This blog explains why discomfort is the way forward for your business growth. Assuredly as we forge ahead into 2022, this concept should be first of mind. Therefore, get uncomfortable and change your future.

If you are never uncomfortable in your life you are at best in stasis. In fact, more probably you’re deteriorating. Even to hold your ground in any facet of life requires work.

Entropy is a concept from thermodynamics defined as the gradual decay into disorder of a closed system. Further, a closed system being one in which no new inputs are received. Every single improvement in life requires some sort of input. And every input creates friction. Therefore, some sort of discomfort is the necessity of getting better.

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Discomfort is the way forward wedding vendor blog
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Today's actions shape your future

Recently some researchers have noted that as compared to early hominids, modern humans have a narrower soft-pallet, more crowded teeth, and less pronounced jawline. They hypothesize that this softening and reduction of the mouth and facial structures is because our food is soft. In other words, our faces have gotten soft and atrophied because everything is easy to eat. One renown strength coach opined that the reason we invented the modern fitness industry is that we stopped doing all the physical activities of work and survival. We quit using our bodies the way they were designed. As a result, we then had to make up ways to keep ourselves running optimally.

discomfort is the way forward

From the relational to the spiritual to the physical, every improvement requires work. This work and effort represent the inputs into an otherwise closed system. If you are never uncomfortable, then entropy is all you can expect. The more insidious part of this equation is that discomfort might be unavoidable regardless of whether you choose discomfort or ease in the near term. If you choose the friction and discomfort of rising early and going to the gym, you experience the benefits of a healthier, more fit body and mind. If you choose more sleep, and more dessert, you experience the long-term discomfort of a deterioration of your body.

Embrace the discomfort

Writer, podcaster and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink coined the phrase “discipline equals freedom”. That is an uncomplicated, cut-to-the-chase invocation of this whole notion. The application of discipline, in any aspect of life, equates to more freedom down the road. The more you embrace the discomfort and work now, the more options and the more abilities you have later. The less discipline you employ now, the few your abilities and choices tomorrow.


Discomfort is the way forward.

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Trademarks is the topic of today’s vendor blog. As a wedding professional you understand the value of delegating and hiring others to work in their zone of genius. But have you considered that your zone of genius may be copied by another? Following this, think about the investment and sweat and tears it took for you to build your brand. Now how important is all of that to you?

We asked Nequosha Anderson, of Anderson Law Firm LLC to guest write on our I Said Yes! Vendor Blog today.  She offers expert advice on how to protect your wedding business.

Trademark Meme

Why Trademark?

The wedding industry is bouncing back from the Pandemical (aka the COVID-19 pandemic). Consequently the likelihood of others stealing your hard earned intellectual property to build their good fortune is alive and real. That is to say, more and more people continue to steal and copy your “signature offer”. Whether intentional or not. For this reason, did you know you can be proactive in the protection of your “zone of genius”. 

What is a trademark?

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to my little friend, known simply as “trademark”. A trademark is a form of intellectual property protected by United States Law. For instance, you may know a trademark as brand names or logos. Correspondingly, when you see a particular brand, you are immediately thinking of what they sell. For example, Carolina Herrera is a famous wedding dress designer. Assuredly, you can just picture her romantic dramatic styled dresses. In fact, you can distinguish her dresses from another designer immediately. Unquestionably, in the business, that knowing is what we call, “source recognition”.

Trademarks are words, designs, symbols, devices, and names used to identify the source of one good from goods made from another source. Above all, trademarks are invaluable assets and are protected at the federal level by the Lanham Act. Now understand, simply having a brand does not mean you meet the requirements for trademark protections.  For this reason, to protect your brand, it must be distinctive and used in commerce.


For starters, trademarking, helps to protect your business identity. Second, it protects against others using the same or similar business name or logo. Third, federal trademark protection extends NATIONWIDE! Lastly, a trademark registration is a business asset, and it can be licensed or sold – show me the money! Also, did I mention that a trademark can be renewed indefinitely, unlike a copyright protection.

Storytime A.K.A Real Life example

STORYTIME. Let me tell you a story about a wedding event planner who went against the Most Powerful Woman in Entertainment — Beyonce. Have you heard of Veronica Morales? In this situation, Morales is the owner of “Blue Ivy Events”. She registered and received a federal trademark in 2009 for the name of her business. However, in January 2012, a famous little baby girl by the name of “Blue Ivy” was born. Of course her famous Mother, Beyoncé, wants to protect the brand of her daughter’s name. Obviously Morales, who secured a federal trademark protection prior to Blue Ivy’s birth, challenged Beyoncé’s right to use the term “BLUE IVY” in a particular class of protection.

In the end, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) did not move forward with Morales’ argument of likelihood of confusion. So the moral of the story is, Morales secured her brand, fought, and continues to fight to secure the protection of her brand. And my friends, you can too, even if you end up going against Beyoncé! NOTE: Morales can still use the trademark she secured prior to the birth of Blue Ivy.

Copy of a Trademark Certificate

How To Get Started

Now, if you have a logo or phrase that is unique to your event wedding business that you want to protect, I welcome you to reach out to me to book your free consultation.

Anderson Law Firm LLC, trademark and business protection expert

Anderson Law Firm LLC

Nequosha Anderson, Esq

IG: @esquire44

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