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Add a live wedding painter to your special day. Without a doubt this one-of-a-kind piece of art will provide you with an everlasting memory you can enjoy for years to come.

Meet Your Artist

Katie Collins grew up in a tiny picturesque village just outside Nottingham in England. Not only is this an idyllic place to be raised. But it is also close to the city center of Nottingham, which is full of art and culture.

Painting is a way of life for Katie. Most importantly because it is joyful and fulfilling. As a result, it is also her escape from daily stresses. “When your focus is to put all of your energy into the bigger picture. Which is helping others. Everything you do just flows out of you.” says Katie.

When Katie isn’t painting, she can be found at the yoga studio. Similarly dancing salsa. Or with friends and family.

Further, she is dedicated satisfying her customers. Furthermore she gives back the community by donating a portion of all proceeds to charities.

How Did She Decide To Be A Live Wedding Painter

It happened just like this, says Katie, “I was painting live at an event one day last year and I was approached and asked to paint live at their wedding. After some discussion I decided to go for it and I have never looked back. I loved it and definitely found a new place to grow and help others simultaneously in the artworld. Since then I have done several weddings and have many more on my calendar. So excited to be able to capture such precious moments in my paintings and forever grateful to be able to live my dreams by doing what I love.”

Click the Request Pricing button above to contact Katie directly. As a result you will learn more about how she brings her live wedding painter service directly to you. Also visit her Live Event Painting page.



My Reviews

Dear Kate, I can't thank you enough for the amazing painting you have done of our Grandchildren. When I commissioned you to do the portrait I did so because I loved your style of painting. You have exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love it. So many people have admired it and they all comment on how well you have captured the children. Thanks again Kate.
Jackie and Phil
Kate painted a beautiful picture of my two year old cousin. She brought every detail of her life from her earrings to the waves in her hair. The painting was flawless and resembled her perfectly. I could not believe how beautiful the painting was. Kate has a gift for painting and her work reflects how passionate and talented she is. She is pleasant to work with and the painting was completed in the time I was promised. I will have more work done by Kate and loved working with her.
Jennifer H.
I had a special painting done by a wonderful local artist, @katiecollinspaintings, with the hope that this piece would visually depict what grace narrative is and what its vision is for the community. It got delivered today and I am so over the moon about it. The first time I saw it, it made me cry. She did a wonderful job capturing all the details and the feeling that I want grace narrative to stir up for women. Can't wait to share it soon.
Bri D.
Katie did a phenomenal job capturing our wedding in he painting. We enjoyed every step of the process working with Katie from meeting her at the art festival, to explaining our vision, to working with her on the day of the wedding. She truly took our wishes into consideration in her work and we are very pleased with the painting. She is a great artist and we recommend her to all of our friends and family. All of the guests thought it was such a neat experience to have on our wedding day, and loved being captured in the artwork. We will cherish this painting for years to come as it reflects the most special memory.
Sarah D.
For perhaps a year or more I would go into the Ancient Olive store in Winter Park, FL and order our Harissa Olive Oil and Traditional Balsamic - two staples in my wife's and my life. Every time they would begin filling our bottles, I would look around the store, but my eyes were always drawn to a painting on heir south wall of a peaceful hillside vineyard that reminded me of scenes I once viewed in Portugal. The artists use of bright colors shaded and blended such that the work did not seem bright reminded me of the softness of morning light, and the vineyard reminded me of our love for fine wine. finally, one trip I told myself that if the painting was still there the next time I can in, I would buy it. It was. Now the painting hangs unframed over my wooden front door with stained-glass panels where the morning light from our lake spills through our forest and into our home through shuttered, lake front windows and fills our foyer, glorifying the painting. When I walk by, I smile.
Patrick C. | 6/17/2022
"I was drawn to the painting "Tea Time" because of the mastery of colors by the artist. The dark burgundy color of the background caught my eye to begin with. Upon close inspection of the painting I became enthralled with the meticulous use of color to bring out the center object of the painting, namely the tea pot. The reflection of the flowers on to the tea pot was impressive to say the least. I spent at least 10 minutes viewing this one relatively small beautiful painting. I'm not easily impressed. I saw it was for sale at well below it's actual value. I now own this wonderful art work. It's located in my kitchen on a wall where it can be viewed on a daily basis."
Joe K. | 5/9/2022
When I was redesigning my dance studio, I knew I wanted something in the lobby to make it stand out. I had searched for art, pictures, anything to fill this one wall, but nothing seemed to speak to me.. Once I asked Kate to help me create a mural, I knew that this was going to be something special. she took my vision and made it come to life. We receive compliments all the time and are frequently asked who painted this beautiful ballerina that you see the second you walk into our space. Thank you Kate for sharing your artistic skills with our studio and creating a welcoming space for all our little dancers!
Lexie S. | 2/16/2022
I contacted Kate to paint our chocolate lab. I was going to surprise my husband for his birthday. she did an amazing job even capturing his personality in the painting. My husband loved it and I will definitely be calling Kate in the future. This made the absolute perfect, unique and personal gift.
Terri J. | 2/16/2022

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