How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your special day is an important step in the wedding planning process. Without a doubt you will remember your wedding just as your photographer captured it. For this reason, we consulted with Kizzy of Contempo Photos + Videos.

Kizzy says, “You will really see everything that happened at your wedding, and its details, once you have the photos in your hand.” In fact, she has heard some fun comments from past couples. For instance, “OMG, that was the look on my mom’s face when I walked down the aisle? Or, “Remember when Uncle John did those dance steps?” And, “Aww, look how beautiful the candy table was set up.” Because of comments like, these, I want to share 5 things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer.

5 Things To Consider

First, work with a photographer who has experience. Generally speaking, an experience photographer anticipates the moments. As a result they have better shots from better angles. Plus the most important moments of your special day, won’t be missed. Further, they are fast and organized. Chiefly because they know that time is money at  a wedding. An example of this is a first look shot. 

first look photo idea for your perfect wedding photos

Second, you need to like your photographer’s style. Kizzy gives the following tips to help recognize a photographers style:

  1. Check-out their portfolio
  2. Observe what they point out from their own gallery
  3. Take note of what kind of photos you like and compare to the above two points


Remember, trying to change a photographer’s style can result in disaster. Or worse, a total disappointment for everyone. Confidence in the photographer is vital to have magazine quality photos. Assuredly, you will be comfortable allowing them to explore all their creativity  without thinking about the judgment you may have with a certain shot.

example of night photography

Third point to consider, skill level. That is to say, they must have the skills to capture photos under any lighting condition. For instance, some wedding photographers will only work with natural light. But be careful with this. As they must have the equipment that allows them to work under extreme lighting conditions. 

Consider this, if you like natural light, but part of your wedding is at night, ask them to show you work that they have captured at night. This will give you an idea of the result you will have for your wedding.

Also, there are photographers who use both natural and flashlight.  Allowing them to cover any type of event, day or night. Moreover it allows them to make creative images using external lights.

your wedding photographer may have a certain style

Creativity and Details from your wedding photographer

Creativity is the fourth consideration when choosing your perfect wedding photographer. Meaning they need to be able to take pictures even in an empty room. A good photographer makes use of architecture and elements. Similarly, shadows and lights. Also, movements and lighting techniques. All combined to create artistic and unforgettable images. Even if it is not in the best location.

use of shadows and light

Finally, the details are key. Because we keep specific things in our memory. They must remember to take pictures of the flowers, the headdress and the make-up. Additionally, the names on the gowns and the excited faces when they see you in the dress. But at the same time be careful not to capture the messy room where you got dressed. Or the dirty dishes on the table in the group pictures. Those details will spoil the photos and you will keep those details in your memory forever.

detail shot of wedding bouquet

In conclusion, experience, skills, creativity, style and detail are elementary characteristics when choosing the photographer that will make you remember the best day of your life. View Kizzy’s photo gallery – Click Here.

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