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Add a live wedding painter to your special day. Without a doubt this one-of-a-kind piece of art will provide you with an everlasting memory you can enjoy for years to come.

Meet Your Artist

Katie Collins grew up in a tiny picturesque village just outside Nottingham in England. Not only is this an idyllic place to be raised. But it is also close to the city center of Nottingham, which is full of art and culture.

Painting is a way of life for Katie. Most importantly because it is joyful and fulfilling. As a result, it is also her escape from daily stresses. “When your focus is to put all of your energy into the bigger picture. Which is helping others. Everything you do just flows out of you.” says Katie.

When Katie isn’t painting, she can be found at the yoga studio. Similarly dancing salsa. Or with friends and family.

Further, she is dedicated satisfying her customers. Furthermore she gives back the community by donating a portion of all proceeds to charities.

How Did She Decide To Be A Live Wedding Painter

It happened just like this, says Katie, “I was painting live at an event one day last year and I was approached and asked to paint live at their wedding. After some discussion I decided to go for it and I have never looked back. I loved it and definitely found a new place to grow and help others simultaneously in the artworld. Since then I have done several weddings and have many more on my calendar. So excited to be able to capture such precious moments in my paintings and forever grateful to be able to live my dreams by doing what I love.”

Click the Request Pricing button above to contact Katie directly. As a result you will learn more about how she brings her live wedding painter service directly to you. Also visit her Live Event Painting page.



My Reviews

"I was drawn to the painting "Tea Time" because of the mastery of colors by the artist. The dark burgundy color of the background caught my eye to begin with. Upon close inspection of the painting I became enthralled with the meticulous use of color to bring out the center object of the painting, namely the tea pot. The reflection of the flowers on to the tea pot was impressive to say the least. I spent at least 10 minutes viewing this one relatively small beautiful painting. I'm not easily impressed. I saw it was for sale at well below it's actual value. I now own this wonderful art work. It's located in my kitchen on a wall where it can be viewed on a daily basis."
Joe K. | 5/9/2022

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