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Staying motivated is the topic of today’s blog. Cyndi Shifrel of The Gingerpreneur recently spoke at an I Said Yes! to Networking event and she had some great tips for getting and staying motivated.  She found a quote a few months back that really resonated with her. That is to say,  “Don’t wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.”   Cyndi’s comment on this quote is, “we will all experience some kind of setback, roadblock or disappointment this year, but we all have the ability to choose how we will respond to it! Don’t sit around waiting for things to get better, be happy where you are right now and make the most of your time!” Cyndi shared her speaker notes with us and we are pleased to share them with you. Read her 12 best practices to focus on staying motivated.

Cindy Shifrel, The Gingerpreneur, speaks on staying motivated
Photo by Alexis Kline Photography

Best Practices To Get Motivated

Take Care Of Yourself

First, take care of yourself. We all know the importance of taking care of ourselves and our health. But many of us neglect to do so. However, we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves. Consider this, as business owners and leaders in our industry, how are you going to run your business or lead others effectively if you aren’t taking care of yourself first? When we take the time to take care of ourselves each day, we are going to be more successful. For example, by eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Therefore we guarantee ourselves to be in a much better position to stay focused and have the most energy possible. Then we can tackle each day with tenacity.

Get Yourself A Daily Routine And STick To It

Next, if you don’t already have a daily routine I highly encourage you to sit down and make one for yourself.  One that you follow consistently each day. There are so many benefits to having a set daily routine. For instance, a daily routine has proven to make you more productive throughout the day. Further, it gives your life structure.  In addition, it allows your day to flow better and it gives you laser like focus for when you start your day.

Don't Waste Your Time

We all get to choose exactly how we will use the 24 hours that we are given each day. But we must intentionally take control of our time so we can own It, instead of our time owning us. If you have never taken the time to write down what you do in a day, I highly recommend. It is super helpful and insightful. This exercise is beneficial to see how you spend your time during the workday. Moreover you can see where you might be wasting time. Once you know where you are spending your time. Then you can assess where things can and need to change. After you do this exercise, you will be able to look back at that day and see some ways that you can get more time back on your schedule. Consequently you can be more productive moving forward and benefit from allowing you more time for yourself and for your family and friends.

Begin With The End In Mind

Now, what goals do you want for yourself personally and for your career? Clearly defining what your goals are and visualizing those goals is a vital step in the successful achievement of any goal.  But simply visualizing and creating those goals in your head isn’t enough. Once you have defined within yourself what those goals are, write your goals down somewhere. In addition, be very specific with what those goals are. Next include any action steps you need to reach that goal. Most importantly, make sure you include a date by which you will achieve each goal.  After that, list the way you will reward yourself when you accomplish it. Studies show over and over again that people who write out their goals are much more likely to achieve them. Always keep the end in mind. Therefore the activities you take part in and the actions you take will be consistent with the outcomes you want. In short, you will align align with the goals you set for yourself.  

Celebrate Your Victories

That is to say, celebrate even the smallest accomplishments! When you write down your goals, also write down a reward you will give yourself when you reach that particular goal. Doing this will give you the motivation you need to keep taking action steps towards that goal. For example, maybe it’s a day at the spa, a vacation, a concert or a new outfit. To sum up, treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. In return you will be motivated to reach bigger and better goals.

Read or Listen To Some Good Books Or Podcasts

There is so much content available. That is to say, books, podcasts, blogs and motivational speakers. Take some time to learn from others. Similarly, get motivated. Make the most of your time by listening to them while you are working out or driving in the car.

HAve An Accountability Partner

Being held accountable personally and in your business/career has proven time and time again to lead you to a successful outcome. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting a bad habit or reaching a goal in your business, having someone hold you accountable works. In short, find an accountability partner that you trust to keep you focused and push you to reach you goals. Consider your spouse, friend or coworker.

Take Yourself on a Date

We all work so hard and need time away from our work. Taking a break from our work to enjoy quality time with family and friends is not only important for our mental and physical health but it will also help reduce stress. So treat yourself to a date night once a week.

best practices to stay motivated

Stay Motivated at the I Said Yes! Networking Luncheon at Bella Collina
Photo by Alexis Kline Photography

Stay Positive

When we look at what we are doing and where we are going in a negative way, with a negative attitude,  all we is the negative. In short, you will attract more negative. It’s ok to allow yourself to feel the pain of the situation but don’t stay there very long. Science shows us that positive thinking stimulates the growth of nerve connections, improves attentiveness, increases mental productivity and helps you think more efficiently. Further, the best thing it does is helps you get through it better!

Revisit Your Goals

Visualize once again what the outcome looks like if you were to achieve your goals. If it is moving to a new facility, envision what and how that will feel once you are able to accomplish it.

Don't Dwell On It

Don’t stay fixated on the temporary setback or problem that you are facing. Accept the fact that it is normal to go through challenging times. Then resolve that you are going to keep going no matter what. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a break. For instance go for a walk or call and hang out with a friend.

Share Your Challenges

This goes hand in hand with your accountability partner. Share your challenges and issues with people that you know will support you and help you.  Don’t close yourself off to others and hold it all inside. That is to say, reach out to your close friends, family, peer group or mentor when you need help and encouragement.

In conclusion, get started today on clearly defining your goals. Both personally and professionally. Then start taking daily action steps toward reaching those goals. In short, it’s up to you, and only you, to make the most of your time and reach your goals. Moreover, resolve to make the most of your time so you can look back and be proud of all you accomplished.

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Your Pets Are Family Too

Wedding pet attendant is a real thing. On your wedding day, you want to make sure all of your loved ones are involved.  Certainly that means your pets too.  They are family after all. As a result, your pets will feel extra loved and you will have your furry best friend by your side. However, it must include tons of belly rubs and treats. It can be a challenge to include your pets in your wedding. For example, where will they fit into the day and who will care for them.

bride and groom have two pet dogs as wedding pet attendants
Photo by Cornelia Zaiss Photography

Favorite Ways To Include Your Pets

As a “Wedding Day Pet Care” company, FairyTail Pet Care, gives their expert advice. Founder, Ilana says, “We have seen it all at this point!” Therefore, here are some of their favorite ways couples have included pets in the wedding planning.

Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

First, is there anything cuter than a dog walking down the aisle? Even if they don’t actually carry the rings or flowers.  This is still an adorable way to show your guests how much your pup means to you. Most importantly, it lets them get in on the fun.

Wedding Pet Attendant

Second, let him or her be your wedding pet attendant. Assign your dog as an escort to an important person in your ceremony. For example, a bridesmaid, your parents or even the soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs. Certainly, your dog will know they have an important job to do. Likewise your person will be honored to walk with your furry best friend.

wedding pet attendant accompanies bridesmaid
Photo by Pezz Photo

Puppy Greeter

Thirdly, when your guests arrive, let them be greeted with puppy kisses. If your pup will be the first thing your guests see as they arrive, we guarantee there will be smiles all around. In the same vein, consider partnering with an  agency to encourage pet adoption. Every FairyTail Pet Care Wedding helps a shelter animal find a forever home. Read more on their About Us page.

Engagement Photos With Your Pets

Fourth, it’s not always possible to include your pet in your actual wedding day. They may not be able to be your best wedding pet attendant. However they can still be recognized and honored. For instance, consider having your engagement photos taken with your pets. Let them be the ones to announce the big news. Subsequently the photos will last a lifetime and will be a great memory to share with your family and friends.

engagement photo with dogs and cat
Photo by Lifelong Photography Studio
engagement photo with pet wearing a sign
Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography
pets in engagement photos
Photo by Caroline Allen Photography

It's All In The Details

Lastly, whether or not they are actually at the wedding, you can make them a special part of your wedding planning. For example, put them in the wedding details. That is to say, from adding their picture to your wedding signage, to making them the focus of your wedding invitations. Similarly, honor them with their likeness created from sugar on your cake topper.

couples pet used as image on sign for wedding
Photo by Hannah Glo Photo
wedding invitation and stationery with images of pets
Photo-Caroline & Evan Photography/Stationery-Sarah Bubar Designs
wedding cake topper of couples dogs
Photo by Rad Red Creatve

In conclusion, there are so many fun ways to include your pets in your wedding day. Your furry best friends are special too. Hire a professional to take care of them all day so you can enjoy your wedding day stress free.  In short, you and your pets will have the best day ever.

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