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Planning your wedding can be overwhelming and even tricky at times.  So many decisions to make and so many options available. But don’t worry. We have advice for you.  This couple who has been there and done that. Introducing, Sarah-Ann and Alfie. They share their wedding and their wedding planning advice.

bride and groom standing in st augustine church

Starting with the date

How do you pick the date? Do you choose the day you went on your first date? How about a lucky number combination like 2-22-22 or your favorite holiday. Sarah-Ann and Alfie chose the day they first met and their favorite holiday – October 31st. Sarah-Ann says, “We wanted our Hallowedding to feel like a fun and spooky Halloween party and our coordinator, of Costal Coordinating, and her team definitely helped to make that idea come to life!” 

choosing colors

To play to the theme, floral arrangements were created in Halloween colors. In the same vein, orange linens added a bright pop of color. Similarly, the bridesmaids wore juniper green dresses. Green also happens to be the groom’s favorite color. Meanwhile the groom and groomsmen wore navy suits. As a result, the suits became the running gag.  Due to the fact that several of the groom’s closest friends were married in the suits they wore to the wedding. Sarah-Ann wore a traditional white wedding dress.

purple orange and white wedding bouquets
bride with bridesmaids wearing green dresses
black table linen to set bright wedding colors
orange linen to match halloween theme wedding
groom and groomsmen wearing navy suits
skull place card holders for halloween wedding

The Venue

Planning your wedding should actually start with the wedding venue. Even though Central Florida alone has over 400 venues, many of the most popular locations sell out of weekend dates.  Therefore, be sure you have a signed contract with your venue securing your date before you send out your save the dates.

Alfie and Sarah-Ann chose The Treasury on The Plaza in St. Augustine, FL. This happy couple chose their venue mainly based off of how beautiful the vault and cathedral ballroom are. To make a special moment for the couple, the coordinator brought them into the reception area prior to guest arrival. Sarah-Ann said, “It was amazing to see our ideas come to life and it looked better than we imagined.” Likewise, they created a special moment for their guests by coming out of the hidden vault instead of through the main entrance.

Add your Special Touches

Add your personal details to your wedding. Make it special and memorable for you and your guests.  For instance, this couple asked their couples to attend in costume in celebration of the theme. They wanted to have a fun and spooky wedding rather than the traditional style. In addition, the bridesmaids are the sisters of the bride and the maid of honor is the bride’s best friend since high school. In the same vein, the groomsmen are all old college roommates.

wedding guests wear halloween costumes

wedding planning advice from the couple

This couple has 6 pieces of wedding planning advice:

  1. Check to see if your venue has a preferred vendor list. This is often a list of highly recommended vendors who also know the venue and it’s team really well. In short, they will help create a more seamless wedding day.
  2. Wedding planning can be intense. They suggest you slow down. In addition, plan thoroughly, so on your wedding day, you can just enjoy yourselves.
  3. Buy a book that allows you to write down and compare different vendors. The one Sarah-Ann and Alfie purchased also had suggested questions to ask. Many were questions they had not thought of.
  4. Research vendors, inspiration, ideas and tips on wedding planning resource websites like I Said Yes! FL.
  5. Let your wedding planner take the reigns. You hired them to coordinate your wedding, let go and let them do what they are trained to do.
  6. Trust your vendors to perform the job you hired them to do. They will make your day amazing.

participating wedding vendors

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