by Captured by Elle

let's rock your wedding

Music plays such a huge role in your wedding day. Subsequently, it is so much more than pushing “Play” to create these moments. Make sure your DJ is creating the right atmosphere, right from the start. Above all, your DJ is keeping that vibe going all night.

“At Our DJ Rocks we believe the best weddings are the ones that reflect you, not us! That’s why we do our best to get to know you. As a result, we can craft an evening that exceeds everyone’s expectations.”

Come see Our DJ Rocks LIVE at I DOs and BREWS February 3rd, 2021 at Paradise Cove, Orlando, FL

same venue, two different looks

A wedding reception venue can be uniquely styled to match your wedding design. The same venue can look completely different depending on the décor and design. In this installment of our Florida Wedding Venue series, we look at Paradise Cove and two different holiday events.

Tucked away in a private corner of Lake Buena Vista, Paradise Cove is an idyllic oasis on the shores of Lake Bryan. Complete with white sandy beaches, swaying palms, and cypress trees. In addition, twinkling lights and tiki torches add to the magical glow of this secluded paradise.  The natural and scenic beauty of Lake Bryan creates a wonderful backdrop for the ultimate wedding in paradise. Continue reading to see how you can create this into your own personally designed paradise.

Chandeliers - crystal or floral?

Atmospheres Floral and Decor created two stunningly different looks with the chandeliers. First is a colorful array of florals and greenery suspended with-in gorgeous wooden chandeliers. Pulling in the bright wedding colors and the wooden elements, an almost boho-chic-modern holiday was fashioned. The chandeliers are complemented by a simple white celing drape. In contrast, the second option is adorned with crystals and lights to soften and light the ceiling. This elegant chandelier is the perfect option to compliment the-over-the-top floral ceiling installation. As a result, both options provide a completely different look and feel to this wedding reception venue.

talk about ceiling drama

We absolutely must stop to admire the floral ceiling installation completed by Atmospheres Floral and Décor in the photo on the right above. If you want a statement piece for your wedding reception venue décor – look up and dream big. You cannot go wrong with a floral installation. To sum up this wedding decoration option – go big and get married!

full floral ceiling installation at wedding reception venue

floral and décor at your Wedding REception VEnue

Work closely with your floral designer to pick the centerpieces and décor that best fit your style and budget. First choose the type of table and seating you want for your wedding reception guests. Do you want family style like the top row of photos below, or more intimate seating like the examples in the bottom row? Can’t decide – do some of both.

Second, choose your place settings and consider the amount of room each will consume on the table.

Lastly, balance the room. If you go big on the ceiling, balance it more simply on the table. If you go more simple on the ceiling – add more drama to your table. 

cake and dessert

Choose the cake or dessert option that appeals to your sweet tooth. For example, you like chocolate and your fiancé likes vanilla. That’s ok, get multiple flavors of cupcakes or different flavored tiers of cake.

Share your wedding style and décor options with your cake designer so your cake is a sweet compliment to your reception space.

In conclusion, when it comes to dessert, you can’t go wrong. The two styles featured here are simple cupcakes and a simple 3 tier cake with some flower drama.

entertain your guests

Your wedding reception is your time to celebrate love and happiness. Surprise your guests with live entertainment. If your wedding reception venue has space, the options are endless.

First start with your DJ to keep the party going all night and to control the energy in the room with the music selection.

Second provide a live entertainment performance that wows your guests. For example, the two events featured here had: Samba dancers by Spirit of Samba; an artist creating personalized wedding favors by Leo’z Arts & Photography Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf provided by P.S. I Love You Productions; snow princess by Key Artist Group; and a champagne girl.

Santa Claus Makes Makes Appearance at Christmas Wedding Reception
ice princess serves ice cream at wedding reception
Mrs Claus, Elf and DJ entertain guests at wedding
Champagne girl entertains wedding guests at cocktail hour
Samba Dancer entertaining wedding guests
artist creating personalized wedding favors

To sum up, design your reception to match your unique wedding style. Each wedding reception venue can be decorated differently to show off you and your fiancé on your special day.  Whether you go big and dramatic or small and simple, at the end of the day, you have married your best friend. 

ideas for a chrstmas wedding

Do you want ideas to plan your delightful Merry Christmas Wedding? This amazing group of Orlando Wedding Vendors created a stunning styled shoot to inspire your wedding planning. From the invitations to the couple’s attire, get inspired. Christmas Wedding theme does not have to be traditional red and green.

First, start with your wedding venue. This styled shoot used B Resort as the backdrop.

After that, choose a color palette that represents the season and your personality. The lush greens with gold accents are perfectly festive.

Third, be creative and have fun!

Start From The Beginning

 Let’s start from the beginning, with your color palette and invitations. This styled shoot used deep greens, golds and whites to represent the holiday season.  Black was brought in to heighten the sense of elegance. The invitatios introduce this theme right away to the guests with an elegant black envelope.  Once opened they are met with a whimsical  “Oh What Fun” inscription and a small piece of evergreen. 

Christmas WEdding Themed tablescape

The wedding planner of this styled shoot, Bella Sposa Events , beautifully brought this Christmas Wedding to life with the table scape. First with stunning gold chairs that have green velvet cushions. Secondly, green napkins and gold flatware. Further with the white, black and evergreen table décor. To bring some more of the holiday fun, an “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry” menu sign is added to the table.

Now, what to wear.

Be true to you when choosing your wedding attire. Whether traditional wedding dress, or something unique, make it special. The bride here wore a simple, but stunning, green velvet gown. Subsequently it perfectly matched the color palette and theme. Similarly, the groom wore a black velvet coat. In addition, he donned a winter pant with a simple red bow tie for a pop of color.

a sweet ending to your christmas wedding

Cake is the sweetest ending to your perfect wedding day.  The Cake Studio created this simple wedding cake. However, the Christmas Wedding theme did not get missed. For example, the gold deer topper and evergreen accents.  We cannot leave out this amazing cake table by Gala Rentals.  Add a pop of color and fun to your special day with simple additions.

And don’t forget to have fun with your theme. This bride and groom clearly enjoyed the wedding cake cutting!

above all, have fun

Above all, have fun with your wedding planning.  Whether a themed Christmas Wedding, or a simple micro-wedding, you do what makes you happy.  This is your wedding day and you should laugh and smile and cry and love.  These models were the perfect example of what having fun looks like.

Choose a photographer that will capture these moments. Speak with them in advance and let them know you want them to catch your fun side at the wedding. 

In conclusion, enjoy the journey of wedding planning. Choose the details that are important to you. After that, have fun. Cheers to your perfect wedding day.

Contributing Wedding Vendors
Photographer Lauren Allen Photography
Videographer Ricker Films 
Florist Gather and Grace
Cake The Cake Studio
Rentals Gala Rentals
Calligraphy Littera Calligraphy
Planner Bella Sposa Events
Hair and Makeup Beauty Brigade
Tabletop Rentals Glass House Rentals
Venue B Resort
Dress Bella Bridesmaids

Get inspired by more styled shoots

Married in Little Italy

Laura and James got married on July 17, 2020 with an Intimate Wedding in Little Italy.  That is to say, Maggiano’s Little Italy in Pointe Orlando.  This Florida wedding venue’s goal is to “make people feel special.” What better way to make people feel special, than on their wedding day. The ceremony, reception and photos all took place in and around this unique local wedding venue. 

A Florida Wedding Venue with a little of Italy
Maggiano's Little Italy Wedding

Small in size, big on memories

The couple kept the guest list small and intimate.  However, the memories are huge.  The big day began in the Maggiano’s hiding rooms. This is where the bride and groom got dressed and prepared for their special day.  Once dressed, James went outside on International Drive and the photographers of Steven Miller Photography prepared him for the first look. 

Once James was ready, Laura walked out.  Then she tapped James on the shoulder.  After that, he turned around and saw his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. They then shared a sweet moment.  A memory captured by the photographers.  After wiping away a few tears, the bridal party joined the fun.  The small and intimate bridal party, was big on fun and even bigger on memories.  Pointe Orlando and International Drive provided the backdrop for capturing bridal party and personal portraits.

time for ceremony and reception

After the outdoor bridal party photos, it was time to go back inside for the indoor wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place inside Maggiano’s Little Italy. It was officiated by their close, personal friend.  After the ceremony, the photographers captured family portraits. Then on to the reception with food, dessert and dancing.

Maggiano’s provided a delicious meal for the wedding guests. Meanwhile, the newlyweds shared a dessert cutting.  The photographer said this couple was so fun to photograph.  Everyone in their party was extremely genuine and sweet.  They wish Laura and James the very best.

Photographers with a purpose

Steven Miller Photography is a photography company with a purpose.  They give each of their couples a sapling, small tree, to plant in celebration of their special day. Their team motto is Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.  They cannot wait to see “James’s bonsai skills pay off with his Bald Cypress Tree soon.”

Wedding Day Contributors:
Photography - Steven Miller Photography
Venue - Maggiano's Little Italy Orlando
Floral - Southern Blooms Co
Suit - Apt 9
Hair and Makeup - B U 4 Me Services
Flower Girl Dress - Abao Wedding

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