5 Rules For Improving Your Social Media Content

Improving your social media content is something we all strive for as wedding pros. One of  my favorite I Said Yes! advertiser perks is that they share all advertisers on their Instagram + Facebook stories. That is to say, other than shows, blogs and giveaway marketing. For this reason, I am constantly looking at wedding pros’ social media.

Social Media content from I Said Yes! FL

Without a doubt, the best and easiest accounts to feature are the wedding vendors who are constantly posting on their social media! It’s so easy to share when you consistently have new weddings and ideas on your Instagram accounts. Likewise when you feature new services, set ups and products. These are the things I Said Yes! engaged couples  want to see! Further, the more exciting, engaging and alluring your content is, the more likely it will grab their attention when we share.

What If I Don't have content

The main issue we run into, is from newbies in the wedding industry. For instance, those who may no yet have 100s of weddings to pull images from. However, it’s also obvious that some heavy hitters, who have been in the industry for decades, can also have a difficult time finding their footing on social media. Specifically Instagram. So what should you be posting and what are the main rules when posting on social?

Well, all social media platforms are wildly different. For example, a longer trailer of your work may be appropriate for your YouTube channel. But might be too long for an Instagram reel. Next, an article where you’ve been quoted will most likely garner more attention on LinkedIn than on Instagram. Consider how the main rules for posting on social will vary from platform to platform. When discussing Instagram specifically,  there are several main rules to remember:

5 rules for your social media content

Professional Photos

Use Professional Photos as much as possible! Screen shots and poorly captured iPhone pics on a wedding professionals’ IG does not SCREAM “hire me”. In fact, it screams, “I’m not up to date”. Need to get your hands on professional photos? Reach out to the photographer after weddings you’ve serviced. Or even better, reach out to the couple themselves. You will want permission to use your clients’  wedding photos. As a rule, this is best discussed from the beginning on your intake form. Also, it’s never a bad idea to request that professional photos are emailed to you once received. Thus allowing you to be forthright and let them know, you woudl LOVE TO SHARE their wedding photos. In return, you will send them a gift card for coffee or something more specific from your business. Most couples are happy to oblige. Subsequently may event want to be tagged. So don’t forget to ask and make a note!

Spam Belongs In The Trash

Let us say that one more time: SPAM belongs in the trash! Hopefully, couples know who you are when browsing your IG photos. Because your IG handle is your business name and you are NOT using a personal IG. Obviously followers should be able to easily locate your Linktree or other landing page link. Similarly your website should be on your Instagram, and your default photo should be your logo. Or a photo that is easily identifiable as your business and sets you a part! Do NOT spam your IG photos in the text. This is NOT something anyone wants to continue reading. The text and copywrite for all your IG photos and posts should actually speak to the image you posted and not be ANOTHER commercial for your business.

Space It Out!

The worst thing you can do is share all 100 photos of the wedding you just did all at one time. What does this mean?! OK, so we do this at I Said Yes!. But let me break it down for you. After a wedding show, I Said Yes! will publish ALL the photos from that wedding show on our Facebook page and with GREAT reason! In this situation, we want all the vendors and couples from that show to be able to GRAB their photos, share them and TAG us! However, for Instagram, this is NOT the best idea, SAVE something for your social media content later down the road.  That is to say, don’t spam us all with photos from the same wedding every day for the next 4 days. To clarify, we mean posting 1 photo at a time or multiple photos a day (insert eye roll). For this reason, take your time. Chiefly, save some of those shots for later down the line. You never know when a taco bar photo might just SERVE you later. Salud!

Tag and Give Credit

When posting past weddings, it is  VITAL that you tag the photographer! In fact, you should be TAGGING all the FEATURED wedding pros in all your posts. Whether you are posting these wedding photos on your personal or your professional social shouldn’t matter. Because you are in the wedding industry, which means, you are expected to KNOW BETTER and take the time to tag those who helped to produce whatever photo, event, styled shoot, dinner, etc. you are sharing! YES this takes time and work. HOWEVER, it took time and work to produce every detail of whatever exhibit, bouquet, picture perfect wedding party, etc. you are posting.  I promise, the tagging will take way less time than it did to produce whatever intricacies are within those images. You like the credit when it’s your up lighting, cake, video, event, etc. So make sure to GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE (this means tagging planners, florists, cake artists, linen companies, etc.).

Hashtag 5 or 30?

Hashtags are one of those topics that everyone and every social media manager and company has to decide for themselves what makes sense. You can have up to 30 hashtags per post for IG posts, but should you use all 30? It depends, how often are your target clients finding you through your hashtags? Are they relevant to the image or to your business and brand, or all 3? For I Said Yes! FL Instagram we tend to use all 30 hashtags because we are a resource to all Florida engaged couples and that’s a lot of different types of brides, grooms and weddings. But if your brand has a very specific type of groom or bride, maybe you don’t need to utilize all 30 hashtags every time you post. Whatever you do, we now know that IG will penalize your content within the algorithm if you use the same hashtags every time. With that said, CHANGE up those hashtags and don’t be lazy!

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Guest Blogger: Regia Carani of Be Seen Social and I Said Yes! Social Media Manager

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