You’re Engaged, Now What?

You're Engaged, Now What?

It finally happened! You’re engaged to the love of your life and on cloud nine. With this surreal moment playing over and over again in your head, you start to wonder what comes next. Take this time to live in the moment and spend time with your new fiance. Go on a date, watch a movie, and cherish your time together. Then you can move on to planning the wedding you have always dreamed of. 

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Step 1: Spread The Word

Now that you are engaged, it’s time to spread the word. Call your parents, siblings, BFFs, and more. Let the world know you are marrying the love of your life. When all is said and done, take that ring selfie and post it on your social media.

Step 2: Pick A Date

If you have a date already in mind that is perfect! If not, don’t stress because you have some time. Picking a wedding date should be a mutually agreed time for both you and your fiance. Don’t allow outside opinions, such as family or friends, to sway your choice. This is your day, not theirs. 

Your wedding vendors are the professionals that fabricate your perfect wedding day. These vendors have the capability to create exactly what you envision. Before knuckling down and choosing your vendors, you must create your budget.  Check out the below steps to creating your wedding budget.

First, layout all of your assumed wedding expenses by Vendor:

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You decide which expenses are most important to you. Once you have your list of priorities, write down what you are willing to spend on each service. You can do the research and learn what your city/state prices look like. The most important part of your wedding day is that it reflects exactly what you and your fiance envisioned. 

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second, Determine your non-negotiables:

This can include a design, destination, or type of food/drink. Decide the items/services you absolutely can’t live without. Once you have your non-negotiables and your priorities listed you can now begin to contact vendors that catch your eye.

Third, Create Your Timeline

There are many websites that have prefabricated timelines so you can plan your wedding easily. A key tip from wedding professionals is to plan ahead. Choose your wedding date and use that as your determining factor when planning. Not all vendors you are interested in will be available for your wedding date. Make sure you ask the vendor if they are available for your wedding date as soon as you contact them.

Fourth, Stick To Your Timeline:

Make sure you stick to your timeline so your wedding planning experience is stressless. This should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it and spend quality time with your future spouse.

The best way to save time and money is to attend wedding planning events such as I Said Yes I DOs and BREWS. I DOs and BREWS are fun for both you and your fiance, with samples of beer, wine, food, and desserts. It provides you with a relaxing date night after work to wedding plan and spend time together. 

Step 4: Finally, Choose your bridal party

Once you have your wedding vendors in place, you can begin to choose your bridal party. Don’t pick just anyone, take the time to choose your best friends/family who mean the most to you. Your bridal party should be the people you can’t see yourself getting married without. Picture those people at the alter with you. If you can’t see it working, then make them a wedding guest instead. Last but not least, it is now time to relax and countdown the days. This is the most exciting moment of your life, so take the time to cherish it. 

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