Amaze guests with artistic entertainment

Amaze your guests with an artistic entertainment experience like no other on your wedding day. Intrigue them with artistic entertainment and a wedding favor to take home. Accomplish this with a skilled artisan and their pen and paper. For example, classic caricatures. People love to see themselves turned into cartoon. No matter what size wedding, big or small, caricatures are a timeless tradition. 

amaze your guests with artistic entertainment like classic caricature
bride and groom posing with classic caricature drawing

propose with a caricature

You can even propose with a caricature. First, meet with your artist and discuss the plan. Second, convince your love to sit with you for a drawing. Third, the artist will draw you proposing. Last, when the drawing is turned around, you pop the question. ENGAGED! 

man proposes with a caricature drawing

Fashion Sketches

Fashion sketches take your artistic entertainment to the next level. These artists translate your wedding guests into beautiful works of art. As a result they look and feel like they are ready for the runway. The Creative Development Team at Artistic Talent Group first developed this exclusive product for Fashion Week at The Mall at Millenia. From the sleek pages of classic Vogue to popular Project Runway television show. Fashion Sketch is an art form that everyone is familiar with.  The long, elegant sketches capture the feel of the clothes and the essence of the subject. Your wedding guests are illustrated in an elegant, high-fashion style. In conclusion, your guests will feel like supermodels and take home a wedding favor they won’t soon forget.

bride fashion sketch
Bride Fashion Sketch
groom fashion sketch
Groom Fashion Sketch
wedding guest fashion sketch male
Guest Fashion Sketch
wedding guest fashion sketch female
Guest Fashion Sketch

Hit and Run

This is not your classic caricature.  No guests waiting in lines. The only lines here are on the paper. Hit and Run artists draw in stealth mode, out of site of wedding guests. When the figure-sketch art is complete, the artist gives (or hits) the unsuspecting guest with the drawing. Then run off to draw another guest. It’s where the name Hit & Run comes from. Wedding guests are always pleasantly surprised with the wedding favor and rarely realize they were being drawn.

hit and run sketch of wedding guest

amaze guests with live artistic painting

Wedding event painting is an upscale, elegant artistic entertainment option. Your ceremony or reception is captured by your artist, in the moment.  The artist interprets the spirit of your event directly on the canvas. After the party is over, you receive an original painting that commemorates your special day. In conclusion, no matter the artistic entertainment option you choose, your guests are sure to remember your wedding for years to come. 

live event painting amazes your guests
artist painting your special day on canvas

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