River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast | Daytona Florida

Romantic wedding venue on the Halifax

River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast: A Whimsical Wedding Oasis in Daytona

Tucked away amidst the charm of Daytona lies a venue that seamlessly blends romance with serenity: the River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast. Here, the classic elegance of a historic B&B converges with the natural beauty of Florida, creating a perfect canvas for your dream wedding.

Stepping Back in Time

Upon setting foot in River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast, one is instantly transported to an era gone by. The sprawling estate, with its historic architecture and grand porches, echoes tales of yesteryears. Every nook and corner has a story to tell, making it an ideal backdrop for starting your new chapter.

Nature’s Embrace

Nestled on the Intracoastal Halifax River, the B&B boasts of a landscape that’s nothing short of breathtaking. The six-acre estate is adorned with majestic oak trees, verdant gardens, and scenic views of the river. For couples who dream of an outdoor wedding, enveloped in nature’s embrace, the River Lily Inn is a paradise.

Intimate and Personal

One of the standout features of this venue is its capacity to offer an intimate wedding setting. Unlike commercial venues, here, each wedding feels deeply personal. The dedicated staff goes above and beyond to tailor every detail to the couple’s vision, ensuring that their special day feels uniquely theirs.

Accommodation that Charms

For couples and guests wishing to stay, the B&B offers rooms that radiate warmth and charm. Antique furniture, cozy fireplaces, and views overlooking the river make for a stay that’s both comfortable and enchanting.

Culinary Delights

No wedding is complete without a feast that lingers in memory. At River Lily Inn, the culinary offerings are tailored to match the elegance of the venue. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast spread or a customized wedding menu, the dishes are prepared with love and finesse.

The River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast is a hidden gem in Daytona, offering couples a chance to wed amidst beauty and history. Its intimate setting, combined with impeccable service, ensures that every wedding here is not just an event but an experience. For those dreaming of a wedding that’s as unique as their love story, the River Lily Inn promises memories that will last a lifetime.

River Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast | Daytona Florida

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