Follow-Up is a PRocess

Wedding lead follow-up is today’s topic of discussion. To find success, keep this one idea in mind – lead follow-up is a process. To sum up, it is not just one email or one phone call. It is an accumulation of actions taken over the course of 4 months to a year.  To clarify, your product or service offering will determine the length of communication time. If you know you are one of the last products/services booked, you will need to plan to remain visible until just a few months before their wedding date.  Another similar vendor will get the client, if you don’t stay first of mind. Leads are captured two different ways from a wedding expo. Therefore you want to create two different lead follow up strategies.

First for the leads you capture at your booth in the wedding show / wedding expo.  Second for the leads list you receive after the event.  That is to say, couples you most likely did not have a conversation with.  As we walk through this process, it’s important to remember that 80% of sales are made after the 5th impression.

Hot Leads

Let’s start with the Hottest Leads.  In other words, the leads you captured at your booth and had a face to face conversation with. As a result you can text and/or call these leads.

We are using an I DOs and BREWS event for this example. Your process for leads captured at your booth should look something like this:

First contact for your wedding lead follow up: Text the day after the show. “Thank you for having a beer with us, we can’t wait to cheers with you again! Don’t forget when you secure [insert company name] for your wedding by [insert your date deadline], we will include an additional hour of service for your wedding – on us!”

Second Contact: Send an email two days after the show. Include a photo of your booth in the show to visually remind them of who you are. Most important, have links to your FB, IG, YouTube, website and email address.  Example of content for email: “Congratulations on your engagement! We want to celebrate with you. Book [insert company name] for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party, send away brunch and for your wedding day.  If it’s a party, we want to be there. Book us before [insert your date deadline] for a minimum of 3 hours of service and get the 4th hour on us.  Let us help you plan your dream event.” 

Notice the date. You texted immediately after the show, then emailed the next day, or 48 hours after the show. Moreover you creatively explained how you can service more than just their wedding day. You can do this with products and additional services too. For example, “book us for lighting and DJ services. Already have your DJ? Check out our rental packages.” Explain what sets you apart from your competition. Lastly give them a reason to reach out with a hard date deadline. Book by X date to receive XYZ promo.

You're not done yet

And the wedding lead follow up continues. Third contact happens one week later. Send another email letting couples know where you will be next month. Remember you are not supposed to invite I Said Yes! FL leads to non I Said Yes! FL shows and vice versa. However, you can invite them to see you in non-wedding related events.  For instance, meet us at Brews & Barks on April 1st. Or see our DJ’s at XYZ club.

Fourth contact is two weeks later. Choose a fun holiday, like national drink a beer day, or another larger holiday like Easter.  Next send a fun holiday postcard or flyer to the leads with addresses. In the same vein, send fun emails for the holiday and include a recent real wedding.  Be photo heavy and light on words.

Don’t have any real weddings yet.  That’s OK. Feature your staff.  Or your favorite wedding trend.  In the same vein, rental companies can show off their most popular chair or sweetheart table.  DJ’s send a fun playlist.

LEads List

Now for the leads list you received after the wedding expo. This list will include those to whom you spoke with at your booth and those you did not. Certainly you will want to remove your hot leads from this list as you are communicating with them differently. 

First contact for this list should not say – it was great to meet you, because you may not have met them.  Instead, try this email: “Hope you had a great time at the I Said Yes! wedding show last week. That saxophonist RLE3 Entertainment was phenomenal. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, we are [insert company name]. Here is a recent wedding we did [insert blog link or photos]. We look forward to helping you create your dream wedding.”

After this initial contact, this group can fall in to your contact sequence above starting with second contact.

These are all suggestions for your wedding lead follow-up. You should never go longer than 2-3 weeks between contact, depending on your category.  Moreover, change it up with texts, mailers, emails, IG direct messages, etc.  See below for more suggestions on how to connect through your follow-up.

Get Creative with your wedding lead follow-up

  1. Promos and specials
  2. New inventory
  3. Additional services or product offerings
  4. Partnerships with other wedding vendors
  5. Advocacy. Charities and organizations you support. 
  6. Non-wedding upcoming events where you or your team will be participating
  7. Styled shoots
  8. Real weddings
  9. New stellar reviews

Google it

You can literally Google “wedding show follow up” or “wedding leads follow up” or “leads follow up”. The amount of blogs and articles available is insane.  Take some time to read other blogs and posts about follow up.  Subsequently find the system that creates results for you.

Now that you are ready to follow-up with leads.  Grab your next group at the I Said Yes! Wedding Shows.  Get your booth here. 

Bonus: Use an email marketing service

It is imperative that you use an email marketing service to get the most out of your email marketing follow-up. Further, choosing the right email marketing service will increase your success rate. If you are not already using a service, now is the time to start. Consider these 7 best email marketing services for small business. 

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