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Hi, friend! I am the creative force behind Bowtie & Brush. As the owner and artist, I bring my unique talent and energy to every project. With a background in signage and stationery design, along with skills in watercolor painting and calligraphy, I add a touch of elegance and charm to each piece, giving it that final bowtie touch!

Most of my art is handmade with brush pens or paintbrushes, showcasing visible brush strokes and textures. These imperfections make each piece truly one-of-a-kind and special to your love story. If you appreciate beauty in the imperfect, we’ll get along just fine. I am not a font or a printer; I am an artist dedicated to creating unique art for those who resonate with it.


Bowtie & Brush Services

Live Watercolor Guest Portraits: Capture the essence of your guests with stunning watercolor portraits, created live at your event.

Live Calligraphy & Engraving: Elevate your event with personalized calligraphy services, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Day-Of Signage and Stationary: From Welcome Signs to Seating Charts or Place Cards, I specialize in crafting bespoke details that set the tone for your special day. Whether you’re looking for ready-made signage or a custom creation, I offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Custom Signage & Rentals: Contact Bowtie & Brush for custom orders.


Bowtie & Brush Live Art

Are you a business that needs a live calligrapher to personalize purchases? Do you want a live artist to create watercolor portraits of your guests as wedding favors? I got you! On-site watercolor portraits are 5″x7″ portraits of guests + Calligraphed Names. Each portrait is packaged in a protective cover for guests to pick up at the end of the reception. Minimum of 3 hours.

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