Wedding cake expert and owner of Sprinkles Custom Cakes in Orlando, FL weighs in on the high cost of ordering a custom wedding cake. For this reason, he asks, “Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘good, fast, or cheap… pick two?'” Usually you hear this in contractor circles full of talented craftsmen or engineers. As a rule they are highly sought after for their skill and expertise. Certainly it applies to the skilled artists involved in creating your perfect wedding cake as well.

4 tier white wedding cake on I Said Yes! Blog

highly trained wedding cake artists

Let’s say you are remodeling your home. Obviously, you want the finished work to turn out good. But if it is a rush job, it certainly won’t be cheap. Conversely, if you need the work to be inexpensive, in addition to fabulous, you’d better be prepared to wait for the work to be completed. Without getting into economics, it is because you need an expert whose skills are in high demand.

Identically great bakers and cake decorators are also highly trained. Moreover they are expert sugar artisans and craftsmen. Don’t believe me? Think about it this way. Most people go their whole life only being exposed to the world of custom cakes through the lens of highly produced/edited TV shows or movies. But have you ever actually seen a custom cake come to life in real-time? For instance, hand painting of gold leaves and perfectly measured designs can take hours to complete. Similarly the engineering involved in creating a stable 5, 6 or 7+ tiered wedding cake. 

cake decorating in progress by Orlando custom cake artist
putting sugar leaves on a cake

As See On TV and TikTok and Pinterest

At one time, you could only see unbelievable cake creations come to life in the span of 27 minutes plus commercial breaks. Now, thanks to Pinterest and TikTok, you can watch a whole custom cake. Starting from baking and prepped. Then to decorated and cut. All in under 1 minute.

As a rule, the average consumer is aware that advertisements are full of carefully staged sets and made-up models. Also cleverly composed, and often highly edited images and videos. On the other hand, most people are shocked to find the very same thing also happens to cakes featured in magazine photo spreads and Pinterest-worthy styled shoots.

However, what viewers don’t see are the scores of trained artisans, sculptors and painters. Coupled with engineers, and production assistants tirelessly working to make the final product seem effortless.

That is not to say some of the incredible designs out there are impossible. Rather incredible, impossible designs can certainly be created! Only instead of movie magic, you need time and the experience and expertise of a true cake and sugar artist to make the impossible a reality.

7 tier all white wedding cake

wedding cake for your style and budget

Richard says, “Here at Sprinkles Custom Cakes, we have always taken a personal and detail-oriented approach to each and every request. That is to say, it is not lost on us that clients come to us when they have something big to celebrate. As a result, every request is important to us.” Unquestionably, speak with your cake artist about available options to get the WOW in your wedding cake, but with in your budget. 

People think: “a big milestone means I need a big cake”. But Richard says, “we beg to differ!” Certainly a similar feeling can be achieved in a smaller cake. For instance, add show-stopping designs on part of the cake. Or incorporate a meaningful detail. Likewise, as the client, you can provide accents like figurines, silk flowers, cake toppers, or a cake stand. Finally coming together to create your incredible cake.

Of course request a quote first. Assuredly allowing your custom wedding cake company to get a feel for what your needs and design preferences are. Also ask for other design options or alternatives. Indeed whether your cake is 6 tiers tall or 1 tier,  it still serves as a stunning centerpiece for your perfect wedding day. For all of these reasons, request your quote weeks in advance of your event. 

cake by Sprinkles Custom Cakes Orlando
gold white 3 tier wedding cake
1 tier wedding cake by Sprinkles Custom Cakes
3 tier wedding cake on I Said Yes! Wedding Blog
drip cake by Sprinkles Custom Cakes

Thank you to Richard, owner of Sprinkles Custom Cakes, for the expert wedding advice. For more wedding advice and inspiration, visit the I Said Yes! Wedding Blog.  Also attend an I Said Yes! Wedding Show or I DOs and BREWS event to taste wedding cake and dessert samples and meet these artists in person. 

6 tier wedding cakes are stunning. Undoubtedly this beautiful fondant cake by A Piece of Cake in Tampa, FL does not disappoint. For this reason, we just had to interview the bakery owner, Laurie, and learn more.

6 tier wedding cake by A Piece of Cake Tampa
A Piece of Cake Tampa, FL

Laurie worked with this couple in Orlando, FL for their wedding at JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek. The ivory and white cake is accented with gold ribbons, Further with soft pops of color on the sugar flowers.  Certainly the guests were delighted by the flavors. First are lemon, chocolate and red velvet. Next coconut/pineapple and marble. Finally vanilla bean. Built to feed 200, surely the guests at this wedding had a sweet ending. And it was vegan/eggless also. 

More examples of 6 tier wedding cakes

wedding cakes wow at 6 tiers
6 tier wedding cake Tampa FL by A Piece of Cake
white and blush wedding

Wedding Cakes for special dietary needs

No doubt we had to ask more questions when we learned the 6 tier wedding cake was also vegan/eggless.  For this reason, we interviewed Laurie about her bakery and special dietary needs:

Question 1: Can vegan/eggless cakes be made in any flavor?
Answer: Most any flavor can be created using vegan/eggless recipes.

Question 2: Is there a vegan/eggless buttercream and can you decorate with it?
Answer: Yes, we have vegan buttercream.

Question 3: Is fondant eggless/vegan and do you make your own fondant?
Answer: The brand I use is vegan. However, homemade marshmallow fondant is not. Marshmallows are made with gelatin, which uses animal products.

Question 4: Are all the tiers in 6 tier wedding cakes real?
Answer: Yes, this particular cake was all real cake.

Question 5: Do the cakes need to be refrigerated? Do special dietary needs cakes need to be refrigerated?
Answer: I refrigerate all my cakes due to the heat and humidity in Florida.

Question 6: Can gluten free, eggless, vegan cakes be stacked?
Answer: So far all of these types of cakes I have created, have been stacked and refrigerated.

what if only 1 or 2 guests has special restrictions?

Along with the above questions, we also wanted to know how you work with a couple with only 1 or 2 guests with special dietary restrictions? Laurie replied, “I explain to my couples to make the top layer the allergenic one and all the rest of the layers regular. However, I always advise that they elevate the top tier so that it is not touching the other cakes. Especially if there is a sever allergy.  In this instance, I suggest a separate cake. Above all, be sure you speak with the person cutting the cake so they understand the dietary restrictions and the need for no cross-contamination using the same knife and serving utensils.”

more examples
vegan and dairy free wedding cakes
Vegan and Dairy Free Almond Cake with Dairy Free Buttercream
vegan cake by A Piece of Cake Tampa, FL
Vegan Coconut Cake with Organic Chocolate Mocha Buttercream Filling

Thank you A Piece of Cake & Desserts for sharing all of this information with us. In conclusion, it is important to discuss your special dietary restrictions with your baker before you order your cake. Not all custom bakeries provide the same options as Laurie. So be sure you choose one that best fits your style, flavors and needs. Most importantly – eat cake first! 

Find more expert wedding advice on the I Said Yes! Wedding Inspiration Blog

Sample wedding cake flavors and dessert at an I DOs and BREWS event

same venue, two different looks

A wedding reception venue can be uniquely styled to match your wedding design. The same venue can look completely different depending on the décor and design. In this installment of our Florida Wedding Venue series, we look at Paradise Cove and two different holiday events.

Tucked away in a private corner of Lake Buena Vista, Paradise Cove is an idyllic oasis on the shores of Lake Bryan. Complete with white sandy beaches, swaying palms, and cypress trees. In addition, twinkling lights and tiki torches add to the magical glow of this secluded paradise.  The natural and scenic beauty of Lake Bryan creates a wonderful backdrop for the ultimate wedding in paradise. Continue reading to see how you can create this into your own personally designed paradise.

Chandeliers - crystal or floral?

Atmospheres Floral and Decor created two stunningly different looks with the chandeliers. First is a colorful array of florals and greenery suspended with-in gorgeous wooden chandeliers. Pulling in the bright wedding colors and the wooden elements, an almost boho-chic-modern holiday was fashioned. The chandeliers are complemented by a simple white celing drape. In contrast, the second option is adorned with crystals and lights to soften and light the ceiling. This elegant chandelier is the perfect option to compliment the-over-the-top floral ceiling installation. As a result, both options provide a completely different look and feel to this wedding reception venue.

talk about ceiling drama

We absolutely must stop to admire the floral ceiling installation completed by Atmospheres Floral and Décor in the photo on the right above. If you want a statement piece for your wedding reception venue décor – look up and dream big. You cannot go wrong with a floral installation. To sum up this wedding decoration option – go big and get married!

full floral ceiling installation at wedding reception venue

floral and décor at your Wedding REception VEnue

Work closely with your floral designer to pick the centerpieces and décor that best fit your style and budget. First choose the type of table and seating you want for your wedding reception guests. Do you want family style like the top row of photos below, or more intimate seating like the examples in the bottom row? Can’t decide – do some of both.

Second, choose your place settings and consider the amount of room each will consume on the table.

Lastly, balance the room. If you go big on the ceiling, balance it more simply on the table. If you go more simple on the ceiling – add more drama to your table. 

cake and dessert

Choose the cake or dessert option that appeals to your sweet tooth. For example, you like chocolate and your fiancé likes vanilla. That’s ok, get multiple flavors of cupcakes or different flavored tiers of cake.

Share your wedding style and décor options with your cake designer so your cake is a sweet compliment to your reception space.

In conclusion, when it comes to dessert, you can’t go wrong. The two styles featured here are simple cupcakes and a simple 3 tier cake with some flower drama.

entertain your guests

Your wedding reception is your time to celebrate love and happiness. Surprise your guests with live entertainment. If your wedding reception venue has space, the options are endless.

First start with your DJ to keep the party going all night and to control the energy in the room with the music selection.

Second provide a live entertainment performance that wows your guests. For example, the two events featured here had: Samba dancers by Spirit of Samba; an artist creating personalized wedding favors by Leo’z Arts & Photography Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf provided by P.S. I Love You Productions; snow princess by Key Artist Group; and a champagne girl.

Santa Claus Makes Makes Appearance at Christmas Wedding Reception
ice princess serves ice cream at wedding reception
Mrs Claus, Elf and DJ entertain guests at wedding
Champagne girl entertains wedding guests at cocktail hour
Samba Dancer entertaining wedding guests
artist creating personalized wedding favors

To sum up, design your reception to match your unique wedding style. Each wedding reception venue can be decorated differently to show off you and your fiancé on your special day.  Whether you go big and dramatic or small and simple, at the end of the day, you have married your best friend. 

Married in Little Italy

Laura and James got married on July 17, 2020 with an Intimate Wedding in Little Italy.  That is to say, Maggiano’s Little Italy in Pointe Orlando.  This Florida wedding venue’s goal is to “make people feel special.” What better way to make people feel special, than on their wedding day. The ceremony, reception and photos all took place in and around this unique local wedding venue. 

A Florida Wedding Venue with a little of Italy
Maggiano's Little Italy Wedding

Small in size, big on memories

The couple kept the guest list small and intimate.  However, the memories are huge.  The big day began in the Maggiano’s hiding rooms. This is where the bride and groom got dressed and prepared for their special day.  Once dressed, James went outside on International Drive and the photographers of Steven Miller Photography prepared him for the first look. 

Once James was ready, Laura walked out.  Then she tapped James on the shoulder.  After that, he turned around and saw his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. They then shared a sweet moment.  A memory captured by the photographers.  After wiping away a few tears, the bridal party joined the fun.  The small and intimate bridal party, was big on fun and even bigger on memories.  Pointe Orlando and International Drive provided the backdrop for capturing bridal party and personal portraits.

time for ceremony and reception

After the outdoor bridal party photos, it was time to go back inside for the indoor wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place inside Maggiano’s Little Italy. It was officiated by their close, personal friend.  After the ceremony, the photographers captured family portraits. Then on to the reception with food, dessert and dancing.

Maggiano’s provided a delicious meal for the wedding guests. Meanwhile, the newlyweds shared a dessert cutting.  The photographer said this couple was so fun to photograph.  Everyone in their party was extremely genuine and sweet.  They wish Laura and James the very best.

Photographers with a purpose

Steven Miller Photography is a photography company with a purpose.  They give each of their couples a sapling, small tree, to plant in celebration of their special day. Their team motto is Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.  They cannot wait to see “James’s bonsai skills pay off with his Bald Cypress Tree soon.”

Wedding Day Contributors:
Photography - Steven Miller Photography
Venue - Maggiano's Little Italy Orlando
Floral - Southern Blooms Co
Suit - Apt 9
Hair and Makeup - B U 4 Me Services
Flower Girl Dress - Abao Wedding

Fun & Flirty, Oh So Marie Antoinette

Styled shoots are a big part of the Florida wedding industry. As a result, creative vendors team up and put their expertise to work. That’s why we’re so excited to share this Modern Day Marie Antoinette Styled Shoot.

The shoot was set at the Howey Mansion in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. This 20-room European-style mansion was the perfect location. Likewise, it mirrored the days when Marie Antoinette and her ladies in waiting spent their time lounging about, just being beautiful.

beautiful marie antoinette look
feather beaded hair clip and necklace
let them eat cake mirror

Jolie Colon of i do events and party rentals was inspired by the series “Versailles.” She fell in love with the fashion and lifestyle. As a result, Colon wanted to showcase this era, updating the look for modern day couples.

First came hair and makeup by the team at Laura Reynolds Artistry. They recreated the beautiful up-dos of the era. Also, the team added pale face makeup and beauty marks. After that, jewelry, headpieces and jeweled masks were provided by Panther’s Gallery, a Orlando-based artist and jewelry designer.

floral with feather centerpiece accent
pink frosted cakes with pearls
light and bright pink tall floral paired with cakes

Royal Luxury and an Abundance of Sweet Treats

“Creating the ballroom scene was fun. It brought out the creativity of our wedding vendors,” said Colon.

Le Fleur Atelier hung a vintage frame with greenery over the fireplace. Then they spread flowers throughout the space. In addition, Bakers Cottage Cakes covered the table setup with decadent sweets.

Meanwhile, the beautiful models were fitted with gorgeous ball gowns by Isabella Talya. After that, they lounged on a vintage loveseat by Xclusive Rentals.

Finally, the day ended with a masquerade ball. Each lady wore custom designed jeweled masks. It was a perfect ending to this modern day Marie Antoinette styled shoot.

custom designed jeweled mask
large vintage wedding jewerly
bride with vintage ring grabbing dessert

Contributing Wedding Experts

Photography: Captured by Elle
Videography: Elmwood Forest Production
Venue: The Howey Mansion
Planning/Table Top Rentals: i do events and party rentals
Floral: Le Fleur Atelier
Cakes and Goodies: Bakers Cottage Cakes
Dresses: Something New Bridal Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry
Furniture Rental: Xclusive Rentals
Stationary/Calligraphy: Two Peas Design
Jewelry: Panther’s Gallery
Designer Paper Cones – @doloresylolitaus

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