The Importance of the wedding ceremony

Your ceremony can kick off the entire wedding by setting a joyful, celebratory tone.  It is the vehicle for the two of you to express your personal vows and promises to each other.  For many this is a sacred moment filled with symbolism and traditions.  On the other hand, this is a profession of love and commitment before the celebration at the reception. Most importantly, this is when you start the rest of your lives together.

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What is a wedding officiant

As you start your search, you will realize there is a great variety of officiant services available. They will come from a variety of backgrounds and training. Similarly, there will be a range of pricing. The question is, what exactly is a wedding officiant? Simply stated, a person who performs the role of officiating a legal marriage ceremony. Therefore your officiant could be religious like a minister or rabbi. In addition, a civil officiant like a notary public or a visit to the court house. Lastly, a professionally trained and certified officiant. In short, known as a celebrant. For this blog we will speak more to the Celebrant like – Peggy M. Lewis – Life Cycle Celebrant of Florida Ceremonies, (pictured below performing a wedding ceremony). However, many of the same questions will apply to whichever type of officiant you choose. 

Peggy M Lewis wedding celebrant performing wedding ceremony

questions to ask your wedding officiant

Many officiants will say they can “personalize” your ceremony. However, it is important to know what exactly that means to them and to you.  Here are five questions to help you choose the perfect wedding officiant for your special day. 

First, How much input can we have in the content of the ceremony? If you want to write you own personal wedding vows, this question is very important.

Second, Can we read the entire ceremony text in advance? We recommend doing this a few days to weeks prior to the wedding day so you have time to make changes. That brings us to the third question.

Third, Can we make changes to the ceremony script? If personalization is special to you, be sure to request the changes well in advance of the wedding. Then request a re-read. To sum up, this will ensure your sentiment has been properly represented.

Fourth, How will you include my wedding guests so they feel a part of the ceremony?

Last Create A wedding Keepsake

Lastly, ask this question – Can we have a nice copy of the text afterward as a keepsake? This can then be framed and hung in your house or included in your wedding album. As a result, you will have a reminder of your love and commitment for years to come.

Work together as a couple and alongside your chosen wedding officiant to create a totally unique and personal ceremony.  Peggy M. Lewis says, “I am a Life Cycle Celebrant and my goal is to have your guests tell you afterward, Yours was the best wedding ceremony I have ever been to!” In conclusion, let this be the reason you choose your specific officiant. 

Content contributed by Peggy M. Lewis – Life Cycle Celebrant of Florida Ceremonies
Cover photo by PB&J Studios
Ring photo by Steven Miller Photography 
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