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At iRent Everything we are about taking care of our customers and standing behind our work. Above all, every job should meet our customers highest expectations. We believe that events, in general, are stressful. Between the planning, guest list, party favors, set up and of course the thank you cards. We have been given a unique job to make our customers feel secure and comfortable. Our customers know that you can trust us with one of the most important parts. The Rentals! We are passionate about taking a group of products and picking just the right ones to complete the perfect event. iRent Everything can help make your next event a huge success!

Weddings – Enjoy your dream day without having to worry about rentals, setup, or teardown. Our expert team will handle it all for you and make sure your big day looks like you always imagined it would. Let us know what your big vision is, and our expert team can make it become a reality.

Our Mission – To inspire moments of happiness and positivity in the world through people gathering at events.

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