Colonial Town Center | Orlando

A beautiful place to get married... Colonial Town Center.

Colonial Town Center: Orlando’s Idyllic Wedding Locale

Situated amidst the vast landscapes of Orlando, the Colonial Town Center Neighborhood stands as a beacon of charm, history, and urban vibrancy. The area, known for its architectural allure and the welcoming community, provides couples with a backdrop that is both classic and contemporary. As wedding planning reaches its peak, Colonial Town Center is rapidly becoming a favorite spot for those looking for a memorable location.

Why Colonial Town Center is a Wedding Wonderland

The allure of Colonial Town Center lies in its seamless mix of the past and the present. Its streets, dotted with historical buildings and modern establishments, provide a visual treat. For couples who appreciate the nuances of history intertwined with today’s conveniences, Colonial Town Center offers a harmonious blend, making wedding celebrations resonate with nostalgia and excitement.

Spotlight on Colonial Town Center’s Distinctive Wedding Venue:

The Hanger Orlando

Housed within the Colonial Town Center is The Hanger Orlando, a venue that beautifully melds industrial aesthetics with rustic charm. What was once an aviation hangar is now transformed into a space that oozes elegance and uniqueness.

The Hanger Orlando, with its expansive interiors, offers flexibility in terms of décor, seating, and event layout. Its high ceilings adorned with industrial light fixtures and exposed brick walls add character to every event, giving a touch of rugged beauty. The vast open space allows couples to get creative, whether they dream of a grand ballroom-style reception or a cozy intimate gathering.

The venue’s dedicated team, renowned for their attention to detail, works diligently with couples to bring their vision to fruition. The customization possibilities are endless, and every wedding held at The Hanger Orlando stands as a testament to the couple’s individual love story.

The Colonial Town Center, with its harmonious mix of old-world charm and modern-day conveniences, offers a wedding setting that is truly unparalleled. Venues such as The Hanger Orlando, with their distinct character and commitment to excellence, ensure that nuptials are celebrated in style. If you seek a venue that combines history, elegance, and modernity, let Colonial Town Center and The Hanger Orlando be your choice, turning your wedding dreams into cherished memories.

Colonial Town Center | Orlando

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