Starry Night Engagement

A Starry Night at a Florida State Park

Summer and Mike were up for adventure from the moment they had their initial wedding consultation with Steven Miller Photography. So he offered them his very unique Starry Night Engagement Experience. Without hesitation, they said, “Yes, let’s do it!”

To bring this engagement session to life, Steven brought Summer and Mike to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida’s only official dark sky park. They walked around the park, taking advantage of great light, open prairie, and plenty of wildlife and wildflowers.

Additionally, he accepted the challenge of incorporating one of their favorite props pictured below. Can you guess what popular book series this prop came from?

starry night engagement
starry night engagement

Since we are in the Northern Hemisphere, Steven always recommends Starry Night Sessions in the summer. As a result, we face the beautiful core of our Milky Way Galaxy.

However, here in Florida, that translates to hot, humid and buggy! But Summer and Mike were absolute troopers.

“Mosquitoes would frequently say hello, so we just politely ask them to pose for each photo.” said Steven jokingly

starry night engagement

A Campfire, Sunset And Stars

Their portraits were finished just prior to sunset, giving the couple time to freshen up and change into more comfortable clothes. Meanwhile Steven started a quick campfire.

“The benefit of having our session at Kissimmee Prairie is that we include a campsite with the session. That way we can grill food over our own fire,” Steven said.

So then they relaxed, enjoyed the fire, and ate some dinner while they watched the sun set. And then stars emerged in the clear summer sky.

starry night enagament

Kissimmee Prairie is one of the few locations left in Florida where you can still see a sky full of stars. Additionally you can see our own Milky Way Galaxy overhead.

The park is located just far enough away from our light polluting towns and cities to avoid much of their sky glow. subsequently resulting in an inspirational view above.

Congratulations to Summer and Mike! We are so excited for their big day coming soon at Club Lake Plantation, in Apopka.

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