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Custom wedding tuxedos + suits make the wedding planning process special for both members of the happy couple. We believe the suit wearing member of the wedding should be able to have a custom experience when shopping and choosing a wedding tuxedo or suit.  This is their special day too and they deserve the same personalized service as the bride. To start, chose the right store.  Leonardo 5th Avenue  in Winter Park, FL offers a custom experience to the wedding tuxedo + suit buying process.  To learn more, we interviewed the owner, Leonardo.

Leonardo 5th Avenue in Winter Park, FL

Creating an experience

Leonardo 5th Avenue is one of the leading and most recognized companies in the luxury menswear industry. For example, custom wedding tuxedos, suits and attire, special occasion and business apparel.  The first store opened in the 1970’s. After that they opened 12 locations, including Winter Park, FL. We asked Leonardo, “How are you unique from other men’s fashion brands and stores?” He replied, “Our unparalleled high-end shopping experience”. To clarify, your experience includes expert advice from fashion stylists. In addition, access to a full bar so you may sip on your favorite spirit or caffeinated beverage while you shop. 

Custom Wedding Tuxedo and Suit
Designing a custom wedding tuxedo or suit

Your Custom Wedding Tuxedo, your way

On your wedding day, you want to feel comfortable in your suit.  In other words, you don’t want to be fidgeting with an ill fitting jacket or pants. Above all, you want your suit to suit you. To clarify, choose a suit that reflects your personality, while still coordinating with your dream wedding colors and theme.  To achieve this, visit the custom design studio at Leonardo 5th Avenue. At their locations, you can work with your fashion stylist to choose almost every detail of your suit. First the material. Second the liner, this is where you can have some fun. Third, the stitching and lapel style. Most importantly, the fit. With a custom designed suit, you choose the options. Then they create it. Next you get a custom fitting session. However, Leonardo requests that your fiancé not attend this appointment.  Ladies, do you want your fiancé attending your dress fitting…then Leonardo requests that you not attend this custom fitting appointment either.

Leonardo 5th Avenue Winter Park, FL custom suit design session
choose your custom wedding suit at Leonardo 5th Avenue

Let's Talk Fashion

Color, color, color. For the first part of 2021, Leonardo says their is an earthy industrial influence. Above we mentioned a custom fit. For this season their is a diversity of fits.  For instance, relaxed suiting and European fit will both coexist side by side. Meanwhile their is a bit of fun happening with checks, pinstripes and pockets. Finally texture tailoring. This includes fabric designs, velvets, and lines, among others.

Custom Wedding Tuxedo by Leonardo 5th Avenue

How to get your custom wedding tuxedo+ suit

You will need at least 45 days for your custom wedding tuxedo or suit. Schedule your appointment with Leonardo 5th Avenue and get ready for a a special suit designed by you, for you, on your special day.

see them in person at a wedding show

Join us at the March 21, 2021 I Said Yes! Wedding Show and meet the team from Leonardo 5th Avenue in person.  They will be showcasing their designs on the runway as the Menswear Sponsor. Click Here to get your tickets to the show. 

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