Historic Florida Wedding Venue

Celebrate love and history with a wedding at a historic Florida wedding venue. For example, one of Florida’s first “attractions” was The Citrus Tower. Built in 1956 on one of the highest hills in Florida. This observation tower rises 226 feet into the sky. Offering stunning views, rich history and classic Florida charm. Therefore it is the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Florida Citrus Tower is perfect place to celebrate love and history

Charm and Nostalgia

This styled shoot was created and designed by Seas Your Day Events. The inspiration came from the theme – Citrus Luxe. To sum it up, they married the Old Florida charm with a modern elegant flair. In addition, they partnered with some local Clermont wedding professionals to further celebrate the connection to the community. For instance, the photographers of PB&J Studios. Who beautifully captured the charm and nostalgia of this venue.

Historic Florida Wedding venue is charming wedding backdrop
Handpainted citrus motif on elevator door.
Styled shoot at The Historic Citrus Tower
Wedding dress next to a model of The Citrus Tower
Historic Florida wedding venue The Citrus Tower
Celebrating Love and History
Bride gets married in Clermont Florida
Clermont sign makes a unique photo op

SKy High Reception

Take your wedding reception to new heights. That is to say, welcome your guests to the Citrus Tower Observation deck. Soaring 22 stories above the ground, your guests will have a panoramic view of Lake County, FL. First the rolling hills of Florida’s ridge section. And then the hundreds of spring-fed lakes.

Celebrate love and history by throwing back to the days of orange groves. For example, serve citrus themed food and dessert. Similarly, decorate this charming historic venue with citrus hues and green foliage. To sum it up you will feast your eyes on the views and the food.

Sky high wedding reception in the Citrus Tower Observation Tower Clermont Florida
Couple ties the Knot 226 feet above ground in Florida

Be unique and have fun

This styled shoot highlighted the versatility and nostalgia only a true Florida landmark could achieve. Most importantly, the shoot embodied the unique elegance of a historical Florida wedding venue. But also the fun that comes with bringing individual couples’ dreams to life.

For instance, you can end your day with some video game fun and friendly competition in the arcade located on the first floor. And don’t forget your sparkler exit.

Celebrate love and history at The Citrus Tower Clermont Florida
Bride and Groom outside Historic Florida Wedding Venue
Couple celebrates love and history in Clermont Florida
Celebrate Love and History with this bride and groom at Citrus Tower
arcade fun for bride and groom
10 Easy Tips to Networking Effectively on the I Said Yes! FL Wedding Pros Blog

I actually enjoy networking. I know, I know, you think I’m crazy. But don’t stop reading – because, I have not always enjoyed networking.  It is a learned skill. Like everything you do, there is a level of discomfort and a learning curve. However, if you prepare yourself for success, you will find success. 

I’ve compiled a list of 10 easy networking tips to achieve your best success. In short, make it work for you. Face to face communication and interaction is imperative for successful business growth. As a result, networking will be instrumental in building your business.  

10 networking tips

  1. Do it – Bite the frog*.  To sum up, make yourself uncomfortable. Buy your tickets, there’s no going back now.
  2. Stalk it – First, if you can, read through the list of attendees in advance and pick out 10 that you want to speak with. Second, stalk them on social. That is to say, learn basic information about them. For instance, what they look like and at least their company name. Further, and even better, find out what they actually do. 
  3. Set it – In other words, set your goal. Meaning, you are going to meet 10 new people today. Not any 10 people, 10 new people.  Some networkers say, I am going to get 10 new business cards. That’s great, do that. However, you also need to have a conversation. For example, learn something and share something.
  4. Pitch it – What is your purpose behind going to this event.  Once you know this, then you know the angle of your pitch. Above all, know what you are going to say about yourself and your company. To clarify, practice your elevator pitch. The pitch is an opportunity to engage, collaborate, and participate in the development of your idea. Above all, don’t just think of your pitch as a traditional 30-second sales promo. Think creatively and have several pitches loaded and ready. This will allow you to stand apart from your competition and be memorable.
  5. Question it – Have a set of questions in your mind that you will use to keep the conversation going. Think open ended questions. To clarify, this is where knowing who will be there will help. Consider who your target market is at this event. For instance, at an I Said Yes! to Networking event, attendees are 90% wedding industry. So you could ask questions like…Have you done any weddings at this venue? What was your favorite part of that wedding? Or have you always been in the industry? In the same vein, be more specific with, do you have chair and linen rentals? Or how many coordinators do you have on your team?
  6. Carry it – You need to have something to hand to them to remember you. Business card, postcard or a Popl
  7. Take it – Take their card, or postcard, or scan their digital business card. This will help you remember who you need to follow up with after you leave.
  8. Work it – Don’t be friendly. That is to say, we all love to hang out with our friends, but they already know us. You go to networking to WORK – it’s actually in the word networking. So, sit with people you don’t know. Subsequently they become a captive audience and you have more time to share. If you want to see your friends, schedule a cup of coffee or drinks afterward.
  9. Follow it – Text/Call/Email/DM. Whatever your preferred form of contact is, use it. In short, follow up. Tell them it was great to meet them and discuss XYZ with you. Then set the conversation to continue. For example, let’s do coffee next week, or can I tour your venue next week. In addition, will you be at the next I Said Yes! to Networking event?  Keep the conversation going.
  10. Repeat it – Continue to build connections and relationships. Remember you need to have a purpose for attending the event. Further, that purpose may change depending on your current situation or the particular event you are attending. So always do steps 1 through 9 before you go.
10 Easy Networking tips to achieve your best success
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Video from an I Said Yes FL! Networking Event 

Contributing wedding professionals for event featured in video:
Photographer: Alexis Kline Photography
Videographer: Cinemology
Venue: Bella Collina
Rental Design: Ocean Hawks Rentals
Floral Design: In Bloom Florist
DJ: FyerFly Productions
Musician: RLE3 Music
Linen: Over The Top
Planner and Designer: At Last Wedding + Event Design
Event Host: I Said Yes! FL

*The bite the frog reference is from a quote by Mark Twain, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” Therefore, bite the frog and do the hard thing, go network.

same venue, two different looks

A wedding reception venue can be uniquely styled to match your wedding design. The same venue can look completely different depending on the décor and design. In this installment of our Florida Wedding Venue series, we look at Paradise Cove and two different holiday events.

Tucked away in a private corner of Lake Buena Vista, Paradise Cove is an idyllic oasis on the shores of Lake Bryan. Complete with white sandy beaches, swaying palms, and cypress trees. In addition, twinkling lights and tiki torches add to the magical glow of this secluded paradise.  The natural and scenic beauty of Lake Bryan creates a wonderful backdrop for the ultimate wedding in paradise. Continue reading to see how you can create this into your own personally designed paradise.

Chandeliers - crystal or floral?

Atmospheres Floral and Decor created two stunningly different looks with the chandeliers. First is a colorful array of florals and greenery suspended with-in gorgeous wooden chandeliers. Pulling in the bright wedding colors and the wooden elements, an almost boho-chic-modern holiday was fashioned. The chandeliers are complemented by a simple white celing drape. In contrast, the second option is adorned with crystals and lights to soften and light the ceiling. This elegant chandelier is the perfect option to compliment the-over-the-top floral ceiling installation. As a result, both options provide a completely different look and feel to this wedding reception venue.

talk about ceiling drama

We absolutely must stop to admire the floral ceiling installation completed by Atmospheres Floral and Décor in the photo on the right above. If you want a statement piece for your wedding reception venue décor – look up and dream big. You cannot go wrong with a floral installation. To sum up this wedding decoration option – go big and get married!

full floral ceiling installation at wedding reception venue

floral and décor at your Wedding REception VEnue

Work closely with your floral designer to pick the centerpieces and décor that best fit your style and budget. First choose the type of table and seating you want for your wedding reception guests. Do you want family style like the top row of photos below, or more intimate seating like the examples in the bottom row? Can’t decide – do some of both.

Second, choose your place settings and consider the amount of room each will consume on the table.

Lastly, balance the room. If you go big on the ceiling, balance it more simply on the table. If you go more simple on the ceiling – add more drama to your table. 

cake and dessert

Choose the cake or dessert option that appeals to your sweet tooth. For example, you like chocolate and your fiancé likes vanilla. That’s ok, get multiple flavors of cupcakes or different flavored tiers of cake.

Share your wedding style and décor options with your cake designer so your cake is a sweet compliment to your reception space.

In conclusion, when it comes to dessert, you can’t go wrong. The two styles featured here are simple cupcakes and a simple 3 tier cake with some flower drama.

entertain your guests

Your wedding reception is your time to celebrate love and happiness. Surprise your guests with live entertainment. If your wedding reception venue has space, the options are endless.

First start with your DJ to keep the party going all night and to control the energy in the room with the music selection.

Second provide a live entertainment performance that wows your guests. For example, the two events featured here had: Samba dancers by Spirit of Samba; an artist creating personalized wedding favors by Leo’z Arts & Photography Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elf provided by P.S. I Love You Productions; snow princess by Key Artist Group; and a champagne girl.

Santa Claus Makes Makes Appearance at Christmas Wedding Reception
ice princess serves ice cream at wedding reception
Mrs Claus, Elf and DJ entertain guests at wedding
Champagne girl entertains wedding guests at cocktail hour
Samba Dancer entertaining wedding guests
artist creating personalized wedding favors

To sum up, design your reception to match your unique wedding style. Each wedding reception venue can be decorated differently to show off you and your fiancé on your special day.  Whether you go big and dramatic or small and simple, at the end of the day, you have married your best friend. 

NAture sets the backdrop for your wedding

Nature sets the backdrop for your wedding. Florida is uniquely diversified in the types backdrops available. With 1,350 miles of coastline, 3,000 lakes, big cities, amusement parks, rolling hills, swamp and flat lands, the possibilities are endless.  However, we can’t forget that two-fifths of Florida’s land is considered farmland, and much of that being pasture. For example, take Lovelock Ranch. This family owned, working cattle farm is on Carlton Lake, just 30 minutes from Tampa.  It boasts a 5,000+ square foot barn with a modern Western aesthetic perfect for cocktail hour and reception. In addition, it has dreamy fields, cypress trees and a tee pee constructed of repurposed pine. This styled shoot is dripping with romantic charm, fall florals and an unexpected guest.

Florals set you apart

Blooming Flowers and Art created beautiful floral bridal hats. They are not only unique, but give that added flair of fall beauty. Similarly, they created a floral hoop instead of a traditional wedding bouquet style. As a result, these florals create a statement that represents you as the one-of-a-kind bride. Speak with your florist about creative ways to incorporate your personal style and uniqueness into your special day.

Unexpected guest

Surprise your wedding guests with a visit from an unexpected attendee. Fairytale Petcare are the handlers for this special guest – a llama.  That’s right, a llama made an appearance and the cuteness is on overload. Animal guests are trending at weddings, from llama’s, to sloths to beverage burrows. Many of these animals are rescues and they love the attention. Furthermore, they are adorable in your wedding photos.

wedding llama

make the food special too

Charcuterie boards and coffee – you can’t go wrong.  Make your wedding extra special by serving your guests some of your favorite things.  First, consider pleasing their pallets with a variety of cheeses, fruits and crackers at cocktail hour. These days you can even order individual charcuterie boxes for each guest. Second, choose food that represents you as a couple. Merge your favorite foods into a smorgasbord of courses so you each get something you enjoy. Lastly, don’t forget the dessert and coffee.  This 3 tier cake by  Tampa Bay Cake Company is sure to wow your guests. Most importantly, everything is made better with specialty coffee in to go cups.

chandeliers and sunset are a perfect backdrop

The stunning chandeliers inside the barn and the beautiful barn doors set a gorgeous backdrop for photos.  Almost as beautiful as the sunset over the fields with your new spouse and a llama.  Whatever type of Florida wedding venue you choose, make it uniquely you. Work with each of your wedding professionals to tell your love story the way you want it told.

sunset wedding with a llama

Thank you to the contributing wedding professionals:

Planning Coordinator: Wilder Mind Events
Photographers: Garry and Stacy Photography Co.
Venue: Lovelock Ranch
Cake: Tampa Bay Cake Company
Hair/Makeup: Just Beauty
Stationary/Placecards: Hey Hunn Paperie
Llama Handling: Fairytale Petcare
Men’s Suit: All Brides 2 Be
Dress: The Dressing Room St. Pete
Vintage Coffee Bar:  Cafe Al La Carte 
Cinema: JS Media
Cheese Board: Adored Boards
Models: @haley_dreamer @drewprobertson
Florist: Blooming Flowers and Art
Styling Accessories: ADR Decor
Harpist: Emma the Harpist
Furniture: Traditions Rentals
Linens: Elite Events and Rentals

Out of this World Rates at Planet Hollywood

We are starting a new blog series on Florida Wedding Venues. Tour a new venue with us in each post. Learn about the different processes involved in looking for and booking a wedding venue. Gather information on available options, policies and innovations. Today’s post will discuss catering minimums and Planet Hollywood, Disney Springs.

When you announce your engagement, everyone asks the same question. When is the big day?

Securing the wedding venue is the first step to setting the date. If your heart is set on a particular date, but your favorite venue isn’t available, you have some hard decisions to make. Do I choose the venue or the date?

There are a few things to question when searching for your venue.

Start with, what is your catering minimum? When it comes to this catering conundrum, there are three different types of venue catering options.

First, there are venues with in-house catering. However, they may give you the option to secure an outside catering company. Typically, but not in all cases, a caterer must be on the venue preferred list. These are vendors which meet the standards and guidelines set forth by the wedding venue.

Second, some venues have only one option. To use their in-house catering. This is an important consideration if you have already set your appetite on a particular catering service.

Third, there are venues with no in-house catering and no preferred vendor list. Allowing you to freely choose your caterer.

What are Catering Minimums?

Regardless of the option available at your venue. Make sure you ask any potential wedding venue if they have a “minimum spend”. You also need to know what services count toward that minimum. This is where the catering minimum comes in.

It is vital that you ask about their catering minimum before you sign anything. Many couples secure a wedding venue based off the actual space rental fee and forget to ask what the catering minimum is. After you have signed a contract, you don’t want to discover that your venue has a catering minimum of $15,000. What if your wedding is only 50 guests? Now you are locked into a catering minimum that is larger than your entire wedding budget.

Perfect place setting for receptoin
Decorate your reception to fit you

Multiple Options Available

Every wedding venue has different minimums, requirements and policies. 

For example let’s look at Florida Wedding Venue, Planet Hollywood Disney Springs. They fall under the second type of venue above. They require couples to use their in-house catering.

Additionally, venues like Planet Hollywood offer multiple options. For instance, they do have catering minimums, but it does not apply to every event. You can have your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner in one of several different spaces with-in the venue. Some of these space do not have a catering minimum unless you require the entire floor or terrace for your wedding. This is incredible for a venue located right in the heart of Disney Springs.

Descending the stairs at Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood Disney Springs

One option is to rent out their space called Stargazers. This area is their patio on the left hand side of the entrance. The minimum in that space is $2,500!

Stargazers is fantastic because they can fit a DJ, cocktail tables and round tables in this space. With the $2,500 catering minimum, you will have the entire area for your private event.

Planet Hollywood’s upstairs patio, and several indoor spaces have been featured in the photos in this blog. These images came from a recent private event we hosted. They created a unique experience for all of our guests that was out of this world. 

Check Out Other Florida Wedding Venues

Terrace set up for a ceremony
Red carpet entrance
Cocktail tables fill the space for pre-function

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