We want your Central Florida wedding planning to be fun and memorable. For this reason, we created a wedding planning date night – I DOs and BREWS. Undoubtedly the most fun way to plan your perfect wedding.

Central Florida wedding planning made easy
girls just want to have fun at I DOs and BREWS
we love our couples at I DOs and BREWS
Central Florida wedding planning date night

What to expect at Central Florida Wedding Planning Date Night

This wedding expo, is more than an expo, it’s a wedding planning date night. Singularly created to give engaged couples a fun night out to plan their wedding together. So what makes it different:

First, it’s on a weeknight. Especially designed to encourage the couples to step way from the busy day, and work as one planning their dream wedding. Certainly you can bring your family and I DO Crew too. But be sure your fiancé comes along also. 

Second, complimentary samples of beer and wine are served. Further creating the date night vibe. And setting a more casual atmosphere.

engaged couple enjoying I DOs and BRWES
Kombi Keg serves beer at I DOs and BREWS
complimentary samples of beer and wine at IDAB
girls just want to have fun at I DOs and BREWS
complimentary samples of food at I DOs and BREWS
food samples at I DOs and BREWS

Third, taste a variety of catering options. This particular event featured flatbread pizza and mac ‘n cheese to name a few. Similarly, don’t forget the wedding cake and dessert samples as well.

Fun Entertainment

No event is complete without live entertainment, including your wedding. Therefore we pack the night with live entertainers. Starting with Kenny Kings Music La Hora Loca. Next up, The Copper Piano Dueling Pianos. Third, multiple DJ’s playing today’s latest dance hits. Finally, tons of photo opportunities. For instance, a 360 photo booth by iRock Your Party. Indeed you must also stop and take a photo in front of the I Said Yes! letters by Event-Lit Orlando.

While planning your wedding, be sure to include live entertainers to keep the party going and your guests happy.

Live entertainment at Central Florida wedding planning event
Kenny Kings Music
The Copper Piano Dueling Pianos at I DOs and BREWS
The Copper Piano Dueling Pianos
RJM Entertainment photo booth at Central Florida wedding planning date night
RJM Entertainment Photobooth
irock your party 360 photobooth
iRock Your Party 360 Photobooth
I Said Yes by Event Lit Orlando
Event-Lit Orlando

CentRAL Florida WEdding planning

Above all, meet and speak with some of Florida’s top wedding vendors. Although this is a date night, it is also a time to plan your wedding. Take the time to speak with all the wedding vendors exhibiting. In fact, many have show day only specials available. Further, some even have fun swag.

Still need a venue?  Remember I DOs and BREWS is hosted at some of Florida’s most unique wedding venues. Like the gorgeous Tavares Pavilion on the Lake. No doubt a hidden gem in the heart of Lake County, FL. Certainly take a few moments to picture your wedding, overlooking the water at sunset. Then an after party on the pier.  Unquestionably, it’s your day, do it your way.

For more information on the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake, email them by Clicking Here.

meet your wedding photographer at I DOs and BREWS
Central Florida wedding planning for your dream wedding
meet Orlando wedding vendors at I DOs and BREWS
Central Florida wedding planning date night helps you find your wedding vendors
I DOs and BREWS at Tavares Pavilion on the Lake
Central Florida wedding planning at Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Win Prizes

Finally, you could win prizes for your wedding day. Moreover, you could win a Honeymoon! Unquestionably an added bonus to a wedding planning date night.

There are 2 ways to win. First, follow us on social media, Instagram and Facebook, for our pre-show giveaways.

Second, come to the event to get your grand prize drawing ticket at the door. Stay until the drawing at the end of the night. Of course, cross your fingers. Because we hope you win.

pre-show winner at I DOs and BREWS
grand prize winner at I DOs and BREWS, a Central Florida wedding planning date night
cruise planners by Collecting Memories at I DOs and BREWS
Honeymoon Sponsor - Cruise Planners by Collecting Memories Travel, Emily Perez-Menendez


Central Florida wedding vendors who sponsored this event:

Venue – Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Beer provided by – Kombi Keg, Backyard Gatherings Mobile Bar, The Dutch Mill Mobile Pub and Pat’s Liquor Wedding Supply

Wine – PRP Wine International and  Whispering Angel Rose 

DJ Outside – Mix on Wheels

DJ Inside – New Beginnings Events

Live Entertainment – Kenny Kings Music and The Copper Piano Dueling Pianos

Photography – Taylor Kuperberg Photography

Videography – Martin Media Production

For more information on I DOs and BREWS, Click Here.

Check out the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog for wedding planning inspiration.

sunset at Tavares Pavilion on the Lake during Central Florida Wedding planning date night

Top Secret wedding dj tips

Shopping for a DJ for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. We completely understand. Therefore, we partnered up with Our DJ Rocks – Orlando’s premier all-female DJ team.  They are one of the I DOs and BREWS DJ sponsors on February 3rd at Paradise Cove. Therefore we are sharing some important wedding DJ tips. (P.S. scroll to the bottom of the page to get your tickets).

Tip 1 - Timing comes with experience

When it comes to songs and the crowd’s reaction, timing is everything. For instance, we can drop “Friends in Low Places” right after dinner. However, it will not get near as good of a reaction as it would at 10:45pm. That’s when we can dedicate it to all of your friends. This is called timing. A great wedding DJ doesn’t just play the right songs, they play them at the perfect time. As a result, your jam will get the reaction it deserves.

important wedding dj tips tell you how to keep your guests on the floor
Photo by Steven Miller Photography

Tip 2 - Cue it up

Looking for that perfect song? But you’re struggling to find just the right one. Maybe the intro drags on a little too long.  Or the first verse talks about a break-up. No worries, your DJ has got this. She can cue it up at just the right moment in the song. And then you can have your first married kiss right when the music swells. Most importantly, at your favorite moment in the song. 

couples has special dance to their favorite song
Photo by Captured by Elle

tip 3- create the moments

Your wedding is your special day. It belongs to the two of you, as a couple. But you’re also inviting all of your favorite people to share it with you. Create moments to share with them for years to come. For example, play your favorite High School song or all 80’s. Whatever it is, make it special to you and your guests.

add a special dance

Speak with your DJ about doing an anniversary dance. Firstly, bring a special couple who has been married for many years to the dance floor. For instance; parents, grandparents, or godparents. Secondly, play their wedding song as a special dedication to them. Similarly, play a special anniversary song for all couples, but change it up. Start with all of the married couples on the dance floor. Next, gradually “excuse” the ones who have only been married for one year. Then five years, and so on. By the end of the song you have one married couple left. Sometimes we even like to ask this last couple to give you a little advice. It’s a guaranteed special moment for everyone.

Here is another important wedding DJ tip.  Ask your DJ what other services they provide. For instance, a photo booth. You can always create moments in a photo booth at your wedding. There is a variety of photo booth options available. No matter what you choose, your guests will create lasting memories.

important wedding DJ tip do a special wedding dance
bride and groom kiss in the Photobooth Rocks Photobooth
Photo by Ricky Serrano Photography

tip 4 - keep it short for special dances

The average song length is about 3-4 minutes long. When you are on the dance floor with all of your guests watching, it can feel like forever! Therefore, ask your DJ if they can fade the song out after the 1st chorus. As a result, you get your special moment but it doesn’t feel like it’s going on forever. 

bride and groom have their first dance
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

Tip 5 - silence is not golden

Your music should start before you walk down the aisle. To clarify, it can be a little awkward if the first song that is played is your walk down the aisle. So make sure you book your DJ or ceremony musicians start time at least 15-30 minutes prior to that. As a result, this will give your guests music to enjoy as they make their way into the ceremony.

recently married couples dances down the aisle
Photo by Cricket's Photo & Cinema

tip 6 - trust your pros

While you should definitely have a say in your wedding playlist, you shouldn’t be expected to do all of the work.  “At Our DJ Rocks we believe that the client/DJ experience works best when we work together. For example, we will ask you about the styles and genre of music you like (and don’t like). Then you will fill out your “Must Play” list. In fact, you can make music selections for just about any point in your wedding day. From the family processional to the cocktail hour.

But sometimes, the most magical moments are the ones that nobody planned for. That’s why we ask for a little leeway to read the room. In other words, allow us to switch things up when needed to keep the dance floor full.”

bride and groom dancing on the dance floor
Photo by Flora Bloom Photography

tip 7 - set the mood

We know you are all about that dance floor. But we also know that you want to mingle with the friends and family who are sharing your special day. A good wedding DJ should keep the music low during the cocktail hour and dinner so everyone can talk. And when the celebration begins, crank it up and take you on a journey. From slow jams, to high energy, and everything in between.

“At Our DJ Rocks we are like a thermometer – we feel the temperature of the room. We’ll take it up when needed and bring it back down for sweet moments like your cake cutting.”

important wedding dj tips tell you why to hire a professional dj
Photo by Captured by Elle

let's rock your wedding

Music plays such a huge role in your wedding day. Subsequently, it is so much more than pushing “Play” to create these moments. Make sure your DJ is creating the right atmosphere, right from the start. Above all, your DJ is keeping that vibe going all night.

“At Our DJ Rocks we believe the best weddings are the ones that reflect you, not us! That’s why we do our best to get to know you. As a result, we can craft an evening that exceeds everyone’s expectations.”

Come see Our DJ Rocks LIVE at I DOs and BREWS February 3rd, 2021 at Paradise Cove, Orlando, FL

Cheers to I Dos and brews sponsors

I DOs & BREWS is our wedding planning date night. In other words, it is a way for couples to plan their weddings and meet vendors outside of the traditional ballroom style wedding expo. We love traditional wedding shows, but I DOs and BREWS give a unique spin. For instance, including an outdoor element. Having this outdoor space means we can easily include wedding vendors like Beautiful Creatures Animal Ranch. They bring the cuteness factor to your wedding.  For example, a beverage burrow (his name is Strings) and llamas.

Beverage Burrow
Wedding Llama

mobile wedding vendors

In addition, this open outdoor space also allows us to showcase mobile wedding vendors.  For instance,  LUXE FLUSH – luxury A/C and heated mobile restrooms.  Similarly, Bow Tie Spirits, a mobile bar built out of a horse trailer. Typically these types of mobile vendors don’t bring their vehicles into traditional ballroom wedding expos.  Similarly, Orlando Photo Bus. This 1971 VW Bay Window Bus, Lulu, is The Original Orlando Photo Bus!

Cheers to brew and wine sponsors

Above all, I DOs and BREWS includes local breweries. In the last decade, breweries have skyrocketed in Florida. We partnered with the 2nd oldest brewery in Central Florida for this event – Hourglass Brewing. The November 19th I DOs and BREWS was hosted at the Longwood location.  With a 240 seat tap room, an in-house scavenger hunt and geek culture galore, it’s a must see brewery. Hourglass is known for only using natural ingredients in its 340 brews. In addition, you can see the brewing process through the glass. Furthermore, they have a DOG friendly patio! To top it all off, Hourglass created the I DO BREW, a citrusy ale.

Hourglass Brewery also has a private event space.  Sourglass Brewing is right next door. This is the fermentation House. It is adorned with wooden barrels, additional seating, a bar and market lights. It is perfect for smaller wedding receptions, micro-weddings and bridal showers. So grab a glass of I DO BREW and check out Sourglass for your next event. 

Hourglass Brewery

Couples can expect to sample an array of beverage options at I DOs and BREWS.  Similarly to the Brew Partners, we also work with wine partners.  For instance, Silk Road Wines is a veteran owned company, specializing in natural red and white wines.  They are imported from the country of Georgia, which is believed to be the birthplace of wine. 

Similarly, is PRP Wine. They bring the wine to you with in-home sampling services.  To sum it up, they bring the look and feel of the wineries they represent right to your doorstep. 

event sponsors create the vibe

With any I Said Yes! FL event, we bring you the best of the best. Our event sponsors know how to create an atmosphere like no other. Cheers to our I DOs and BREWS Sponsors. 

First, Live Happy Studio , our photography sponsor. We have worked with Lindsay & Kellie on several events. Their energy matches everything I DOs and BREWS is about! 

Second, couples were greeted with Kendra Scott bags to gather all their swag at the event.

Third, Let there be light. Get Lit Productions lit up the night with the market lights outside of Hourglass Brewing. Get Lit Productions provides all your event lighting needs. From chandeliers, spot lights, twinkle lights and market lights to something you just dreamed up.

What’s a party without a DJ? I DOs and BREWS brings you two! With inside and outside event space, our team wants you to be entertained no matter where you are.

DJ Yves Entertainment set up inside the Hourglass tap room! Need a DJ who can spin and MC, then DJ Yves is your man!  

Outside, Press Play Entertainment kept the party atmosphere going with two DJ’s. Orlando & Rey have decades of experience between them and these guys will keep your guests on the dance floor all night.

Find more amazing Florida wedding vendors at I Said Yes! FL

join us at the next I dos and brews

February 3, 2021 at Paradise Cove

Mobile Bars, Buses, Carts & More

We created our I DOs & BREWS wedding planning events in an effort to let mobile wedding services SHINE!

Why are these vendors so special? If you didn’t know, here in Florida we have tons of venues with outside space. Using this type of wedding service means you can get creative with your outside event space.

Additionally, wedding mobile vendors can:
• enhance your wedding, making it even MORE memorable than it already will be
• allow you to have your wedding in a spaces, not originally created for events
• Provide services for your wedding day that your venue cannot provide

There are so many different types of mobile bars to choose from. Each of them have different looks, services, procedures and rules. And one of our favorites is The Yard Bar.

The Yard Bar is different from other mobile bars because you can hire them to set up the bar and leave. This will allow you to serve guests yourselves from their rustic set up. Likewise, you can sign on for a full service experience.

The Yard Bar has the following amenities:

• Commercial Sound System
• Equipped with a generator
• High Top Tables
• U-Shaped Drive
• Wood Bar Stools
• Recessed Lighting and more!

pillows in front of mobile yard bar
chairs around mobile yard bar

Even Restrooms Can Be VIP!

Mobile wedding services can be a wonderful solution to many wedding space issues.

For instance Royal Throne Luxury Restroom Trailers is a mobile VIP restroom trailer. Their trailers can allow your guests to have more than one restroom available to them.

Royal Throne can put you at ease by ensuring on your wedding day:
• there’s not a long wait for the restroom
• you have clean bathroom facilities
• depending on the restroom you choose, you can have AC/heated restrooms

Furthermore, if you want to get married on private property or at your house you can secure the main house by closing it off to guests. Then guests can use your rental trailers instead. Additionally, they offer an add-on restroom attendant.

Luxury Restroom Rentals
mobile wedding services
sink inside of trailer

Another popular mobile choice is a mobile photobooth.

Meet Orlando Photo Bus, a 1971 Volkswagen Bay Window Bus named Lulu. This gal is guaranteed to make you and your guests smile.

Orlando Photobus offers:
• 20” touch screen
• Preview your photos on their touch screen
• Customized prints
• 3 different packages to choose from!

Ultimately you can meet these unique, local mobile wedding experts at our upcoming I DOs & BREWS events. In addition you will meet many more local experts who can offer you something special and different for your big day.

I DOs & BREWS = Date Night Fun!

Have you been looking for a wedding planning date night? I Said Yes! FL produces several different types of wedding planning events for you to meet local, Florida wedding pros. Our main goal is to make sure you get inspired when attending our events.

Traditional wedding shows are fun and they are LARGE, but sometimes wedding shows in a hotel ballroom or convention space aren’t for everyone. That’s why we came up with I DOs & BREWS!

So why join us for an I DOs & BREWS… what’s the big deal?

I DOs & BREWS was created over 2 years ago when we began to notice a shift in the Central Florida wedding market. All of a sudden 2 huge changes were occurring.

First, we saw more wedding mobile vendors than ever before. There were mobile wedding bars, such as The Yard Bar. Then mobile DJs, traveling RV salons and Volkswagen photo buses like Orlando Photo Bus. Plus restroom trailers like Royal Throne Luxury Trailers and countless others.

Second, Central Florida began to see breweries pop up everywhere. We were extremely excited to partner with the first brewery to sign on to I DOs & BREWS: Hourglass Brewing. Now, they are the location for our upcoming I DOs & BREWS on November 12th, 2020.

wedding dress by the bridal finery
floral set up at wedding planning date night

Your Wedding Planning Date Night

I DOs & BREWS also features LIVE entertainment! Professional DJs as well as live musicians bring a fun and entertaining element to these events.

Hosting these events outside allows us to have surprises, such as Meg with P.S. I Love You Productions  who was dressed to impress in her tuxedo to greet all our attendees!

Our mini design gallery will inspire your wedding day vibe, look and décor. What’s a design gallery? It’s simply an area where Florida wedding planners and/or wedding rental companies can set up different ceremony and/or reception looks for you to browse. Sit at the reception tables, feel the linens, smell the flowers and CHEERS to an ALL AROUND FUN wedding planning date night!

PS i love you with dressed up pup

With 50-65 of Florida’s best wedding pros ready to meet you at I DOs & BREWS, you will save time and money while sipping local brews, sampling wedding cake and ENJOY wedding planning!

This is a wedding planning event your fiancé will WANT to attend with you (no dragging or eye rolling involved).

Lastly, be sure to stay until the very end for some amazing giveaways!

Learn MORE about our upcoming I DOs & BREWS event & grab tickets: CLICK HERE!

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