5 Questions To Ask At A Wedding Expo

Ask All Potential Wedding Experts These Questions!

Have you attended several wedding shows already? Or is the upcoming I Said Yes! Wedding Show your first? 

Either way, you should know that the best way to make the most of your wedding show is to know what questions you should be asking our wedding pros.

We asked some of our wedding pros what questions they thought were the most important for our couples to ask when attending our show.  Continue reading to hear what they pros said.

Question #1 - Are you available for my wedding day?

Andie with The Flower Studio said, “If you don’t ask this question immediately, you might spend all your time speaking with vendors who are already booked on your big day.”

At the same time, if you know where you are getting married, you should follow up with this question:

Do you work with/at my wedding venue?

Question #2 - What is your cancellation policy?

Richard with Sprinkles Custom Cakes said, “Any reputable business has a clear and concise cancellation policy. Make sure you know what it is before you book with any vendor.”

Also ask to understand the breakdown of their fees and rates. If a vendor seems to be out of your budget, but you’re already in love with their work, ask why you should spend MORE for their services.

Question #3 - Why should I hire you?

Orlando with Press Play Entertainment said, “We love when couples ask us things like, what sets you apart from other DJs or what makes you different from them?”

Don’t be afraid to state the obvious and be straightforward. Allow wedding experts to explain to you why they are the best! Otherwise, you might end up booking a vendor for less money and realize later that the services/products were not just less expensive but less than you expected.

Question #4 - Are you running a show special?

Many vendors will run show only specials that you would not know about if you had not attended our show.

Additionally, this is an extremely important question if you are planning your wedding on a strict budget. Essentially you could book your dream vendor at a price that won’t break the bank.

However, these show specials won’t last. That means your follow up question should be:

What are the stipulations of your show special?

Question #5 - How many months out should I book you?

The answer to this question will run the gamut depending on which wedding pro you are speaking to. If you are at the beginning of your wedding planning journey you should put together a time line based on the answers you get. And then book accordingly.

But remember, if you don’t book a wedding pro on show day (or at least book your follow up appointment), their show day special could be gone. See question #4.

Bonus Questions!

Your wedding planning will generally start with choosing a venue and can end with booking your honeymoon. So we’ve added in some bonus questions for both categories of vendors.

Receptions Venues – Knowing the right questions to ask potential wedding venues can save you money and time! You may fall in love with a wedding venue, but they don’t allow you the freedom to choose your wedding day vendors. Or their catering minimum just doesn’t fit into your budget. But the very first question you should be asking the venue is:

Are you available for the wedding date I want?

Additional questions you should ask are:

Is there a catering minimum I must spend?

Is that minimum catering spent IN ADDITION to the venue rental fee?

Do I have to choose our wedding vendors from your list of preferred vendors?

wedding show expo

Your Honeymoon – Of course the big questions is:

When should we make our honeymoon reservations?

Tammy with Red Parrot Travel said, “Most brides know that if they want a specific wedding dress that just hit the runway, they need to place that order ASAP, because MOST dresses take 4-6 months to get in. But they don’t know a timeline for booking their honeymoon. As a travel agent I can offer guidance that will save you money. I can tell you when you should be placing deposits, when you should make reservations, the best time to travel, to get married outside of the US, how far out in advance you should be reserving and more.”

red parrot travel

In closing, remember that every couple values different experiences and services. They each want a different type of wedding day experience. Therefore, before show day, sit down with your fiancé and make a list of the three most important things for your wedding day.

For some couples it will be the music, food and ambiance. For other couples, wedding transportation, their glam team and their photographer are what’s most crucial to them.

If you figure out what’s most important to you as a couple, the planning process will be much smoother!

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