Close the deal now. Certainly a hot topic for the I Said Yes! Wedding Pros blog. As the team is out and about at wedding shows and events we are having the opportunity to speak with engaged couples. Subsequently we are seeing a trend in couples booking weddings now (Summer and fall 2021), for 2023. Therefore it is important that you, as a wedding vendor, find ways to lock in your bookings with these couples.

Close the Deal on I Said Yes! Vendor Blog

Why Close Now

The current trend is that weddings are booking as much as 2 1/2 years out. Therefore it’s imperative that you, as the wedding vendor, find ways to close the deal with them now. Otherwise, they may lose interest or get distracted by by your competition. For the same reason, you don’t want to say to yourself, that business is too far out for me to spend time with them.  The opposite is true. Surely if a couple is interested in your product and service, you want to secure their business early with a contract and deposit. The result being you ensure the business will be there in 2 years. 

how to close the deal now

Of course each business will have different options for closing a deal now. Creating a sense of urgency is important to close all deals. However, with these 2 1/2 year out couples, it’s even more urgent to sign them now. As aforementioned, you don’t want them to loose interest. Henceforth, here is a list we have put together to help your mind start coming up with creative ways to close the deal now. Be considerate of your company’s future expenses and profit margin in 2 years when working on your closers. Find ways to provide added value without discounting when possible.

1. Sign the contract now and secure 2021 pricing for your 2023 wedding.

2. Secure product/service now with just a 10% increase over current pricing for a wedding in 2023.

3. Throw in complimentary upgrades if they sign now. For instance, fire pit, outdoor entertainment package, design service and lighting package to name a few.

4. Free swag bag for confirming their business with you now. Gather branded giveaways, gift cards, wine glasses or beer mugs, wedding planning calendar and other merchandise to create a loaded gift bag.  Even consider partnering with other wedding professionals to share your swag with each other to provide an even more enticing closer gift.

Take the time to figure out what added upgrades your product/service allows for. Especially one that won’t cost you money or cost little to give for free. Definitely use these to close the deal. Everyone loves getting something for free.  These are all emotional buying decisions, tap into that emotion and provide a reason for them to close now.

how to stay top of mind

So they aren’t ready to commit. That’s OK. Next step is to stay top of mind with them until they are ready to make their final decisions. Of course you will have to work at this marketing to make it work for you, but it will be worth it in the end.  A few ideas to be sure this couple remembers you. 

1. Ask them if it is OK to add them to your e-newsletter. Let them know that your emails will supply them with valuable wedding planning tips and advice.

2. Invite them to see you perform at a local club if you are a DJ or live entertainment.

3. Offer them complimentary or discounted tickets to all weddings expos and events where you will be exhibiting.

4. Request they follow you on all social platforms and be sure to reply to any comments they make.

5. Set up a drip email campaign as a consistent contact and follow-up after your initial meeting with them.

6. Share links to helpful and informational wedding planning blogs provided by other resources, like I Said Yes! Wedding Inspo Blog. This shows that you care about their entire wedding.

Although this blog specifically speaks to the current trend in wedding planning, it absolutely applies to all weddings as you work toward staying first of mind and closing the deal.

Visit the I Said Yes! Vendor Blog for more tips and tricks for business in the wedding industry. 

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